Vega Van-Derveld

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Vega Van-Derveld is a former Imperial Stormtrooper, now fallen to the Dark Side of the Force.


Born on the Imperial stronghold of Corulag, Vega was the first and only son of the Van-Derveld family. As staunch supporters of the Empire, the Van-Dervelds raised their children with the expectation that they would one day enlist in some element of the Imperial regime. Just as his father had done before him, Vega attended the Corulag Academy - one of the Empires finest military schools. Here he was trained to become part of the Imperial Stormtrooper infantry, as a soldier in the cold assault division (also known as snowtroopers). Among his peers he was well-liked, though had a reputation for being arrogant. Though his sister Grace Van-Derveld also attended the Academy, the two did not fraternize, with Vega ignoring his sister.

Deployed on a long-term mission to the ice-world of Hoth, Vega's garrison found themselves stranded and without supplies, cut off by a Rebel ambush. Trapped inside a frozen cave, Van-Derveld found himself driven to distraction. In desperate need of sustenance, he resorted to killing one of his team-mates. Appauled by his behaviour, the others turned on him - but found themselves overpowered, all falling to his unusual strength. It was the Force, fueled by his anger, that had allowed him to dispatch his attackers so easily.

Though he had done some research into the Force whilst on Corulag, he had never seriously considered the possibility of studying it, in spite of the fact that it was a fairly well-substantiated rumour that many Imperials did. With the death of the Emperor, however, there seemed little reason why he should not delve more deeply into the hidden power. As a consequence of his unbridled desire, his body has already begun to show the signs of decay that the Dark Side can cause - his skin is pale and riddled with blue veins and his eyes are lifeless. Due to an injury, he has also had to have a synthesized voice-box installed, giving his voice an emotionless, metallic tone - furthering his inhuman appearance.

Though it is thus-far unknown to many other members of the Van-Derveld family, their heritage - prior to becoming nobles of the Empire - is tied to the Lupine species. Their family was once one of the Greater Houses of the Losstarot Bloodline, mad and incestuous, though current generations of the family claim no knowledge of the fact.