Rogue Group

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Rogue Group

Officially: Rogue Group
Formerly: Rogue Squadron
CAG: Major Kelly Perris
XO: Captain Jaden Luka

"My men earn the right to be called Rogues, Major. I've trained those pilots myself, not to mention a good number of those on non x-wing squadrons, yours included. Your men may have hard-earned reputations, but mine work just as hard keeping up and filling the shoes our name leaves us to fill. You don't have to deal with the expectations. You're lucky that way."
―Commander Kelly Perris to a Valkyrie Squadron pilot

Comprised of the finest pilots in the Alliance Starfighter Corps, Rogue Group is a military unit consisting of several squadrons-worth of elite X-Wing pilots. While in the past it consisted only of a single Squadron, the unit is now much larger, allowing the Alliance's finest to continue with operations to antagonise the Empire while still providing the best protection possible to the Jedi refugees on The Wheel.


Organisationally, Rogue Group does not typically distinguish between separate squadrons. Callsigns are usually prefixed with Rogue, and are allocated on a mission by mission basis, with personal pilot callsigns being used as the most common form of address. However, when further distinction is needed (or when the Rogues need to disguise their identities), callsigns for Red, Renegade, and Vigilante Squadrons are reserved for use by Rogue Group.


Originally part of Red Squadron, Rogue Flight was formed around the only two survivors of the assault on the Death Star: Wedge Antilles, and Luke Skywalker. They flew under that guise - sometimes separately; sometimes as part of Red Squadron - until the destruction of their sister unit, Renegade Flight, at the Battle of Derra IV. They were expanded into a full Squadron soon after, and fought at the Battle of Hoth.

Rogue Squadron earned a reputation as consisting of the finest X-Wing pilots in the Rebellion, and for completing missions that were too "impossible" for other units. Unfortunately, an encounter with the second Death Star proved their downfall, and the entire roster was lost at the Battle of Endor.

Reformed in the aftermath, Rogue Squadron continues to serve as the lance tip of the Rebellion's starfighter efforts. Over time they became involved in the protection of The Wheel: a convoy of vessels harbouring the survivors of the Jedi Purge. To increase their effectiveness - and to ensure that, even on such an extensive mission, there were still Rogues available to cause trouble for the Imperials - the Squadron eventually increased in size, and is now officially known as Rogue Group.


Major Kelly Perris ("Hot Mama") Human male from Alderaan
Captain Jaden Luka ("Space Monkey") Human male from Ord Cestus
Captain Aris V'Larr ("Angel") Sikarran female from Epsilon Eridani
Captain Jamo Jakatta ("Joker") Human male from Corellia
Lieutenant Justinian Atreides ("Blink") Human male from Lorrd
Lieutenant Oisin Ocasta ("Echo") Human male from Alderaan
Lieutenant Iyar Thiled ("Flipper") Zeltron male from Zeltros
Lieutenant Carré Inirial ("Phoenix") Human female from Alderaan
Lieutenant Oolan Valx'ir ("Twitch") Verpine male from Roche
Lieutenant Nyx Verrok ("Viper") Human female from Chandrila
Flight Officer Meeristali Peradun ("Juyo") Felacatian male from Felacat
Flight Officer Tristan Tahmores ("Longshot") Human male from Naboo
Flight Officer Tera Uolmi ("Razor") Human female from Kessel

Ground Crew

Chief Technician Chrys Atreides Human female from Lorrd


Raids, Rogues and Arithmatic -
Rogue Squadron teams up with other elements of the Starfighter Corps for a daring hit-and-run mission against the Empire.

A Reputation to Maintain -
After far too long spent babysitting the Jedi on The Wheel, the Rogues are sent to Bandomeer to attract the Empire's attention, and stop them growing suspicious about the squadron's apparent absense.

Imperial Entanglements -
Alongside various other Rebel and Jedi forces, Rogue Squadron defends The Wheel from an Imperial attack.

Business As Usual -
A team of pilots from Rogue Group are sent to identify the source of a mysterious transmission detected by The Wheel.