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Anna Fernandez



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Dec 21, 1977

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Eye Color

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Hair Color

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Barcelona, Spain

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Teresa Fernandez

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Santiago Fernandez

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Paolo Fernandez
Joaquin Fernandez
Jacob Foley
Marcelo Fernandez
Antonio Fernandez|




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Other Relatives
Ice creation and manipulation

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Los Santos, CA


Anna owns and operates Redención House, a non-profit charity that provides shelter and food for runaway mutant teens, as well as any other mutants that might need help.

Born in 1977 to Santiago and Teresa Fernandez in Barcelona, Anna Sarita Guadalupe was welcomed into a warm and loving family. The Fernandez family relocated from Spain to America in 1988, at which point they became citizens. They also adopted a troubled eight year old boy named Jacob Foley in 1994. By this time they had six children of their own, and although money might have been tight they were never short on love. All of the children, including their adopted son Jake, have the mutant gene, as does Santiago (ability: time manipulation). Teresa's only super human ability is the power to turn a pot of beans, a few spices and fresh vegetables into a delicious meal for a family of nine.

Anna was fourteen when her mutation manifested itself at school. She was feverish and hot, and in the hall between classes she bumped into Missy Collins, a cheerleader Anna didn't like. She bumped Anna and made her drop all her books on the ground in front of her locker, and Anna turned and grabbed Missy's arm. She wanted to tell her to leave her along, but instead her power caused Missy's arm to freeze almost solid. Anna was terrified, and Missy was screaming, her boyfriend swearing at Anna. Her brother, Paolo, arrived to the scene quickly, using his power of sound manipulation to keep most of the hurtful comments from his sister, but she didn't have to hear them to know what people were saying. Thankfully the paramedics were quickly on scene, and Missy's arm was saved, but she was in physical therapy for a long time.

Redención House
Her brother Jake was constantly in trouble, and in a way inspired the creation of Redención House. There was no place for troubled mutant teens to go, at least in Southern California, except for jail, or the streets. Anna used to pass by a homeless encampment on her way to work every day, and discovered that it was full of displaced mutant teens, abandoned by their families, and by the system. She decided that something should be done about it, and with Mama Fernandez' gentle encouragement Anna realized that she was the one to do it.

In 2005, when she was twenty-seven, Anna was able to put a small down payment on a large, run-down house on Banyon Street in Los Santos. It was a former drug house, on police auction, and needed a lot of work. With the help of her brother Alonso, she fixed it up and applied for non-profit status, with Teresa and Santiago as her board members.

In September of 2009 the house was condemned after structural damage during the Registration Riots. Shortly afterward Anna closed the non-profit after increasing pressure from the government to dictate how she could run it.

The Hacienda
Bought in November 2009, Anna relocated herself and her foster daughter Jamie Morrigan to Palmdale, CA, following the shuttering of Redención House.

Married to Stephanie, three children: Johnny (7), Sophia (5), and Micah (2)

  • Paolo Fernandez (Feb 1976, 33) - sound manipulation
  • Anna Fernandez (Dec 1977, 31) - ice creation and manipulation
  • Joaquin Fernandez (Oct 1982, 27) - detects and decodes radio signals
  • Jake Foley (1985, 24) - telepathy, precognition, and telekinesis
  • Marcelo Fernandez (Jun 1986, 23) - super speed
  • Antonio Fernandez (Apr 1989, 20) - Can take on the physical attributes of what he touches (i.e. steel, diamonds, but also things like paper)
Mutant Powers
Anna has the ability to create ice and manipulate it. She also has a 'full powered' form, in which her entire body turns into an ice-like substance that is incredibly cold. Most often she uses this ability to create a cool environment inside her van which lacks air conditioning. However, she has also used her ability in defense of her life on a few occasions.

She does not believe in 'gang names,' and has refused any aliases or monikers other than the one her family gave her at birth.

Out of Character
Holly found her way to SW-Fans.Net on July 24, 2000, through the Crazy Ass Message Boards on Ezboard, where her brother Banestone, and Itala Marzullo were members. Convinced to join The Sith Council as a darkside character, she signed up as Lady DeVille. Incidentally the last name was a suggestion by the Emperor of TSC, Itala himself. She has always gone by the nickname LD. Lilaena was promoted to roleplaying moderator on October 14, 2002, and then to board administrator in late 2005. In November of 2009 she retired from the staff in part because of her expanding RL responsibilities. In 2015 she was promoted to be one of the board admins once more, and she is married with three children.