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Charlotte Tur'enne

Charlotte Tur'enne
Lieutenant (Formerly)
Charles, Charley, Lottie, Ryschcate
Coronet City, Corellia - 15 BBY
5' 1" (1.55 m)
Marital Status
The Rebel Alliance (Formerly)
Dorn Force (Formerly)
Taskforce Cresh (Unofficially)

Charlotte is a former member of The Rebel Alliance, who primarily served as a sniper in the 5th Regiment SpecForce Infiltrators Taskforce Cresh, then later on detached assignment with Dorn Force. As her time with the Rebellion continued, Charlotte began to be deployed on covert missions with Alliance Intelligence. During one such mission she was hijacked by a powerful Darksider and forced to attack a convoy of Jedi refugees, an incident that also fully revealed Charlotte's latent Force sensitivity. Searching for a scapegoat for their security blunders, the Alliance decided to pin the blame on Charlotte personally, holding a rushed series of closed court proceedings that were over before her team mates and commanding officers even had the opportunity to testify. Charlotte was dishonorably discharged from the Alliance and began a downward spiral of bitterness and self-destruction. Upon learning of the Treaty between the Empire and the newly reformed Republic, Charlotte took it upon herself to continue to her own personal war against the Empire. Still struggling with the constant urges the Dark Side floods into her, Charlotte has fallen in, rather reluctantly, with the company of her brother and John Glayde.

Charlotte was born in Coronet City on Corellia to Alluria and Jacob Tur'enne. The couple, which had believed themselves incapable of conceiving a child had adopted a boy, Alexander Tur'enne five years earlier. Charlotte was instantly considered a miracle in her parents' eyes, though they also took great strides in making sure the siblings never felt that one was superior to the other.

Charlotte was a fairly average child, excelling in some areas of academics while being weaker in others, she tried various sports and found a dislike for most of them, it was not until she was seven years old that Charlotte found something she truly enjoyed. For her seventh birthday her uncle gave her a training blaster - only capable of stunning a target at best... but fully capable of taking out small inanimate targets that were set up in the back yard of her parent's home. She quickly proved to be quite the sharp shooter and entered many competitive shooting tournaments.

When Charlotte was sixteen her entire life was turned upside down. A rather rebellion teenager as is, the destruction of Alderaan brought into focus a war that she could no longer ignore. Despite her parents' harsh refusal and pleading for her not to she left home and joined with the Corellian Resistance movement, quickly earning her place as one of the favored snipers of the group.

Her time with the resistance movement was short, ending with a mission gone awry that lead to the death of most members of the squad. Those not killed were captured and questioned, most not surviving the process. Days after her capture, the building where the Imperial troops were holding Charlotte was raided by Cresh. Taking her with them, Charlotte later joined with the group, becoming a member of The Rebel Alliance.

Character Relationships
  • Alexander Tur'enne: Charlotte's brother. Charlotte had not seen her brother for almost seven years after she joined the Corellian Resistance Movement. They were reunited after her brother [defected to the Alliance.] Their relationship since was strained, often resulting in outbursts from the both of them as they attempt to patch up years of separation. Now Charlotte has had to reluctantly allow her brother to be part of her life once more, letting him act as a bit of a moral compass to replace the one she's clearly lost somewhere along the line.
  • John Glayde: Charlotte's former commanding officer in Dorn Force. He is one of the few people Charlotte truly holds any respect for, even though she doesn't often show it. Once curious as to if the Major's kindness may have stemmed from something more, Charlotte now isn't sure what to make of the man who threw his life away in an attempt to stop her from doing the same to hers. Her learning of his time with the Empire hasn't done much to endear him to her, but it hasn't entirely severed the bond she used to have with him.
  • Dashiel Starborn: Possibly the only individual within the Alliance that Charlotte considers more friend than simple associate. The two of them were often paired up on difficult assignments that need both Intel and SpecForce representation. After both lost their places within the Alliance and it's new Republic, Charlotte still believes Starborn to be one of the few individuals she can trust. Problem is, she doesn't trust herself enough to let him help her.
  • Jacob and Alluria Tur'enne: Charlotte's parents, now both deceased. Her lack of contact with them, and her continued allowing of them to believe her dead may be the one regret that Charlotte actually has. Their deaths, caused by a terrorist attack on the Empire by the Corellian Resistance - alongside her own banishment from the Alliance that made her the woman she is today - has left Charlotte questioning everything she had ever known about allies and enemies.
Current Timeline of Roleplays


10 Years ABY

Following a court martial after a series of shoddy proceedings regarding her involvement in the assault of a Jedi and questionable treaty between the new Republic and the Empire Charlotte begins a downward spiral of self abuse, the only way she knows how to deal with the deep sense of betrayal. After finding her on some backwater planet, Dashiel is let in on a plan the destructive young woman has regarding her taking one last shot at the Empire.

Having given Dash the slip, Charlotte continues with her continued mission of annihilation of self, struggling with the Darkness ever growing inside as she is found on Terminus by her brother and her former commanding officer.

9 Years ABY

As a favor to Dash, Charlotte agrees to help escort Zem Vymes to the Wheel with distressing news about the Alliance and General Dan Thrule.

While stuck at The Wheel, Charles and Dashiel find themselves a good old fashioned card game to partake in and make the acquaintance of a fellow Corellian and Rogue Squadron pilot; Jamo Jakatta

The Wheel is attacked by a Darksider, and Charlotte becomes his unwilling accomplice and thrall through a connection through the Force that had been created back on Nelvaan.

8 Years ABY

Charlotte Tur'enne receives a mission report that informs her that her former taskforce with the 5th regiment have all been killed in action. This knoweldge combined with the junior officer's normally firey temper brings her into direct confrontation with her brother, Captain Mara Tallen, and finally her commanding officer, Major John Glayde

Ten days after 'The greatest enemy is the one you know best.', Charlotte, Xander, and Mara have another disagreement.

Ten days after learning of the demise of her former taskforce, Charlotte Tur'enne and Dashiel Starborn are teamed up once more to investigate a mysterious sudden malfunction with a Bothan water siphoning plant on the planet of Nelvaan.

Immediately following the events on Nelvaan, Charlotte and Dashiel must make their report about the happenings at the Bothan water siphoning facilities to the Advisory Council.

John Glayde relives some of Taskforce Cresh's off duty moments through a series of Holo-vids taken by one of the members. When Charlotte Tur'enne returns from her [recent assignment], the Major has a rather startling surprise for her.

7 Years ABY

Set to coincide with the coronation of Miranda Tarkin, the Rebel Alliance uses the fact the galaxy's eyes are turned on Coruscant to launch their campaign to liberate the planet of Bothawui from Imperial influence. Colonel Regulus Starborn deploys Dashiel Starborn and Charlotte Tur'enne. Their mission is to infiltrate the Imperial Embassy in the capital city of Drev'starn, and capture the Moff for the Bothan Sector: Ceto Rübezahl. Unfortunately for them, Inquisitorius soldier Reinhart Thul is also present.

Members of the Rebel Alliance journey to Coruscant to rescue Dasquian Belargic from public execution at the hands of the Empire.

Special Forces Operational Detatchment - D (typically referred to as Dorn Force) is formed in a mission to rescue the captured Duchess of Baraboo.

Dorn Force lead by Captain Glayde travels to Ruuria on a mission to steal communications protocols from a new Imperial facility that had been constructed there.

A recently promoted Major Glayde, along with 2nd Lieutenant Tur'enne are deployed on an undercover mission to Corellia, to extract an Imperial weapons designer who is attempting to defect.

Members of The Rebel Alliance and The Jedi Enclave gather on Yavin 4 to mark the anniversary of Life Day.

4 Years ABY

While on leave with two other of her squadmates, 2nd. Lieutenant Charlotte Tur'enne of the Rebellion's 5th Regiment meets a strange, intimidating, yet somehow alluring individual by the name of Lykaios.

Out of Character

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