Daniel Hartford

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Daniel Hartford

Daniel Thomas Hartford
41 (D.O.B. - 17.12.1968)
6'2 1/2"
Dark Brown
Marital Status
Louise Allison Emily Hartford (neé Tomlinson - Biological Mother - deceased)
Reginald Terrence Hartford (Biological Father - deceased)

"The past is part of who you are, Daniel. It'll never leave you alone. Not permanently."

Daniel Hartford is an imports businessman based out of Los Angeles.

Daniel is polite, tactful, respectful and skilled in social evasions, capable of steering the conversation in a direction most benefitting his wish to remain out of range of undesirable subjects, such as his past. He has enough control of himself to not show what he is thinking or feeling in his expressions and actions and certainly does not wear his heart on his sleeve. While Mr. Hartford has a thorough dislike for dishonesty, when caught in a corner where he might have to speak of his past, he has his falsified file, a well-ingrained story, to rely upon.

He spends a great deal of time alone at the end of the day, preferring to enjoy a glass of scotch in silence and take in a book. This is part avoidance of the company of others who are, more often than not, curious and ask far too many questions and part habit. He virtually vanishes from the public eye at the end of the business day and has yet to have or allow any visitors since making his somewhat permanent home in Los Angeles.

Mutant Powers

Enigma is an extremely skilled, multi-faceted mentalist. In the simplest of words, he is an open mind – some few who have known him would comment that his ‘skull was cracked wide open from birth’. His skills link through the whole range of parapsychology and beyond. As for what Mr. Hartford is capable of, the list is long, the depth of power of each skill is vastly deep and there are no known limits… not even known to the user himself, causing him to exercise a great deal of caution when he does deem it necessary to make extensive use of his ‘gifts’.

Daniel does not require certain elements such as quiet or music to fully control or focus his powers, though the lack of distraction for most people trying to focus does help. His powers manifest entirely at will, unless something were to occur with his iron-clad barriers and well-built filters.

Extended definition

  • 1 - Enigma exhibits excellent grasp and demonstrated usage of transmissible and receivable telepathy – More than just mere thoughts, the user can convey images, scents, feelings (conventionally, these feelings are emotional ones, but more oddly, those of grudges and hints), sounds and any other notion experienced by the bodily senses, as well as receiving such things.

  • 2 - Enigma can affect the makeup of another being’s psyche – The user can erect, strengthen, weaken and destroy psychic/mental barriers and strongholds. It is not known whether he is capable of creating barriers stronger than his ability to remove them, as this obviously has not been attempted and there has yet been any reason to do so. The user can also create partitions in another mind.The user can effect such changes on his own psyche, as well. His existing barriers are self-built, adapted and further fortified over the passage of time.

  • 3 - Enigma can alter and affect physical and chemical properties of both organics and non-organics from as deep as sub-molecular levels – The user can rewire a mind, for example, though this takes a great deal of effort and intense concentration and is dangerous to the user, should he lose the ability to tell the difference between the subject’s mind and his own. It is much easier to simply ‘fry’ the brain instead or driving a cancer to manifest and slowly kill a victim, instead of reordering sequences and the like. Other less menacing examples include advancing the age of organics or introducing elements (such as water, bacteria or awakening dormant infectious cells) from other local resources to achieve a goal, such as rotting a tree or driving it to brittleness.

  • 4 - Enigma is a precognitive – This element is not the be all and end all of the user’s power, but more often a nuisance to the user. Precogs are receptors and simply, that is all the user does with these 'visions' is receive them, speculate, and move on with his life. The user’s self-erected protective stronghold of the psyche is sometimes far too little to prevent the sudden onslaught of precognitive missives. It is rare these missives manifest outside of REM sleep, as the user is far too aware when in waking modes.

  • 5 - Enigma is capable of psychokinesis (a synonym of telekinesis), a subject somewhat delved into in point #3 - The user is capable of object deformation, transmutation of matter and telekinesis, as touched on above.
Other Skills, Strengths and Abilities

Despite his many years of working alone as an agent and tool of the U.S. Military, Daniel is a decent leader and good businessman, though he prefers to remain out of the spotlight and away from the centre of attention.

He is a keen problem-solver and man with a commanding presence, who just as easily can fade into the background and slip out with the shadows. He is where he wants to be, when he wants to be there and decidedly absent when there is no wish to be around.


Daniel Hartford is a warrior, a soldier. He is a master marksman, fencer and swordsman, as well as being skilled in unarmed combat. He is trained and excellently proficient in stealth, sans the aid of any mutant abilities and is knowledgeable of the many ways to manipulate, damage, incapacitate or destroy another human being without resorting to psychokinetic ability. Most every skill he has is one he has used, at least once.

Daniel possesses the ability to speak several languages outside of his native English, with more than passable proficiency and a smattering of knowledge in others outside of this. Of the several, he is completely fluent in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Daniel Thomas Hartford was born to Reginald and Louise Hartford in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK, on an unusually sunny day in December, 1968. The two were proud parents, doting very much on their son and giving the best they could to a child they had tried and failed so long to conceive. Daniel was their miracle. Two years in, that ‘miracle’ started to seem less miraculous and more frightening to the young parents, who were now having difficulties with their marriage and worrying that something was wrong with their son. They had just moved to the United States. Two years in to their immigration, by the time Daniel was four years of age, it was confirmed that he was a mutant and this caused great fear in his parents, who were very much afraid of what they learned their son had the potential to do and decided to give him up to a mutant-centric ‘research’ facility, which was in cahoots with the government, unbeknownst to public knowledge.

From that day on, Daniel Hartford as a person, did not exist. Unlike the mostly truthful rumours passed about the research facility, Daniel was not subjected to tests so much as being groomed for the possible applications that the military had in store for him when he was old enough to have enough control of his psyche and put to use as a nightmarish, deadly tool. At the age of sixteen, he was deemed more than ready, and thus, was put to use. From that point, he was made to perform countless unsavoury acts against other human beings and sometimes, other mutants. He tortured prisoners of war, extracted information against the wills of many, broke their wills and spirits, destroyed men and women alike from the inside out and sometimes… he simply murdered. He infiltrated secret places, secret organizations, wiping them from existence in what seemed like a passing of a breath, a second. He did many things, all on orders, all as he had been trained.

In some of his roles, he was able to pass off as a normal person. Sometimes an assignment might last a few years. One of these was the one in which he came to know Anita Florence]]. It was the relationship that changed everything. Made him realize that what he was… was not normal. What he had missed out on. Made him feel love.

Some five years later, Daniel had been established as his now permanent role of a businessman, for three years. Somehow, he managed to free himself from the enslavement of the military and was living a relatively normal life. Still, the past, the things he had done, haunted him. And he had a feeling it would never quite leave him alone, in one way or another.

Additional Information
Daniel sports an athletic build, handsome features and decent posture.

He can typically be spotted wearing a well-tailored suit when out on business. He is very professional, carrying himself with confidence in the public eye. His accessories (watches, cufflinks, tie clips and pins) are well-suited to whatever it is he is wearing on any given day. He does not wear any rings, earrings or necklaces.

Outside of business, he is either in clothing that is business casual or casual and rarely is seen in denim, t-shirts or ballcaps, unless it is to blend in with the crowd at something such as a sporting event. To say, the man is always well-dressed, lending to others the idea that he, at least, has a decent income.


Cherry Wood. Whisky. Scotch. Books. The quiet that night-time can provide. Fairs and Carnivals. Ice cream cones. The laughter of children.


The Military (For personal reasons. We are not a tree-hugging hippy.), poor business management and practices. Gold-diggers. Mutant supremacists. Backstabbers, Betrayers, Cheats and Liars. Things that remind him of his past.


Smoking (Usually cigars and only when accompanied by alcohol). Staying up late, not sleeping enough. Regular exercise.

Out of Character

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