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Originally a Gran corporation, Koensayr Manufacturing was a starfighter and transport manufacturer that existed during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, and throughout the Galactic Civil War.

Originally operating out of the Shobquix Yards on Malastare, the company developed the Gauntlet and Toscan Fighters as one of it's early recognisable designs. Their infrastructure expanded dramatically when it acquired the industrialised corporation world of Koensayr and began to actively pursue contracts with the Republic Judicial Forces. By the time of the Clone Wars, it won a contract to develop the BTL-B Y-Wing Bomber: a long-range, hyperspace-capable assault fighter to augment the Grand Army of the Republic's existing space forces. The first prototypes were tested at the Bormus Testing Facility, and would later be crucial in the destruction of the Separatist super-cruiser Malevolance.

After the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire awarded near-exclusive contracts for the production of Imperial starfighters to Sienar Fleet Systems. Koensayr attempted to remain competitive, targeting civilian markets and paramilitary militias with a series of evolutions of the Y-Wing design. These eventually proved popular with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, who badly needed the Y-Wing's hyperspace capabilities; in secret, Koensayr became one of the Alliance's early corporate supporters, providing access to automated factory facilities like Koensayr 42.

Towards the end of the Galactic Civil War, Koensayr Manufacturing was acquired by Taataani Meorrrei, and was merged with House Meorrrei's existing corporate holdings to form Koensayr-Meorrrei, which focused primarily on the production of replacement parts for the Alliance Starfighter Corps. Following the Alliance-Imperial Treaty, Koensayr-Meorrrei lost access to and control of Koensayr; Koensayr-Meorrrei acquired the production rights to the T-65B X-Wing Starfighter as well as other designs by the Alliance's Incom Corporation defectors, and was merged into Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei.

Transports and freighters aimed at the civilian market - as well as legacy components, pilot helmets, etc - are still marketed under the Koensayr Manufacturing brand, with military designs and contracts produced under Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei.




Very little information is given about the origins of Koensayr Manufacturing in canon or the EU. However, because Koensayr Manufacturing owned the "Gran-run" Bormus testing facility (described as such here), a connection to the Gran has been extrapolated.