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Bette Davis
32 in 10 ABY
110 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Olivia Davis
Charles Davis
TIE Defender "Maneater"

Bette Davis: "But we don't get paid to plan the war. We get paid to follow orders."
Aliya Vahlshalynn: "We get paid?"
Bette Davis: "Right now we're getting paid to drink. Ain't life in the Navy great?"
— The Officer's Lounge{{#if:Shadow Squadron|[src]}}

Born on Chandrila to loyalist parents, Bette Davis was a disappointment to her father from the beginning. He wanted a son, and tomboy Bette was the closest to one that he could get. He taught her how to fly, shoot straight, took her hunting, and when she expressed a desire to attend the fighter pilot academy on Carida, he pulled as many strings as he could to get her in. Fatherly desire only took her that far, however, and Bette soon made a reputation for herself as a by-the-book straight arrow student. Being a woman meant things were tougher on her, but after she put three male students in the med ward after an attempted hazing she attracted the attention of her superiors, and won a prized spot on a squadron in the Imperial Navy upon graduation. Once in place, Bette worked her way up to Lieutenant Commander on the elite Shadow Squadron, the highest ranked female pilot in the Navy.

Assigned to Shadow Squadron before the Battle of Yavin, Bette was under the command of Kelly Perris, a handsome Alderaanian pilot. When Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star Perris defected, going AWOL and joining the Rebel Alliance. For the first time Bette began to question the values of the Galactic Empire, but loved flying too much to let questions of morality bother her. Whenever her conscience would start to prick her, she began to use alcohol to quiet it. Bette also began a tumultuous relationship with a fellow pilot, Val Torre, and they were as famous for their fights as they were for making up from them.
The Battle of Endor and Beyond
Hellfire Squadron
"I'm better when I'm drunk, what can I say."
Bette Davis

Bette's reputation for drinking began to overshadow her many accomplishments as a decorated pilot, and Tal Kellison found his way to rid himself of the troublesome pilot once and for all. A disciplinary reprimand was handed down to her for her increasingly wild behavior out of the cockpit, and she was transferred out of Shadow Squadron and sent down to Hellfire Squadron, a group of freshly graduated cadets in need of further flight training based off of the Kalidor. Part of her punishment was also the condition that she not drink alcohol while on board ship, or she would be demoted to Lieutenant.

Shadows Reunited
Tannis V'larr: "In fact, we were just discussing the disposition of your new squadron. Though it is only now re-forming, it has a storied history. Ensign, I would like you to meet Lieutenant Commander Bette Davis. Former, and, if she accepts, future leader of Beta Flight for Shadow Squadron."
Bette Davis: "Wait, what? I'm being reinstated? Getting out of nugget hell?! Accept? I frelling will accept!"
Tannis V'larr to Kerryna Khapst and Bette Davis, informing her of her transfer back to Shadow Squadron{{#if:Shadow Squadron|[[Shadow Squadron|[src]]]}}

After languishing with the nuggets on Kalidor, Bette was surprised and excited when former Shadow Tannis V'larr approached her about reinstatement. Shockingly, he was being made Shadow Leader, a position Bette had long coveted. Unfortunately for Bette, the Hellfires were also being transferred to Admonisher, the Shadows' new berth.

Timeline of Roleplays

Three hours after the Rebels retreat the Shadows are sent out to recon the battlefield, and look for survivors... and traps.

Five days after Endor, Shadow Squadron recieves a week of shore leave on Coruscant. The first night they meet at a bar to toast to the memory of their fallen squadmates.

An assasination attempt is made on Tiberius Anar, the emerging political leader of a struggling Empire.

Shadow Squadron is assigned escort duty as the ISD II Termagant brings an Imperial ambassador to the neutral Bakuran system. Rogue Squadron is conducting a recon mission in the same area. Two guesses as to what happens, and the first one doesn't count.

During a standard escort mission for the ISD II Termagant Shadow Squadron decides to play some practical jokes on Capt. Tal Kellison. Unfortunately for her, Miranda Tarkin is one of the visitors on board while the hijinks are going down.

Bette Davis, on a week of leave, visits Cloud City and runs into Mike Brand (a Rebel) and Mirko "Spenny" Spendrim.

Bette Davis, Saul Karzai and other Shadow Squadron pilots get a little down time between missions, with plenty of drink, and cards.

Tannis V'larr and Bette Davis test fly the prototype TIE Wraith for the first time.

Bette Davis runs into an old comrade at the Cloud 9 Bar and Grill in Cloud City.

Pre-Reset Biography
The Balmorran Empire
Val Torre
Other Stuff
Out of Character
Holly found her way to SW-Fans.Net on July 24, 2000, through the Crazy Ass Message Boards on Ezboard, where her brother Banestone, and Itala Marzullo were members. Convinced to join The Sith Council as a darkside character, she signed up as Lady DeVille. Incidentally the last name was a suggestion by the Emperor of TSC, Itala himself. She has always gone by the nickname LD. Lilaena was promoted to roleplaying moderator on October 14, 2002, and then to board administrator in late 2005. In November of 2009 she retired from the staff in part because of her expanding RL responsibilities. In 2015 she was promoted to be one of the board admins once more, and she is married with three children.