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The Vilissar Twins

Anya & Anadi Vilissar
Darth Manea, Darth Lyssa
Ambassador of the Onderon/Hapes Alliance
120 lbs each
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Born in...
Pelagia Vilissar (born Pelagia Omalnt)
Bastiaan Vilissar
Each other

The Vilissar Twins are currently members of Onderon's court, having been granted stay at the palace by Salem Ave after the imprisonment of their Great Aunt, Sofi Malay.
Expanded History

Anya and Anadi were born on Ralltiir to one of the members of the Ralltiiri High Council and his rather spoiled wife. Given that their father was a prominent man in government and their mother truly wanted nothing to do with them aside from show the young girls off as an achievement of her's in society, the twins quickly came to rely on one another. Their lack of attention from their parents soon lead the two young girls to a fall into a routine of mischief and misbehaving, rarely were there consequences given their status in society, but a rather blind eye was turned on them until a rather fateful evening.
When the two girls were six years old, their mother was hosting a ball where not only family was present, but also various members of the High Council and their families. A small prank intended only for entertainment got out of hand, and no one is quite sure what happened as the family does not speak of it. All that is known is the evening ended with an elderly member of the family, Sofi Malay, approaching the twins' parents and began to insist that they be taken to a Jedi temple. This incident resulted in two things: Sofi was quickly outcasted by the rest of the family, and the twin's didn't fare much better as they were sent to an off-world boarding school.
The Twins never stayed in one school for very long. Their antics were not tolerated by professors or administration and their father's influence was only enough to get the infamous pair into a new academy once the last had thrown them out. Despite their lack of discipline, the girls did, quite often, pay attention to lessons that interested them and were rather intelligent, receiving high marks in scholastics and extra-curricular activities. A fact that only infuriated every headmaster they came across.
After continuous expulsions, the Twins' parents sent them to Onderon to live with their Great Aunt, though shortly after their arrival the woman was found guilty of heresy, witchcraft, and treason. Immediately following the trial of Malay, the Prime Minister granted both girls a suite in the Palace and a place among the royal court.

  • The girls' family on the whole are members of Ralltiiri's upper class. Snobs each and every one of them. They do things proper and shun out anything that makes people seem "weird". They look upon force users as nothing but accidents waiting to happen.
  • Bastiaan Vilissar: The Twins' Father. A member of the Ralltiiri High Council, a rather proud man that doted upon his daughters when there was time to...and when he wasn't busy placating his wife's fancies.
  • Pelagia Vilissar (born Pelagia Omalnt): The Twins' mother was the daughter of a wealthy bank owner and loved her status more than anything else in life. She never took to her daughters, seeing them more as small things that would take others' attentions off of her once they stopped being infants in her arms.
  • Sofi Malay: The Twins' Great Aunt. Rumors, and only rumors speak that the old woman was once a Jedi and was quite beautiful in her younger days. But now her mind has gone soft, she drones on and on with elaborate stories and has retired to Onderon, more out of the urging of her family than her own free will. She is currently imprisoned on multiple charges of treason against Onderon.
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