Hera DrenKast

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Hera DrenKast

Hera DrenKast
36 (38 by Kwaylon Calandar)
135 lbs
Eye Color
Sky blue
Hair Color
Home Planet
Tabruk DrenKast
Jade Zaria Tor (Neice)
The Wolfsschanze (Unknown Whereabouts.Last operator:Cyrus Haman)

"All I want is Everything"
―Hera DrenKast


In Character


Hera DrenKast is a Sith Master who, after years of hiding from the Empire's Purge on the planet Myrkyr, has lost the ability to tap into her Force power. For the past two years she has been the prisoner of the Imperial Inquisitoriate, ostensibly, her life in exchange for her services as a tutor in the Dark Arts to former Grand Inquisitor Tear. His long absence, however, has left Hera with much time on her hands and no real freedom. The Imperials now primarily charged with her care - the new Grand Inquisitor Karl Valten and the terrible Y'roth Helghast - men different and equally dangerous - are her tenuous and hostile company.

However, as in everything in life, things dont stay the same. Recent events have given the once-powerful Sith hope that her abilities are returning. Hera desires to once again become someone to be reckoned with, someone who the Empire, and especially her Captors, will fear and regard. She has scores to settle - Helghast's initial brutal interrogation of her at her capture has provided her with an enemy on whom to focus her invictive and spite; and Valten - someone on whom her plans will take a different, yet perhaps every bit as damaging, attention.

Driven by the darkness that, till now, has been content to lay latent within her, DrenKast is remembering who, and what she really is - a Master of the Darkside who has the right to take what she will.

Hera - Developing Darkness

(Unfolding Storyline)

[1] And We were Gods, Once [2] I've met the Devil, and he made me a Houseguest [3] Mission Anesthesia (Project Nightmare) [4] Skeletons in the Closet, Nightmares in the Hall [5] Summoning a Storm [6] An Accord of Darkness [7] Self-Centered [8] Self-Indulgence [9] When it all comes Undone.

Hera's relationship with the members of the Imperial Inquisitoriate is not a simple one. She has no choice but to depend on their magnaminity for her very survival, and rely on the good will of Grand Inquisitor Valten for her continued existance. Her hatred for Y'roth Helghast, stemming from the brutalization she suffered at his hands (See 1.) must take a back seat to her incapacity to act on such vehemence. It is a tricky game of detante' and one, as time is revealing, that is beginning to tip ever so faintly to her advantage. She is regaining her ability in the Force (See 8.) and has hope that she need not remain in docile obedience for much longer. The two biggest obstacles, Valten and Helghast, each pose a different threat and how best to tackle them is something Hera must decided with her particular brand of cunning. Helghast is a zealot, driven by his convictions and more machine than man. Valten is a beast of a more familiar nature to Hera, he is ambitious and has passions that she understands. Will they form an alliance against the formidable Helghast? Or will Hera fall into a deception designed by a Grand Inquisitor she has gravely underestimated?

First things first, however. Until she revives her Master skills in the force, much of her scheming is idle fancy. She must harness once again the power of the darkside and she will find aide from a newcomer to her circle of aquaintance, the ancient and enigmatic Zedrich Rommelisch, a mage who's newly offered friendhsip opens new possibilites.

Friend or Foe

(The Return of Tear)

A cryptic invitation, an innocuous summons - in such ways the change of fortune sometimes visits upon a person. Ever curious, Hera accepts the call to such a meeting and is completely unprepared for the revelation of the author of the rendevous. Tear, back from his vanishing act, and he did not return alone. Toting in his wake are his twin offspring - progeny of the Grand Inquisitor and one of many cloned Hera's Tear had created. Tear has come to claim what is his. A Sith who promised instruction in the Dark Arts in exchange for her life is just one of the items. The Cizerack Black Sun Vigo Sasseeri Reeouurra and a dangerous Dark Jedi, Lilaena De'Ville, two more. Hera is certain she has not found a friend, but whether Tear is a true foe is not quite clear. She may just find a way to ensure atleast an ally, if she is allowed the gift of time. And doesn't kill the arrogant Inquisitor in his sleep first.

Whatever the future, her days of being inactive and inconsequential within the confines of the Imperial Citadel are surely coming to an end. That is her hope, and that is what keeps her on her best behaviour.



Hera DrenKast, Mistress of ShadowFaene Fortress, a pirate and smuggling enterprise made up of Darksiders and villains, based on the little known planet of Enton.

Pre-reset, Hera was a Sith Master who had been raised to that rank under the tuteledge of Sith Master Ogre Mal Pannis. Though ever the loyal aprentice of this great darksider, DrenKast sought her own niche of power and influence in the seedy and underground world of robbery and corruption, collecting to herself a number of unsavoury individuals equal to the tasks of carving their own fortunes in the galaxy.

Together with her in these endeavors were her dear and trusted friends, fellow Dark Siders, Darth Eve and the Lady Daquiri, who would later become the wife of Vega Van-Derveld, a Sith Lord of Lupine decent.

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