Tiberius Anar

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In Character

Personal Information
Name: Tiberius Drusus Nero Anar
Age: 56
Birthplace: Esseles
Species: Human
Marital Status: Married (Livia Harth)
Force Sensitive: No
Physical Description
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 12 stone
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue


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Tiberius Drusus Nero Anar- academic, politician, bureaucrat currently serves as Chancellor of the Galactic Empire. The administrative eminence gris of the Empire for many years, he has since emerged as a major player in the new Imperial politics following the Emperor's death.

Early Life

Anar was born and raised on the prosperous Core World, Esseles. His father was one of the planet's wealthier men- owner of several construction plants and business concerns. Despite their great wealth, the Anars were treated with a certain distain by the traditional planetary elite who regarded the older Anar as an upstart. At first the family sought through various efforts to gain acceptance into the closed social elite but, when this failed, they formed their own social grouping. The Anar family home became the centre of a progressive faction in the planet's society and, eventually, its politics. During the last years of the Republic, this group came to support the reforms implemented by then Chancellor Palpatine.

Anar attended prestigious schools (all private) and then spent a year studying at a prepatory college. His education gave him the beginnings of social network of his own, formed from a cross-section of the offspring of the Esselan upper crust. Several of these men and women went on to become allies of Anar in his later career.

Academic Career and the New Order Party

Anar's higher education consisted, intially, of a three year degree course at one of the Core's more traditional institutions, the Baral on Esseles. Here he began writing on various subjects, including political reform, with a certain flair that earned him considerable praise.

After a break of a year, spent in an uninteresting job in the family firm, Anar returned to education earning higher degrees from three separate institutions. He is, in consequence of this, entitled to the style of "Doctor."

Five years of teaching posts followed, the last being at Coruscant Central University. The proximity to the political heart of the Republic put Anar in touch with many key people in the Valorum and Palpatine administrations. It also exposed him to the realities of politics in the Republic about which he had read and written much but had gained little practical experience. Prompted by these new experiences Anar wrote a series of highly praised articles.

Entry into Government

Government Career



Tiberius Drusus Nero Anar - businessman and industrialist turned politician. Chancellor of the Imperial Sovereignty.

Out Of Character

Also runs (really it is ran) Senator Hesith.