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Francoise Dupont
Marital Status
Juliette Dupont
Jack Falkner


Francoise has the power of psychometry, in that she is able to sense the past and future of a person or object by making psychical contact with it. She wears gloves at all times, to ensure that she is not constantly bombarded with visions. In times of particular stress, she can be struck by visions that she has not initiated herself, though these are few and far between. Over time, Francoise mutation has evolved to include a greater number of mental and psychically based powers - including telepathy and empathy.


Whilst glimpsing these moments of time, Francoise is no longer conscious of the world around her and will empathically feel any emotions experienced by the person she is reading. If she were to touch someone who had undergone severe physical pain, she would share their suffering.


Francoise was born in the small town of Ambert in Puy-de-Dôme, France. Her father, Jack Falkner, was a young expatriate American who had moved to France in the 1970s and taken a job working at the local paper mill. There he met and fell in love with the young Juliette Dupont, who would later become his common-law wife. Along with their daughter, the pair lived comfortably in the French countryside until Juliette fell ill and it became clear that she required specialist medical attention.

Though the family made it to American, Juliette did not survive the following winter and her death sent Jack into a deep depression. It was around this time, too, that Francoise began to exhibit signs of possessing the mutant gene. The distress of loosing her mother seemed to have triggered the mutation. She became reclusive, desperately trying to avoid contact with anyone or anything, unable to control her power. Her father, already attending a psychiatrist for his own anxiety, agreed to have his daughter analyzed too, in the hopes that something could be done to cure her bizarre behavior.

Fortunately for Francoise, the doctor she met with was sympathetic towards the mutant cause and recognized in her something unique. He referred her to Doctor Gregory Cullen, a leading geneticist and savant, who had recently founded a school and sanctuary for those like Francoise. Along with Ethan Daniels, Francoise became one of the first pupils to attend the institute and was widely known to be a protégé and favorite of Cullen's, often providing a public face for the mutant cause.

Finding the institute invaluable to her own development, Francoise decided to remain at the school long into adulthood and is now considered a teacher of sorts. Though still somewhat withdrawn, her compassionate nature and dedication have gained her the trust and respect of many students and fellow teachers alike, whilst her unique powers have made her a valuable part of the X-Men team.

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