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In Character


Anita Stern [Née Florence?]
Marital Status
Annette Florence (Nee Fournier)
Gualtiero Florence (Adoptive - Deceased)
Armand Michel (Biological - Deceased)


Anita is capable of psychometry, as a basic explanation of her powers. She has an 'expanded' eidetic memory, meaning she remembers everything she collects with every sense she possesses, including that which she comes by with the use of her psychometric ability. To date, it has become apparent to Anita that there is likely more than just the collection of information that her powers grant her: that her powers could possibly extend beyond that, with exercising and experimentation, which she as yet is still reluctant to attempt. Physical manifestations of what could be taken as precognitive ability have shown to her in the form of a shiver crawling up her spine, as well - somewhat of a 'danger sense', so to speak.


Due to a lack of conflict, there is no known record of weakness associated with her powers, other than their largely undeveloped state. To date, she is not trained in any form of self-defense, and does not carry or own any weapons for her own protection.


As far as Anita knows, she is the daughter of Annette and Gualtiero Florence, born in Milan, Italy on 17 December 1981 while her parents were on holiday. She grew up in Toronto, Ontario as well as significant pieces of time in New York City, where her father was a highly successful businessman. As such, she holds dual citizenship. Every year, with her parents, she attended Le Carnaval de Québec, as well as a great deal of smaller trips to acquaint herself with the world. Every little bit held something educational for her.

Anita, from birth, has had an eidetic memory. Due to it, she excelled at a pace unparalleled by any of her peers, graduating from high school at the age of sixteen, which is also when her powers began to manifest. She first noted them when hugging her father goodbye before heading off on a high school grad trip to Australia. Shocked by the lecherous surface thoughts she gleaned from him, and a tad embarrassed, she said nothing of it, and left as if nothing had happened. During her trip, the appearance of her mutant gift became more apparent when spending time with her boyfriend, Ryan Holmes. The thoughts on his mind were of one thing, and eventually, it came out in words: He wanted to sleep with her. Anita wouldn't have it. The ensuing awkwardness and tension lead to arguing, the two breaking up, and spending the remainder of the trip avoiding each other, even through the air trip back home. Their last words to each other were firm goodbyes. In the time waiting for her mother to pick her up from Toronto Pearson International Airport, Anita felt down, and the news she would soon receive during that wait brought her down for the remainder of the summer. Gualtiero Vittore was dead - shot down in the middle of his own workplace, in front of his employees by his own personal secretary... who managed a rather deft escape, as if she had done so countless times before. Also, from that time, Annette (her mother) would not allow Anita to touch her, as if the whole thing was her fault, but still cared for her daughter in other ways, without hugs and the like.

At the age of fourteen, Anita had begun working on university degrees in English and Mathematics, and would go on to accomplish more than that. This put her ahead of her peers when she fully entered university at the age of sixteen. In ten years of post-secondary education, she achieved several times what a 'genius' student would have. Her knowledge outside of what she officially attained in schooling expands into many subjects, but her true love, above it all, is books.

At age 22, four years before joining on with the faculty at the Cullen's Institute for the Gifted, Anita entered into what would be a strong relationship with one Daniel Hartford, a man several years her senior and a strong mutant whose powers reached into many areas of mental ability - the scope of his gifts made him a good ally, or a very dangerous opponent, depending on which way one looked at it, if one were to think of him in that vein. For two years, they were virtually inseparable and then one day it was as if he ceased to exist.

She has been forming a bond with Michael Stern, a younger man who has helped her come out of her cautious shell, in which she has kept herself from getting close to others, physically or otherwise. Events in Michael's life (and the expansion of his mutant gift) caused him to disappear without notice for over a month, which caused Anita great concern for her new friend. When he reappeared just as suddenly, she wasn't as shocked as she was relieved and grateful, having went through some of the same thoughts and feelings as she did when Daniel Hartford vanished. At the same time, Anita began connecting the dots in her head, thinking overly too much as she tends to do, and realized that every time something has happened to someone she cares for, the common factor has been her - which dredged up other, more deeply buried feelings that are contrary to her usual nature. Being concerned over these things, she began to withdraw a little, once again, without leaving a clue to Stern over what was occurring, making him think she was simply busy.

Anita was a professor and librarian at the Cullen's Institute for the Gifted for some two to three years before her now-husband Michael Stern was offered a job with the LAPD. Now, in a new city, she is in for new adventures...

Out Of Character

Kaman has been an on-and-off member of SWF since the days of the Greater Jedi Order being on ezboard, where she went by the name Falcon Gyndar - a name that continued its use through to the present home of SWF, all the way up to the 2005 timeline Reset. Prior to that, she was a member of the Star Wars chatrooms on Talk City. Between her post-secondary education and other personal commitments/obligations, she manages to continue roleplaying on one level or another.