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The Kindred known as Byron Legard is a member of Clan Gangrel and The Camarilla's Prince of Paris.


18th Century

Born 1730 in Margeride, a mountainous region in the south of France. In 1764, Byron fell prey to the infamous Beast of Gévaudan, a feral Kindred of clan Gangrel whose real name was Gaspard. Though he resisted Gaspard's attempts to feed on him, he was drained to the point of death and, after being fed the Kindred's blood, was reborn as his childe. Rather than being helped by his sire, Byron was abandoned by Gaspard for months, instead being forced to learn to survive alone in the mountains. Later, Gaspard returned and the two travelled together for a number of years in the south of France, until Gaspard was captured and delivered Final Death by a hunter named Jean Chastel.

Ten years after his Embrace, Byron found himself in Paris and became an Alastor of the Prince, Francois Villon. In 1789, at the height of the French Revolution, Villon fled the city and Byron took the title of Prince, becoming the youngest Prince in the city's history.

19th Century

20th Century

21st Century

Out of Character
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