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In Character

Personal Information
Name: Kyle Krogen
Age: Twenty-Two
Birthplace: Coruscant
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Rank: Knight
Master: Nathan De'Gad (Deceased)
Physical Description
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Sister: Unknown
Brother: Unknown
Droids and Ships
  • Valiant

XS-800 light freighter

  • Lightsabre

X-Wing starfighter

  • None
  • The Naboo Jedi Academy


Kyle Krogen's odd sense of style

Kyle Krogen was like any other Imperial child living on Coruscant in those days, an orphan. The parents he never knew likely died in the Clone Wars, either working for or against the Empire. The result was that Kyle, perhaps not even his real name, grew up on and under the streets of Coruscant. The homeless, the outcast, and the orphans were his family, his parents, his brothers and sisters. As an orphan, he grew up to do what all the orphans did, which was beg on the side of the streets and hope to any patron listening that you managed to get enough credits to buy a lump of stale bread from a backstreet market. The kind that catered directly to the lower casts; the orphans and widows. Yet, for all it's cruelties, Kyle did not grow up miserable. In fact, he was very blessed. How could he not feel blessed? He had many homeless men for fathers and many an outcast widow for mothers, and as many brothers and sisters as he ever wanted among the other orphans. Life was, despite reality, good.

That was until he grew up. Like all orphans, Kyle grew up to be just what they all wanted to be. In a gang. The gang that Kyle found himself in was one by the name of the "Slash Rats". Like all gangs they fought for turf and possessions beneath the streets of Coruscant, in the very bowels of the planet. As far as gang life went, Kyle's time in the Slash Rats was not all that exciting. At first he was in charge of the supply shed situated within the walls of their headquarters within the O’phex Slums. It was an important position, one that he only received because of his honest to god attitude on life. When he was a bit older, however, he became a grunt fighter just like all the other boys his age.

It was about this time that a planet-wide gang war broke out. Every gang was at each other's throats. The slums and lower levels of the planet were painted red with the blood of gangsters, both young and old. The war escalated to the point that the fights broke out on the higher levels of the underground and eventually on the surface itself. The Imperial Army was summoned to deal with the "rioters" and many of the combatants were either shot dead or imprisoned. Kyle was one of the few that managed to evade capture and return to the O’phex Slums, but the Imperials continued to follow. He fled deeper into the planet, to the very surface of the planet. Here only the truly desperate tried to scratch out a living among the garbage and monsters.

While down there, Kyle discovered a hut far away from all the other scavenger settlements. Here he met a man, Nathan De'Gad. The man offered Kyle protection and a hiding place for the time being. Taking his offer, Kyle stayed with Nathan for a week before the truth was revealed. Nathan revealed that he was a Jedi, and that he had received a vision of child coming to him and instructions that he was to train this child to be a Jedi. He believed Kyle to be this child. An agreement was made between them and training began right away.

Nathan taught Kyle everything he knew about the force, which was not an incredible lot as Nathan had only been a young boy when the Purge had happened, and had not learned much before then. Still, he taught Kyle all he knew, and in time Kyle rose to become well versed in the ways of the force and the arts of lightsabre combat. Kyle even left Coruscant for a time in order to gather the necessary parts to construct a lightsabre of his own.

Years passed, and with them passed Nathan. An old man now, the old Jedi died in his sleep. Kyle had nothing left on Coruscant, so he left the darkness of the core and traveled back to the surface of the planet, to bask in the light again. He hid his lightsabres and picked up a blaster instead. He wanted to see some action, to live a little excitement. So, he became a mercenary and found paying jobs working for an Imperial agent. For years he flashed around the galaxy killing off opponents of the Empire, and anyone else they sentenced him to kill. He made credits, he bought better weapons and a starfighter and a starship. All this time he grew further and further away from the force.

Then one night he had a troubling dream. In this dream he saw thousands of candles burning brightly together, so intense that it hurt to look. Then a darkness rolled in, like a black cloud, and began smothering the candles. One by one they began to diminish and go out until all but a handful remained lit, and many of them dimmed by the darkness, but a few still burned brightly. He grasped the meaning of this dream, or rather vision. The candles represented the Jedi and how they had burnt out, destroyed or consumed by the darkness. He knew he was one of those dim lights. Then a voice spoke out saying: “Restore the light, repel the darkness, and balance the force….". The dream restored his devotion and faith to the lightside of the force.

Expanded History

Kyle Krogen returned to Coruscant to sever his ties to his Imperial contact, but the man was unwilling to let him go. A fight errupted and Kyle was forced to defend himself. After killing all that wished him harm, he left the meeting place and headed for into the O’phex Slums, the former location of his gang and the location of recent murders of Imperial personnel. These murders intrigued Kyle, so he investigated and met the rogue Jedi known only as "Bandage". They teamed up and headed for the surface, intent on escaping Coruscant before the Empire came crashing down on their heads. His X-Wing, the Lightsabre was likely compromised already, so they headed for a private section of a local docking bay where he had a second ship stored. On the way they ran into the force sensitive Axius Keldara at the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Axius joined the pair and they set off together for the docking bay. This was not the last person to join their growing group. The bidding of the force called Kyle's attention away, and while Bandage and Axius made their way to the docking bay, Kyle headed off in a seemingly random direction that brought him to a hospital building. Here he discovered the injured Avvandak, whom Kyle picked up and brought to the docking bay.

Together, the four of them boarded the Valiant and lifted off from Coruscant and headed for Naboo. During a mission with the Empire, Kyle discovered an abandoned stone construct in the Himotama Wilderness, an uninhabited desert-like area located far away from all civilization on Naboo. The Valiant was hidden in a nearby cave and the stone construct, a stone monastery in all appearences, was cleaned up and the group moved in. The Naboo Jedi Academy was established and Kyle began training his followers in the ways of the force.


Kyle Krogen's pre-reset appearence.

Kyle Krogen started out life nothing more then a street urchin. Abandoned at a young age by parents he never knew. He was one of the hundreds of abandoned children that existed on the planet of Coruscant. Stealing was common place, for it was the base minimal someone had to do in order to surive in that harsh environment. That life turned Kyle into a hard, enduring person who was able to roll with the punches and keep pressing on towards whatever goal. Eventually the government launched a organization that was placed in charge of picking up homeless children, cleaning them up, and either placing them in a foster home or into a designated labor force. Kyle was placed in an orphanage to await adoption. A childless couple came and took the young eleven year old Kyle into their family. He lived with them for two years, growing close to them but never really feeling part of the family. His exit from his foster parents came when his force powers manifested and he became a danger to himself and those around him as he manipulated force energy accidentally where ever he went. His foster parents sent him to the Greater Jedi Order located on Coruscant.

Kyle's life as a Jedi was as average as could be. He learned about the force under the careful tutelage of Chance, a Jedi Master, and later from Jedi Knight Wei Wu Wei. Under the eye of Wei Wu Wei Kyle's mastery of the force progressed at an above average speed. He excelled in the areas of combat and telekinetics, but all his other skills were sadly in short supply. Kyle was not what you would call an average Jedi. He was thick headed, slow to thinking, arrogant at times, and prone to anger. He was found on the offensive far more often then the defense. For those very reasons he was denied progression through the ranks of the Greater Jedi Order.

Out Of Character

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