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1.71 Meters
80 Kg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
(Scientist on Dac)
(died during the liberation)
(died during the liberation)
(died during the liberation)


Reshmar was born on Calamari in a time when peace and security embraced the Daca System. At a young age Reshmar was intrigued by puzzles and physics. After he attended a galactic youth conference, where various military and political leaders from around the galaxy presented debates and preformed applicant surveys, Reshmar was offered a position as youth intern on the Calamari representative to the Republics Staff. HE served there until his father grew ill. After his fathers death he chose not to return to Coruscant and instead joined the calamari Defense force. Here he educated himself in the art of tactical command and starship dynamics. As the Republic fell into war Reshmar was assigned as Envoy to the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps. As opposition grew from the Quarran Separatists and War broke out on Dac, Reshmar was arrested by Separatist Leaders and imprisoned. During the months of solitude he took the time to study the research he had acquired about the Separatist navy and ship designs. His freedom was won as the Galactic republic intervened and the Free Dac Volunteers escaped Dac and disappeared later to reappear as part of the Confederacy of independent systems. After his imprisonment Reshmar took the knowledge he had acquired during his internment and used it to help the Republic and Calamari to combat the New Providence and Recusant Cruisers developed and built by the Quarran Separatists.

As the Clone wars ended Reshmar returned to the Service of the Calamari Fleet where he worked to develop the first Calamari Cruisers from the hulls of Passenger liners. His work continued until the attack on Calamari by the emperors Forces and the enslavement of the Dac system. As engineers from the Empire attempted to adapt the Calamari shipyards Reshmar worked with the newly formed Rebel Movement to thwart their attempts. As the Empire could not adapt the yards they were then abandoned.

Reshmar worked in secrecy to develop the Seal shielding system which was based on original Calamari designs and stolen imperial data. As the Calamari people rose up and freed themselves from the Emperors grip Reshmar and other members of the Calamari Defense Force began to implement their previous experiments and designs and created massive combat vessels to combat the Empire.

Reshmar served as technical advisor, to the newly appointed Commander of the Alliance fleet, Admiral Ackbar. Here he learned more Game theory and learned the tactical command strategies Ackbar had learned as a slave to Grand Moff Tarkin. Reshmar then began his Military Career as the executive officer to Admiral Yamarus aboard the Star Cruiser Liberty. His rapid learning and initiative swiftly gained him command of the MC80 Star Cruiser Mon Orishma. Reshmar Served as commander of the Mon Orishma until it was damaged and docked for repairs. His design and engineering experience then found him working with Alliance and calamari Engineers to develop new designs to counter the new Imperial Designs.

Soon his command abilities were needed as veteran commanders had been captured or killed in the dire war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. He was to join his old friend and mentor Admiral Yamarus as 2nd in command of the Liberty Battlegroup. He served with distinction and the battlegroup was successful in destroying or disabling twelve Star Destroyers and capturing two. As the battle of Endor neared Reshmar once again meet Admiral Ackbar and was present at the planning of the assault.

As the battle raged over the forest moon Reshmar watched as his friend and commander died as the indiscriminate super laser Destroyed the Liberty and all aboard her. As the retreat was sounded Reshmar was given command of the 3rd fleet and ordered to evacuate all Alliance forces to the Dac system.

Now as the Empire moves to finish the job of destroying the battered and beaten Alliance Reshmar and the remaining Alliance fleet struggle to slow the oppressive advance of the Imperial Fleet.

Mon Calamari Fleet Commander

Battle Honors

4.230 Mon Casima(The Voyage Home) After barly escaping Endor. Reshmar and the Crew of the Mon Casima head home.
4.231 Casima Lost Reshmar and the crew of the Mon Casima run into trouble on their way home.
4.344 Desperate Assault (The Attack On Bestine) Needing ship parts for the battered survivors of Endor, Reshmar takes command of the Independance and makes a desperate assalt on a minor Imperial ship yard.
5.226 Flame Of Rebellion (Lianna Assault) Reshmar and the Independence Make an assault on an Imperial testing ground to stop the production of a new imperial fighter design.
6.250 Warzone Sarapin Reshmar fights a pitched battle over the besieged planet distracting imperial forces long enough for a last minute special operation then evacuation.
7.020 Liberation - Battle OF Mandel Reshmar and the entire 3rd fleet engages the Imperial Bothawui sector fleet over Mandel
7.043 A Second Chance, And New Life Forces from 1st fleet attack a group of newly commissioned vessels bound for Kuat
7.078 Broken Dreams (New Beginnings) A meeting soon after General Forlons return seed plans for a new mission for 3rd fleet.
7.106 Wookie Wysteria (Kashyyyk) Reshmar assigns General Forlon to retun to Kashyyk and assist Alliance forces.
9.057 Strikeing At Shadows After word of an IMperial Attck on Sullust, Reshmar recalls the 3rd FLeet and head to assist.
9.092 Lost And Gone Reshmar returned home to a bitter reunion before returning to the battered world of Sullust.