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Agent Mackenzie Tallen

Mackenzie "Mack" Tahmores
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Mackenzie Tallen, better known as "Mack", is a graduate of the Imperial Academy who went on to become an Agent of the Imperial Security Bureau. He is the biological son of Alec Tallen, and half-brother of Mara Tallen; he is unaware of either's Rebel involvements. His death was recently faked in preparation for an undercover assignment.

Mackenzie Tallen was born on Kalevara during the final years of the Clone Wars. His father, Alec Tallen, had been presumed dead when his Clan was wiped out several years prior; after serving with the Cuy'val Dar, he married Mackenzie's mother as a way of regaining some of his lost Mandalorian standing. Alec went on to serve with the Mandalorian Protectors, and was again presumed dead during the war; he never knew his wife was pregnant, and didn't learn about his son's existence until several years later.

His mother dying when he was very young, Mackenzie was sent to live with his father's recorded next of kin - a man named Amaros Koine, on Naboo. Amaros had changed his name to protect his identity however, and when Imperial Child Services couldn't locate him, Mackenzie was moved into foster care. One of his numerous foster parents was Ethan Tahmores, who he later worked for years later.

After a coincidental trip to Corellia led him to cross paths with his biological father he chose to attempt reconciliation; though only half-siblings, he grew close with his sister, Mara Tallen. Eventually Alec remarried, and both Mara and Mack chose to leave home as a result. Mack left first, eventually becoming an Agent in the Imperial Security Bureau; Mara meanwhile - unknown to her brother - went on to join the Rebellion. Working his way up through the ranks, Mack became an Investigations Agent, and for a time worked as a Field Agent for Colonel Tahmores, his former foster father.

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