Gallofree Yards, Inc.

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Gallofree Yards, Inc.

Gallofree Yards, Incorporated

Originally known as the Gallo Free Yards, named after the Gallo Mountains on Naboo, Gallofree Yards, Incorporated was a small manufacturer that primarily produced transports and freighters during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, based in the Mid Rim.

During the Stark Hyperspace War, the Gozanti Cruiser was one of the vessels used by the Republic Judicial Forces. It was also adopted by the Trade Federation, and during the Clone Wars it was militarised to serve as an escort within the Separatist fleet. This association with the Confederacy earned Gallofree a negative reputation, and under the Galactic Empire it struggled to compete against shipwrights like the Corellian Engineering Corporation, who had been loyal to the Republic.

By the Galactic Civil War, Gallofree Yards had filed for bankruptcy, and was acquired on behalf of the Bothan Diplomatic Corps by the Intergalactic Trade Mission: a front for the Bothan Spynet. Gallofree ships such as the GR-75 Medium Transport found their way from surplus yards into the military of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and following the Liberation of Bothawui, Gallofree transports and Gozanti Cruisers were produced in earnest for the Alliance Fleet and Alliance Ordnance & Supply.

Following the creation of the Alliance of Free Planets, Gallofree Yards began working closely with the SoroSuub Corporation, and became one of the Alliance's notable military contractors.