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Alliance Underground Engineering was a network of assorted methods of starfighter manufacture, created to aid and supply the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

During the early days of the Rebellion, starfighters were either donated, purchased discretely, or obtained illegally by the various Rebel cells. After their unification into the Alliance to Restore the Republic however, the Galactic Empire took steps to make it harder for the Rebels to obtain starfighters from the original manufacturers - such as the reconstitution of Kuat Systems Engineering, producers of the Rebel A-Wing into the main Kuat Drive Yards company - and as the Alliance grew, starfighter could no longer be stolen or otherwise covertly obtained in the quantities needed. With the defection of the X-Wing Design Team from the Incom Corporation, the Alliance found itself with an even greater need to find production facilities for its starfighters. The solution devised by the Ordnance & Supply division was Alliance Underground Engineering.

Rather than a single cohesive entity, Alliance Underground Engineering employed a variety of methods. For some craft, the Alliance gained access to a number of automated manufacturing stations, such as the Koensayr 42, which produced Y-Wings for the Alliance at a modest rate. The X-Wing designers organised themselves into FreiTek Incorporated, and oversaw a number of covert factories and construction facilities, as well as working on R&D for new Alliance craft, and improvements to the existing fleet. Much of the Alliance's A-Wing production was done on a case-by-case basis, with A-Wings produced in custom variations based on the resources available to engineers at the time, leading many Rebellion era A-Wings to be somewhat unique - a point of pride among A-Wing pilots. Alliance Underground Engineering also worked with Project Shantipole and Slayn & Korpil on the production of the B-Wing and, as the Alliance began to gain control of liberated worlds, with corporations like the Mon Calamari Shipyards and the SoroSuub Corporation on more widespread production.

Much of Alliance Underground Engineering's production and manufacture was illegal, replicating the proprietary designs of corporations loyal to the Galactic Empire. When the Alliance-Imperial Treaty was signed in 10 ABY, one of the clauses insisted that this illegal production cease. Various exceptions and loopholes were found - while the original T-65 X-Wing and RZ-1 A-Wing might belong to Incom and Kuat for example, later models designed exclusively for the Alliance did not - but for the most part, the Alliance transitioned into legitimate forms of manufacture, leaving Alliance Underground Engineering largely devoid of purpose. Much of the network's infrastructure, particularly FreiTek Incorporated, was subsequently acquired by the Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei corporation.