Siyndacha Aerin

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Siyndacha Aerin

Siyndacha Karolle Aerin
120 lbs
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Karolle Aerin-Trozkenpfylyat
Sekana Trozkenpfylyat


In Character



The Early Years

Siyndacha Karolle Aerin-Trozkenpfylyat was born on Cularin to two loving parents, Sekana Trozkenpfylyat (her father) and Karolle Aerin-Trozkenpfylyat(her mother). From birth, it was seen that the girl, nicknamed 'Sindy', was incredibly bright and attentive, achieving early milestones such as walking and talking much earlier than her first birthday. She appeared to have an inclination to mathematics and sciences and would always be far ahead of her peers in these areas, but the bedtime tales and life lessons that came from her 'Papa' (Grandfather Marezius Aerin) really drew her interest and fancy. One day, the old, retired Jedi showed the three-year-old girl the lightsaber that had belonged to him, his father and his father before him, so on and so forth. It was from then that she was hooked into the world of mechanics, electronics, robotics and more.

Her parents were always encouraging of her interests and it sometimes seemed to offset the fact that Sekana was rarely home, due to work and attracted her attention away from the brunt of her mother's ongoing depression. At age four years, six months and two weeks, little Siyndacha lost her mother to suicide, a byproduct of a depression initially rooted in postpartum depression. From that day, things were different for the girl.

School Years

Siyndacha entered into schooling in the small but respected school system on her homeworld at the age of five. She was a bright and eager student, head of the class in all academic areas, truly personifying the belief that you can 'do anything you put your mind to'. All through this time, she applied her studies any way she could to the mechanical world which she had immersed herself in with the encouragement of her Papa, much to the displeasure of her father, who was drastically changed by the death of his wife. Sekana Trozky had become a very critical and demanding man, blaming his own daughter for the death of his wife and forcing her to follow in his footsteps once she was old enough to study for and pass the bar, becoming a lawyer, much like him. She relented, taking law in addition to her other classes, but still the now twelve-year-old girl devoted every spare moment to her one true love, the field of nearly all things artificial and mechanical or electrical in construct. It was by this age that she had completed her formal schooling and went on to apprentice herself to those that could teach her more about what she wanted to know. By this time, it was largely Papa Marezius that cared for her, Sekana being largely absent.

Last Years on Cularin


Where honour meets scandal - that is the crossroads at which two lineages converge into one bright, beautiful and often awkward girl, Sindy...

The Descendancy of Aerin

The Aerins of Cularin have for countless centuries been Jedi, upholders of peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Frequently neglecting to ascribe to the once-popular piece of celibacy assumed from the 'old code' of the Jedi Order, a lineage of Force users ensued, varying in strength and ability, the mantle typically passed from Father to son. As it stands, Siyndacha Karolle Aerin is the last known member of this lineage.

The Family Trozkenpfylyat

Family above all else... and business is family.

A force to be reckoned with in the field of business and oft-times politics, this family has been 'old money' in years past until the generation of Dskeyala Ordon Trozkenpfylyat I, the Father Don Trozky, who brought the family fully into the modern age. They hail from Brentaal IV, being one of its noble Houses, though it is rumoured their lineage dates back through several well-to-do families in various systems. The young Siyndacha Karolle Aerin is an indirect member of this Mob-style family through her father, Sekana.


This listing of family and extended family is only partial, as most everyone has more family than they know. Without further ado, the relations of Siyndacha Aerin...


  • Marezius Aerin - dec. - [Maternal Grandfather] - Retired Jedi Master

Immediate Family:

  • Karolle Aerin-Trozkenpfylyat - dec. - [Mother] - Daughter of Marezius Aerin
  • Sekana Trozkenpfylyat (a.k.a. Sekana Trozky) - [Father] - Intergalactic Lawyer and brother to Al Trozky

By blood, Siyndacha is related to the following people:

  • Dskeyala Ordon Trozkenpfylyat I (a.k.a. Don Trozky) - [Great Uncle] - Current Patriarch of House Trozkenpfylyat, Father to Al Trozky.
  • Dskeyala Ordon Trozkenpfylyat II (a.k.a. Al Trozky) - [Uncle] - Owner/CEO of Genei Corporation, brother-in-law to Enoch Harker and brother to Sekana Trozky
  • Dskeyala Ordon Trozkenpfylyat III (a.k.a. Ordon Trozky) - [Cousin] - Son of Al Trozky
  • Awendra Mina - [Cousin] - Daughter of Al Trozky

By marriage of Al Trozky to Rivkah Harker (Enoch Harker's sister), Siyndacha is related to the following people:

  • Ezekiel Harker - [Cousin] - Son of Enoch Harker

By the now-ended marriage of Ordon Trozky to Benita Lupe Quez, Siyndacha has been connected to the following people:

Out of Character

Kaman has been an on-and-off member of SWF since the days of the Greater Jedi Order being on ezboard, where she went by the name Falcon Gyndar - a name that continued its use through to the present home of SWF, all the way up to the 2005 timeline Reset. Prior to that, she was a member of the Star Wars chatrooms on Talk City. Between her post-secondary education and other personal commitments/obligations, she manages to continue roleplaying on one level or another.