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In Character


Barton Henning
40 GSY
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Captain / Jedi Padawan
Deceased (Olana Chion)


Jedi Padawan Barton

A boy gifted in the use of the Force, Barton Henning was sent to the Jedi Temple at an early age, having barely known his family at all. He took well to life in the temple, gathering around him a small but loyal group of friends. As a padawan, he became the apprentice of Jedi Knight Olana Chion. When not practicing his lessons with fellow padawans such as a Mu Satach, he often spent time in the library, reading about distant worlds and strange, alien species.



  • Mu Satach - Barton's best friend as a Jedi Padawan. On the night of Order 66, Henning and Satach attempted to escape the Jedi Temple with a small group of younglings by crawling into air vents in back of the main library. While Henning was in the air vent, the group was found by a squad of troopers who threw fire grenades in at them. The blast killed the younglings. Henning found Satach buried beneath the bodies and her life slipping away. He used his healing skills to prevent her death. Barely conscious, Henning and Satach were found by a second group of Jedi and padawans who were able to make their way into the sewer system beneath the temple. In the sewers however, the current was too strong and Mu was washed away from Henning. Henning believed Mu dead until they met again decades later on Cloud City.
  • Alex Cole - Another former classmate of Barton's from his time at the Jedi Temple. Alex came to Cloud City in search of the Jedi rumoured to be hiding there, and was surprised to discover Mu and Barton - the latter of whom she had always had a soft spot for. Unlike Henning and Satach, Cole had not allowed Imperial persecution to drive her away from the Force. Fiercely proud of what she was, and believing more than ever that the Galaxy needed the Jedi, she was jaded to discover that neither Barton nor Mu shared her point of view. Alex and Barton were seperated on Cloud City after an ill-fated evening at a casino, during which Barton made public use of his powers of a Jedi. Months later, when reunited aboard the Wheel, they shared a tense discussion about their place and purpose in the Galaxy.
  • Tionne Thanewulf - though unbeknownst to him at the time, Barton was the man tasked with retrieving the carbonite block containing Jedi Knight Tionne Thanewulf. Barton woke Tionne from her carbon freezing and was the first to welcome the redhead aboard the Wheel. Tionne is one of the few Jedi aboard the Wheel that Barton has discussed his past as a Jedi with.

Out of Character

Jenny is currently an adminstrator at SW-Fans.Net. She originally arrived at SWFans in late 2000 under the name Vega Van-Derveld, having followed roleplayer Big Bad Naga from a Final Fantasy ezboard where they were both members. She was made a moderator of the gaming (and later roleplaying) forums, and subsequently promoted to administrator in July 2006.

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