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Zereth Lancer
6' 2"
240 lbs
Eye Color
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Home Planet
Unknown Nagai
Unknown Human

"I wear neither the cloak of darkness nor the mantle of light. I am... unique in my beliefs."
―Zereth Lancer

Zereth Lancer is a Sith Knight with a unique outlook that includes the assertive, emotional willpower of the Sith with the meditation and diplomacy of the Jedi.

Post Reset
Born Karn Rogoro, Zereth Lancer was the offspring of a Nagai female and a human male. He was bred as part of a scientific experiment lead by a young radical genetic scientist Zanon O'hara. The project was independently financed originally but funding fell short of the goal. Several years after the birth of Karn, also known as Subject 012, the funding was on the wane so Zanon took several contracts from the Empire to create biological weapons. Zanon never made the weapons and instead used the credits to fund his own project; to create a super soldier. Karn was genetically modified in the womb, as an infant, and in every stage of his life as he aged. He was injected with protein complex that increased his muscle density and decrease lactase recovery time, a platinum pellet containing human grown hormone catalyst was placed in his thyroid to boost his physical growth and as well as that of his skeletal and muscle tissue, as well as having the blood vessel flow of the rods and cones in his retina to increase his visual perception performance, and the super conduction fibrication of neural dendrites to boost his reflexes as well as intelligence and memory.

Every other subject in the experiment suffered gross abnormalities from one or more augmentation process. Karn's only complication was damage to his eyes during the vision augmentation that, after repaired, left him with red eyes mottled with black spots. His vision was not hampered but was not as advanced as intended. With only the one living subject, Zanon continued into the final phase of the augmentation process. The final augment was to craft hardened material to key points of the skeletal system to increase skeletal strength to the point of near unbreakable. Due to the nature of the augment, the team was forced to wait until Karn had fully grown. The process was to be automated. Karn was placed in a special operating bacta tank so that he could be healed as he was operated on. The process would take days, with only minimal breaks for him to heal. The chance of survival was extremely low, but Zanon pressed on. The Empire was beginning to assume that Zanon was not holding his word after all these years and was starting an investigation into the matter. Afraid of any kind of security breach, unnecessary personnel were let go after a memory wipe and even Subject 012 had his memory wiped in case the Empire ever got their hands on the experiment.

In the rush, the team neglected certain security features and Karn awoke before the operation could begin and began to panic. His augmented strength allowed him to break out of the non-reinforced bacta tank and escape the facility. The team tried to stop him and many were killed as the wild man tore through the facility. Zanon was injured and appeared dead to Karn in his haste to escape. Without any memory, the man roamed Corellia where the facility was located. Zanon went into hiding to avoid execution by the Empire.

Eventually he called himself Zereth Lancer, and he was an angry, lawless man without a clue who he was. He roamed the planet for years before finally making it off world. Zereth liked to fight, and he battled his way across the galaxy. He discovered the Jiraiya on a rumor and learned the martial art and discipline they taught. It revolutionized his life. Directly afterwards he was hunted down by Sith Master Drexel Kane, who taught Zereth to use the force. Drexel taught Zereth the art of force boosting and force illusions, before challenging Zereth to a duel on Tatooine, which Zereth ultimately won by slaying the old fashioned Drexel. Zereth wanted more power, becoming obsessed for a time with the sith ideals. He located the Sith Order on Korriban and became one of it's most prominent members. There he met fellow Sith Knight Jezreal Darkshard, whom he loved before she died at the hands of the Empire in a planned ambush.

It was Zereth who anointed Jorshal Vuntana as a Master of the Sith Order in a special ceremony.

A year later the Sith Order was attacked on Korrban by the darksider Alexia Sturkov, whom was the vengeful reincarnation of Jezreal Darkshard. She blamed Zereth and the Sith Order for her death and had collaborated with 'Zanon' to create a small army of genetic mutants that were based on the same experiment that created Zereth. The surprise attack destroyed the Sith Order, with only a handful managing to escape aboard Zereth's starship, the Star of Oblivion. The rest were dead or managed to escape on their own. The Sith Order had an emergency safe house located on the planet Corellia. The Sith Order possessed many alliances with various politicians and persons of importance on the planet at the time. Many of the sith wandered off until only Zereth remained for a time before he despaired and left.

During this time Zereth met Ashe Sieris, a Jedi survivor whom he located and infiltrated the home of, stealing a datacard with information on many other Jedi survivors. Zereth made some attempts to locate and kill those on the list, but never succeeded in locating any. In the end, he felt remorse for his actions and returned the information to Ashe and begged forgiveness. This lead into a series of events in which Zereth and Ashe was attacked by Neo-Genesis, a cyborg assassin created by Zanon. The effort ultimately failed and the cyborg was nearly destroyed by Zereth. Ashe was captured, tortured, and raped by Zanon who used a mind control device to turn her against Zereth. He saved her but she was seriously injured in the rescue. Zereth took her to Ord Mantell to receive medical treatment in safety and ultimately abandoned her because he did not want to put her through any more danger. He loved her, but could not risk her safety.

Zereth returned to Corellia, where he met Johbi Kenseih, a young man struggling with the force. He took them an as his apprentice and began rebuilding the Sith Order by reconnecting the ties formerly held on Corellia.

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Zereth Lancer is writter by Geoffrey