Saul Karzai

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Name: Karzai, Saul "Sithspit" Species/Sex: Human/Male Height: 6'1 Weight: 190 lbs Age: 27 standard years Alliance: Empire, Shadow Squadron Biography: Born on Kuat, but raised on Coruscant, Karzai is the son of retired Imperial General Pax Karzai. Although his father was a war hero, the younger Karzai joined the Navy (instead of the Army) as a way to distinguish himself from the elder. Early in his career Saul served with both 'Shooter' and Val Torre over Hoth. Outside of being exceptional pilot, Saul is known for an incident on Corellia where he spat upon a Sith Apprentice during a bar argument. Enraged, the apprentice beat Saul, knocking him out of action for almost a year.