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"In five millennia, the Mandalorians fought with and against a thousand armies on a thousand worlds. They learned to speak as many languages and absorbed weapons technology and tactics from every war. And yet, despite the overwhelming influence of alien cultures, and the absence of a true home world and even species, their own language not only survived but changed little; their way of life and their philosophy remained untouched; and their ideals and sense of family, of identity of nation, were only strengthened. Armor is not what makes a Mandalorian. Armor is simply a manifestation of an impenetrable, unassaliable heart."
―Passage from "Mandalorians: Identity and Language"

During the ensuing battles against the Grand Admiral after the Battle of Yavin, the Mando'ade had many victories, but they could not win. As the Rebellion's troops fought and lost on Endor, so did Fenn Shysa's men eventually lose their battle against the Empire. In a fight that claimed both Fenn Shysa and the Grand Admiral's lives, the Mandalorians lost their Mandalore and had to return home a defeated people.

Nevertheless, there has not been a true Imperial presence on Mandalore as there was before. Life has continued. And elsewhere, on the planet Onderon, there survives a group of Mando'ade who think themselves lone survivors of their culture...

History of the Onderon Mando'ade
Descendants of a group of Mando'ade that had been stranded on the moon Dxun after the Onderon Civil War in 3956 BBY, the Mando'ade that live on Onderon have been in isolation from the rest of the galaxy for thousands of years. Surviving in the wilds of Onderon, they managed to survive and even thrive, supplementing their gene pool with people from Iziz City when needed.

Creating a culture all their own, they are very similar to other Mando'ade, but have no allegiance to the others in the galaxy. They are led by Mand'alor Lilaena De'Ville and no longer live on Onderon, having left in 10 ABY.

Darth Callidus arranged for a scrapped Hammerhead-class cruiser to be delivered into the Wilds, and the entire clan spent nearly an entire year putting it together and getting it space worthy. The Mando'ade now have a home settlement on Dantooine. There are approximately five thousand Mando'ade, nine hundred of them are under the age of 14.

They have formed a mercenary group called Ol'averde be Haar Mav, the Company of the Free, in order to add a veneer of legality to their border wanderings.

Arms and Armor
Beskar is extremely limited, though the Mando'ade were able to maintain and create armor for their warriors from scrap and salvage from the planet. Most acolytes have at least one piece of armor made from reforged beskar but only Mand'alor has a full set made from the irreplaceable metal.

The 8 Besu'liik war-droids are old but refurbished. In recent years, since Lilaena took over and broadened the Mandalorians' horizons, they have had access to better parts and tools. The basilisk droids are working better than ever.

Basilisk War Droids: Kotir (defeat), Buruk (danger), Chakaar (thief), Edee (jaws/teeth), Galaar (hawk), Werda (darkness), Haat (truth), Jariler (lay waste)

They have regular riders as listed in the Character section, but are sometimes ridden by others.

The Onderon Mando'ade have seven ships, three of which have been named in RPs

Named Mando'ade'’’


  • Jeng - male - blond hair, pilot, rides GALAAR
  • Choruk - male - rides CHAKAAR
  • Obed - male - rides HAAT
  • Hel - female - likes scars, rides JARILER


  • Granoi - female - battle and weather hardened (old). She trains children and shapes them into warriors. Rides EDEE
  • Aang - male - Blue stripe on helmet. Rides KOTIR - Led assault on communications tower on Hoth black site
  • Orar - male - 14, force sensitive, Bretak's son, last seen with Hawkins Grime
  • Vason - male
  • Kranog - male
  • Mirshe - male, head engineer - put together Hawkins Grime's new exoskeleton with help from Grime's engineer
  • Draylshy'a - female - mid twenties, doctor
  • Lanai - teenager, female
  • Teroch - male
  • Atin - male
  • Vail - female - burned on Hoth
  • Tiktik - female
  • Ciryc - male
  • Kabur - male
  • Theolodius/Akaan - male - warrior, formerly from Iziz City
  • Janus - male
  • Tor - male, older - legal mediator
  • Kal - male - cook; black tattoos cover half his face and one arm is twisted and shrunken from a boma attack years ago


  • Dredale - female, dead on Coruscant (IG-88)
  • Re'or - male, dead on Hoth
  • Feran - female, dead on Hoth
  • Pan - male, dead on Hoth
  • Grante - male, dead on Hoth
  • Laara - female (deceased on Hoth)
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