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In Character

Personal Information
Name: Kristopher Crowley
Age: 33
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Canada
Species: Corax
Physical Description
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 126lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
  • None
Crowley the Road Scholar

A walking flashback to the '80s, Crowley is the quintessential "goth", with jet black hair and a wardrobe full of of hand-me-downs from the Addams Family. His features are sharp, with pronounced cheek-bones and a narrow nose, on which a pair of large sunglasses perch day and night. Wiry and slim, he is quick on his feet. He wears a number of charms, trinkets and necklaces, and is particularly fond of those made of silver.

As a Corax, it is Crowley's duty to uncover any information that would be of use to Gaia. This thirst for knowledge is likely to make a good number of characters uncomfortable. Born with an innate need to know everything, his tireless questioning and dirt-digging will certainly cause problems for those who have something to hide. Some may be distrusting of him, suspecting that he will divulge their secrets – while others will see him as an invaluable ally, able to provide information on any number of subjects. Incredibly well traveled, Crowley is known throughout most of the globe – if not by face, then at least by name and reputation – as a keen scholar and collector of oddities.

Like all Corax, Crowley has the wanderlust in his blood. Staying in one place for too long makes him irritable and uneasy – as such he will try to always be on the move. Consequently, he has a large number of contacts – particularly in North America – but very few people who know him well. One person who falls into the latter category is a Bastet by the name of Keeva, with whom he has worked on numerous occasions.


As well as being 'gifted' with the ability to shift his form into that of a common raven, Crowley has a number of other unusual talents.

  • Voice of the Mimic - This Gift allows the Corax to imitate any sound or voice she has heard. Voices and accents are all covered by the scope of the Gift, as are machine noises, crashes, gunfire and any other noise you can imagine.
  • Enemy Ways - This is a danger sense. Taught by one of Grandfather Thunder's Stormcrows, Enemy Ways is more than just a heightened (and reasonably accurate) sense of paranoia. Instead, it provides solid information on what immediate peril a Corax faces.
  • Omens and Signs - Corax can find symbolic portents in their surroundings without even trying — but this Gift helps. The world is full of omens, after all, but a Corax with this Gift knows where to look for them.
  • Dark Truths - This Gift allows the Corax to uncover a secret or character flaw of an observed subject. As you might expect; Corax love to use this Gift.

Out Of Character

Jenny is currently an adminstrator at SW-Fans.Net. She originally arrived at SWFans in late 2000 under the name Vega Van-Derveld, having followed roleplayer Big Bad Naga from a Final Fantasy ezboard where they were both members. She was made a moderator of the gaming (and later roleplaying) forums, and subsequently promoted to administrator in July 2006.

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