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In Character

Vahid Hesam is a Kindred and warrior of Clan Assamite.


The London Primogen

In 'The Path of Blood', Vahid received a contract from Katarina Gordislava to eliminate the Primogen of London who were, at the time, in the service of Gabriel Rodermark.

  • Marcus Thornby - Brujah -
  • Greta Willis - Gangrel - eliminated by another
  • Anna Starkley - Malkavian
  • Saul Leavis - Nosferatu
  • William Brown Turrel - Tremere - eliminated by Vahid
  • Elizabeth Atkinson - Toreador - eliminated by Vahid
  • Roland Salisbury - Ventrue

Until each of the above Kindred is delivered to their Final Death, the contract remains open and tradition dictates that Vahid must complete it or else his life is forfeit.


Out of Character

Jenny is currently an adminstrator at SW-Fans.Net. She originally arrived at SWFans in late 2000 under the name Vega Van-Derveld, having followed roleplayer Big Bad Naga from a Final Fantasy ezboard where they were both members. She was made a moderator of the gaming (and later roleplaying) forums, and subsequently promoted to administrator in July 2006.

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