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Ceto Rübezahl is a moderately famous holomovie star, and a political figure within the Galactic Empire. He served as the Moff for the Bothan Sector until it's conquest by the Rebel Alliance; for the year that followed he acted as an Ambassador to independent worlds in the Outer Rim. Building on that role, he is currently the Moff of the Greater Javin.


Having famous and wealthy parents isn't easy. At least, that's the mantra that Ceto Rübezahl lives by. Thrust into the limelight at a young age, Ceto was groomed by his parents to be a celebrity. His break was found in the holomovie industry, where his looks set him in good stead to be a pin-up for young humans and non-humans alike across the Galactic Republic. Appearing in a number of feature holomovies, he also managed to secure acting roles in long-running holovid series, including the Republic Rangers franchise - a series focusing on the exploits of a fictional elite unit of human soldiers fighting during the Clone Wars, in which he played the "Red Ranger" - and a short-lived New Order sequel that focussed on his character. (Agent Scarlet and...)

Though wealthy and famous as a result, Ceto was always uncomfortable with his career, and the manner in which he was portrayed. A loyal citizen through and through, he wanted to serve the Republic and Empire, and while he understood his parents' assertations that he was providing an example that other citizens could follow, he felt that his example was false, and that he wasn't following it himself. At age 21 he announced his official retirement from acting, left his home on Coruscant, and enrolled in the Imperial Academy.

Imperial Service

Instructors at the Academy didn't take Ceto seriously at first, and he was streamed into a future as an officer in COMPNOR - the military organisation tasked with maintaining morale among the populace, and in particular the young citizens who had idolised Ceto during his acting career. Ceto accepted the assignment - a little grudgingly - and entered service with the organisation. After graduation and a few years of service however, it became clear that Ceto was serious about his military service: periodic performance reviews had him pulling more hours and putting in more work than any of his peers. His Commanding Officer at the time took sympathy on him and, calling in a few favours, arranged for Ceto to be reassigned to the Imperial Security Bureau.

Throwing himself heart and soul into his new career, Agent Rübezahl earned himself a reputation as a hard-working and reliable Imperial serviceman; he also earned a reputation as the sort of modest individual who shrugged off praise and promotion. However, despite his commitment and determination, he was never able to achieve his dream of serving as an Officer in the Imperial Navy. On his own time he qualified on all the basic Imperial shuttles and fighter craft, in the hopes of gaining entrance into the Academy that way, but a mix of politics and logistics untimately led to his application being rejected.

When Ceto's father died, his final request was that Ceto follow in his footsteps - and the family tradition - and go into politics. Ceto was strongly opposed to the idea, but could hardly deny his father's death-bed request. On the back of the last of his father's influence, Ceto was able to arrange for a position on the administrative staff for his father's successor, and began to learn the ropes of Imperial Governorship.

By the Battle of Endor, Ceto was a senior advisor to the Moff of the Tapani Sector. In the political upheaval that followed, and the governmental restructuring in the wake of Emperor Palpatine's death, Ceto somehow managed to secure himself a position as the Moff of the Bothan Sector. The Bothans were a predominantly neutral species, who had agreed to fall under Imperial jurisdiction during the Galactic Civil War as a means to avoid hostilities. The Bothans maintained their own defense force, and for the most part were self-governed. However, rumours that the Bothans had aided the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Endor led to an increase in military presence. It was regarded by most other Moffs as an out-of-the-way assignment where Ceto could be shoved so he would do no harm, but Ceto accepted the posting graciously, and held it for two years.

Eventually, the Rebel Alliance came to liberate the Bothans from their Imperial "oppressors". A feint attack was launched to draw away the Admiral - a man that Ceto had never liked and never trusted - and the bulk of the Imperial ships in the Sector, leaving the Bothan homeworld defended only by a handful of Imperial vessels and the Bothan Defense Force. A second attack was mounted, which overwhelmed Bothawui's minimal defenses; combined with a ground attack by Alliance SpecForce troops, Ceto was forced to flee aboard his flagship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Warspite. (Liberation - Mission to Drev'starn)

Ambassador to Serenno

Following his disgrace at Bothawui, Ceto was called before Empress Tarkin. Though stripped of his rank, the Empress had a certain sympathy for the impossible situation in which Ceto had been placed, as well as an empathy for him as a fellow Imperial whose career had been constantly overshadowed by their father. She saw talents in him that she could make use of elsewhere, and so recruited him to serve as a diplomat; under the watchful eye of her Guard Elias Akasha, Ceto was installed as Ambassador to Serenno. (How Did It Come To This?, Everything Changes)

Greater Javin

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  • Mother: Eurynomé Rübezahl
  • Father: Ophion Rübezahl (dec.)


Out of Character

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