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The BATTLE OF ENDOR was one of the most costly military battles in history. Though the REBEL ALLIANCE succeeded in defeating the second DEATH STAR, the battle claimed the lives of most of the leaders and heroes on both sides. The Empire was weakened, but only briefly, and within a few years a new Empress - MIRANDA TARKIN - had seized power, backed by the might of the INQUISITORS.

Continuing to fight the good fight, the Alliance managed to liberate several worlds, and brought together the remnants of the Jedi Order aboard a constantly moving refugee convoy known as THE WHEEL. The dark side was not idle however: the dark lord DARTH DECEPIS sought to seize control of the Rebel Alliance from within, while DARTH CALLIDUS manipulated the politics of Hapes and Onderon to his own ends.

Ten years after the BATTLE OF YAVIN, a new alliance between the Rebellion and the CIZERACK PRIDE finally gave the Rebels the advantage they needed. With their new STARKILLER weapons they forced the Empire to accept a cease fire, and with the signing of THE TREATY a new era of cold war began. The galaxy is now divided in two: the GALACTIC EMPIRE on one side struggling to consolidate it's power and root out weakness and dissension within it's ranks, the ALLIANCE OF FREE PLANETS on the other trying to build a new Republic out it's newly freed worlds and still reeling from revelations of Decepis' infiltration into their ranks.

The Jedi meanwhile, no longer feeling safe under the Alliance's protection, have established a JEDI ENCLAVE on Ossus, and have begun venturing out into the galaxy on their own. In response, the Empire has established the IMPERIAL KNIGHTS: an order of Force warriors to enforce the will of the Empress and safeguard the Empire from the Jedi.

Get Started!

The Star Wars setting on deviates from Star Wars canon after the events of Return of the Jedi. Elements of the Expanded Universe up to that point are drawn on in some cases: but the main focus is on the future of that story, not the past. Because of that, is separate from the new continuity leading up to The Force Awakens. If you are interested in roleplaying in that era, check out our The Force Awakens setting!

Anyone is welcome to tell their stories within our continuity, and create the characters they need to do so. However, most storylines and story arcs are told collaboratively, so it's important to make sure you are familiar with our universe and the way you can fit into it. If you have any questions or need help, our friendly Faction Leaders would be more than happy to assist.

Creating Your Character

Creating a character can oftentimes be a bit daunting. Where to start? What sort of character to play? Good? Bad? Inbetween? The options are limitless.

Regardless of who you choose to be, the most important thing is understanding how you're going to fit in. Browsing the wiki, chatting to faction leaders and other players, or asking for help in the chat box are good places to start. Don't be afraid to start a thread in our Planning & Discussion forum either - we don't bite, honest!

Creating a Character Plotter is a great place to start: it gives you a place to explain your character and your plans/hopes for them, as well as giving other players a place to throw ideas at you and discuss potential plots and stories. Once you've got your character worked out, creating a character page here on the wiki is very useful for helping other players to understand your character: you can browse through other Star Wars characters here, and our guide will help you match your page format with everyone else's.

If you are familiar with roleplaying from another forum or website, you may have established characters who you want to transfer or adapt. That's great! With existing characters though, it's especially important to talk to your Faction Leaders, so they can help you tailor your character and backstory to fit with our continuity.

Ranks & Promotions

Not every character starts out at the bottom, and your character's rank and status can make a big difference to the kind of stories you'll find yourself involved in. Starting as a Jedi Padawan or an Imperial Cadet can be a great opportunity to find your feet, especially if you're new to roleplaying: it gives you the opportunity to play a young character who is going through the same process of learning about our universe as you are. Spending time on Ossus, Cloud City, or Jovan Station puts you in the midsts of loads of similar characters, which gives great opportunities for character development and fun shenanigans.

If you have more experience, you might be interested in a slightly more senior character. Becoming a Jedi Knight, a starship Captain, or an Alliance Senator gives you a front row seat to the politics and adventures that shape our continuity, but also brings with it responsibilities to the story and to other players. If you are interested in this sort of character, talk to your Faction Leaders: they will help you understand is expected for those kinds of characters, and will talk you through tailoring your character to fit that role.

Some characters eventually advance to leadership roles, becoming Admirals, Moffs, Ministers, Jedi Masters, and Sith Lords. Rising to those ranks involves approval from the Staff, who might encourage you to work on a story arc so your character can earn that promotion as part of the story. If you're not sure whether or not you are ready for that sort of role, your friendly neighbourhood Faction Leaders are here to help.

Which Faction?

Guide to the different factions.

Alliance of Free Planets

Alliance Senate. Alliance Military / Jovan Station. The Cizerack Pride. Hapes Consortium.

Galactic Empire

Imperial Government / Empress. Imperial Knights. Corporate Sector / Bespin.

Jedi Order

Ossus. Relationship between Jedi and the rest of the galaxy.


Eleutheria. The Sith Order. The Circle.

Other Factions

Mandalore. Corellia. Black Sun. Ssi-Ruuk

Where To Begin?

Once you have created your Character Plotter and discussed your ideas and plots with Faction Leaders and other players, it's time to start making threads. There are two main places where your threads can be posted.

The Star Wars Galaxy

The main roleplaying forums: these encompass a few specific locations frequented by beings from different factions, and the rest of the galaxy.

  • Jovan Station
  • Bespin
  • Corellia

Star Wars Homeworlds

Roleplaying forums for specific galactic factions

  • The Alliance of Free Planets
  • Ossus: The Jedi Enclave
  • The Galactic Empire
  • The Criminal Underworld
  • Eleutheria
  • The Sith Order
  • The Circle