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Kassandra was born in 1225 BC in the Ancient Greek city of Sparta. In her mortal life she hungered for the respect and praise of others. To her mind, it seemed that the only way to achieve this was to be victorious in battle. Thus, disguising herself as a young man and taking the name Kratisto (meaning 'the strongest'), she became a solider in the Achaean army and subsequently fought in the Trojan War. It was during this conflict that she suffered her first death and was born again as an Immortal.

Even after this, she continued to fight alongside the Greek armies, her battle prowess and blood-lust growing with each decade. Rarely, however, did she remain with one faction for a long time. While this maintained the secrecy of her immortality, her true motivations were purely selfish – to ensure that she fought along side those who would be emerge the victors. In time, however, she grew indifferent to the conflicts of Greece and Rome. She began to want for greater things, wars which were deserving of the power with which she had found herself gifted.

Since then she has taken many names, both male and female, and like a chameleon changed herself to fit the time and place in which she found herself. Always, however, her goal of power remained the same. Her ultimate aim is to become the sole living Immortal.

She could be described as many things: tall, delicately beautiful, ethereal, androgynous, imposing. Whatever words are used, there is something striking about Kassandra. Though she blends well with her surroundings, there is a definite feeling of the different or even alien about her.
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