Gabriel Rodermark

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In Character

Personal Information
Name: Gabriel Rodermark
Age: 163
Birthplace: London, England
Species: Vampire
Clan: Toreador
Title: None
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Other Information
Sire: Nobu Takumi
Generation: Seventh (one gen. gained through diablerie)
Childer: Sansa


Gabriel Rodermark is a British-born Kindred of Clan Toreador. He previously held the title of Prince in the city of London.

Physical Appearance

Like many Toreador, Gabriel first caught his sire's eye because of his physical appearance. Being embraced as one of the kindred has only served to add to his appeal. Six-foot tall, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and handsome well-shaped features, Gabriel exudes warmth, attraction and sincerity. Though not arrogant, Gabriel takes pride in his appearance and always appears smartly dressed.

The Melancholy Prince

Character Perceptions

As Prince of London, Gabriel was perceived as consistently fair. His somewhat laissez-faire attitude to the ruling of London, giving all of it's Kindred citizens a voice, gained him support amongst many. Even if they did not entirely approve of his methods in punishing others, they relished the freedom they themselves were afforded in the Camarilla haven that Gabriel has fashioned.

Following his flight from London, however, perceptions of Gabriel have darkened. Many see him as a coward, pointing to his involvement with Sansa Martin as the beginning of his undoing. A romantic at heart, they say he allowed his love for the girl to blind him to the true problems facing London. To the many Anarch's now inhabiting the UK, Rodermark represents much of what is wrong with the Camarilla. Others, old friends like Roland Salisbury, remain loyal to their Prince in spite of his misjudgements.

Extended History

Mortal Life

Gabriel, shortly before his Embrace

Born December 12th 1844, Gabriel Rodermark was the son of a carpenter, the first son of a poor London family. From an early age Gabriel was taught his fathers trade, as his parents groomed him to take over the family business. In spite of their efforts, it seemed clear that Gabriel was destined for other things. As he grew, he became more and more disillusioned with his parents, and began to resent them, believing that they were purposefully stifling him. A child of the Victorian Age, Gabriel believed that he would one day become an infamous poet or artist, one of the intellectual socialites. He began to spend more and more time away from home, yet still leeched off of his parents income to fund his lifestyle.

On April 2 1862, Gabriel's mother gave birth for the second time, to another son - Michael. Unfortunately for the family, the birth was difficult and resulted in Gabriel's mother passing away. By this time, Gabriel was a scarcely seen figure in the Rodermark household, spending much of his time with a foreigner by the name of Nobu Takumi. Takumi, who had arrived in London from Japan in the summer of 1854, was a man of wealth, who had become enchanted by Gabriel's youthful beauty and spirit and taken him on as a protege of sorts.

Though saddened by his mothers passing, Gabriel drowned much of his sorrow in absinthe and opium. His now cold-hearted father all but abandoned him, meanwhile taking out much of his frustration on the young, weaker Michael. Takumi continued to ply his young ward with alcohol and narcotics, filling his head with nonsense. The two spent much of their time in the company of the artists of the Age, though Nobu had begun to slowly withdraw their presence from the local society, with many more of their nights spent alone together.

The Embrace And A New Life

Rejection And Resurrection

2006: The Fall

2006 marked a year of great change for Gabriel. On the eve of the new year, Rodermark played host to a party for the city's Camarilla. To the Prince's annoyance, the Barbican received some unwanted guests - in the form of Katarina Gordislava, the Archbishop of Moscow, and her pack, whose presence marked the beginning of Sabbat movements into the UK. Though more priceless artwork was damaged than party guests, the attack was a bold and unexpected move and would signal the start of a gruelling month-long slogging match. Caught up in it all was Sansa Martin, who had been introduced to the Barbican party by Jude on a whim. Gabriel took responsibility for the girl, and the two developed a growing attachment to one another, culminating in the kidnapp of Sansa and her flat-mate Emelie by Sergei Vishnyakov.

In the same matter of weeks, it became apparent that the London Tremere chantry had been comprimised. Though an Assamite sent by the Sabbat was tasked with destroying the Primogen, greater destruction was borne from within the clan's ranks itself - as numerous high-ranking members of the chantry revealed themselves to be in league with the demonic Baa'li. As demons were unleashed upon London, the Camarilla and Sabbat found themselves with a common enemy. Whilst the Camarilla debated their next course of action, the Archibishop of Moscow dispatched a letter to Rodermark proposing that they meet to discuss a temporary alliance. The captive Sansa was returned to Gabriel, who agreed that no conflict would exist between the warring clans whilst the Baa'li threat continued.

When matters seemed they could get anymore complicated, the British contingent of Garou (werewolves) proposed a meeting to offer their aid in fighting back the Baa'li. The Camarilla travelled to the London Docklands, where a random attack by the Baa'li lead both parties to believe that an ambush had been staged. In the chaos, Sansa was fatally injured and Gabriel forced to embrace the girl as Kindred. Reeling from the attack, the group were thrown into yet more conflict as it became apparent that the Baa'li intended to use Stonehenge to unleash their full power on the British Isles.

Though the Baa'li were repelled, Gabriel - being unsuited to combat - took a fatal wound. Under the guardianship of Thaddeus Post and Crowley, the Prince and his companion were transported to Mexico, where they would attempt to heal Gabriel with the blood of a vampire far older and more powerful than any they knew. The ancient Gangrel lay in torpor, though was roused when Post and the others entered its tomb. Consumed with and driven by the hunger of the Beast, Gabriel drank the creature's last drop of blood - committing a cardinal sin, in the eyes of the Camarilla. For this, and for deserting his nation, he was branded a traitor and spent his next months in seclusion with Sansa, trying to help the girl come to terms with her new life, or what was left of it.

The pair returned to the United Kingdom almost a year after their first meeting, whereupon they were seized by Camarilla agents eager to claim the price on their head. In the void left behind since Rodermark's departure, no new Prince of London had been elected. Instead, an Anarch Free State had been declared and the Primogen scattered about the country - some in hiding, others allying themselves to the former Primogen of the Brujah Clan - Marcus Thornby - who had spearheaded the movement to dismantle Camarilla control over the nation.

Thrown into the Tower of London, Gabriel and Sansa await sentencing for their crimes.


Out Of Character

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