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Mu Satach e'Gute
123 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Starry Night
Protocol droid TC-18

Mu Satach is a black market antiquities trade dealer with an exclusive clientel that spans from the core to the outer rim. She currently owns and operates Cloud 9 Bar & Grill as a front to mask her true business.

"You're not going to be happy." - Capt. JaCyn Izacs

Mu Satach
Mu is a survivor of Order 66. The night Darth Vader led clone troopers into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, she and Dr. Barton Henning with a few others were able to escape into the sewer system. She was then raised by a small time grifter named RóBehr e'Gute, who led her to believe he was her father.

She won Cloud 9 from Denny O'Thange in a card game when she and an old friend, Smitty stopped in one night to relax and catch up on old times.

JaCyn Izacs
Upon her first meeting with Henning as an adult she felt an instant connection, but didn't recognize him. Nor did she know the full nature of their past together until she read the personal journals of RóBehr e'Gute and the medical records Dr. Stephen Ivins kept on her and learned she was once a Jedi padawan. During this time she met Captain JaCyn Izacs, a personal pilot and body guard to Dr. Stephen Ivins.

The past is still a bit fuzzy, but her resurfacing memories allowed her to recognize another former padawan Alex Cole who was searching for Jedi on Cloud City. Mu hopes that through Cole, she can funnel aid to the Jedi and maybe one day learn more about her true family history.

A chance encounter with Dr. Jefsran Ollisen at Cloud 9 led to Mu learning a little more about her past. She hopes to learn from him a few techniques on memory reconstruction.

During her time on Cloud City, Mu has become quite enamored with the legitimate side of life. She was considering giving up the Black Market trade altogether, until she learned that Smitty had crossed Sasseeri Reeouurra.

Now, in order to save her friend's life, Mu will have to forgo her dreams of ever leaving the dark underbelly of life on the outer rim.

Expanded History

Prior to Order 66 Mu was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and was on her way to becoming a Jedi Knight. Her best friend while at the Temple was a young padawan slightly older than herself, Dr. Barton Henning. The night of Order 66 Henning and Satach attempted to escape with a small group of younglings by crawling into air vents in back of the main library. While Henning was in the air vent, the group was found by a squad of troopers who threw fire grenades in at them. The blast killed the younglings. Henning found Satach buried beneath the bodies and her life slipping away. He used his healing skills to prevent her death. Barely conscious, Henning and Satach were found by a second group of Jedi and padawans who were able to make their way into the sewer system beneath the temple. In the sewers however, the current was too strong and Mu was washed away from Henning. Henning believed Mu dead until they met again decades later on Cloud City. (True to her nature, Mu was once again seeking medical help after surviving a fight with Alexander Bane.)

She was found unconscious by a man named RóBehr e'Gute who with his cousin Dr. Stephen Ivins were able to save her life and officially declare her dead in the Imperial databanks.

She finished growing up with RóBehr, a small time con artist who told her he was her father. He led her to believe that her memory loss and scars from near fatal injuries were from a home fire that killed her mother and left them homeless. Together they traveled around the core and mid-rim during her teens one step ahead of the authorities and grifting those RóBehr deemed less than noble.

An incident on Mimban before her 19th birthday caused a rift between them. Mu struck out on her own and spent time working as a smuggler, a mercenary, navigator, professional gambler and bodyguard while she developed a eye and ear for special items and the clients she knew would buy them. Thus developing her particular niche of the Black Market trade.

She met Smitty, a small time smuggler and mechanic on Nar Shadda when both of them had been conned by a young woman named Ilsa. Ilsa pretended to be an orphan run away looking for work and ended up stealing Mu's ship. While at the same time hustled Smitty out of a significant amount of money leaving Smitty to believe Mu was the one who cheated him. Working together, they finally caught up with Ilsa on Sneeve. But by that time both Smitty's money and Mu's ship were long gone. No one knows exactly what Smitty and Mu did to Ilsa, as she disappeared from records, but when they've both had a particularly good day or deal they can be seen raising their glasses and toasting her. "For the love of Ilsa!"

Mu continued to work with and for Smitty until she purchased the Starry Night from him. The purchase allowed her the freedom to continue her trades and gave Smitty the start up capital he needed to establish himself on Cloud City.

During one of her visits to her old friend, they popped into the Cloud 9, which was then owned by Denny O'Thange. Denny bet the deed of the bar during a card game with Satach and lost. He then accused her of cheating and attempted to muscle her into not taking her winnings. A mistake that nearly cost him his life.

Curious about staying in one place for a while, Mu decided to renovate the bar and try a hand at a legitimate business for once. Shortly after her arrival she began having severe migraines. At first she thought it was due from a head injury she sustained while fighting a maniac in the city.

Later she realized that memories from her past were resurfacing after coming in contact with Dr. Barton Henning.

Jedi Training

Mu was identified at birth by the Jedi and raised in the temple. She excelled in her studies of the beginning classical lightsaber forms as a youngling. She also gained a reputation among the healers as a bit of a trouble maker. Having visited them often due to her aggressive nature during sporting events and a tendency to solve problems by hitting first, talking later.

When Mu was seven, a Jedi Master who worked mainly as a diplomat asked the Council for permission to train her. The woman hoped that under her tutelage, Mu's aggressive nature would be tempered with calculated control and a compassion for others. During her travels with her master, Mu learned to develop her intuitive skills to sense the underlying fears and desires of those she comes in contact with. A skill she uses today during her trade negotiations.

Mu's saber skills continued to excel under her master's guidance and at the time just prior to the Jedi Purge, her master had began emphasizing Form VI: Niman during their training exercises. Though Mu preferred to practice the graceful controlled arcs of Form II: Makashi with elements of Form IV: Ataru.

At the height of the Clone Wars, Mu's master along with many others who were training younger padawans would leave them at the temple while they carried out dangerous military maneuvers with the clone troopers. It is assumed that her master did not survive the Great Jedi Purge.

Satach currently has no memory of her master other than an inner voice that sometimes comes to her in her darkest hours of need.

Starry Night
A YT-1930. It has been modified with additional shielding, Mu's personal living quarters, and several hidden compartments to aid in her smuggling activities. The engines are top notch, but the nav system has a few glitches. It can carry 6 passengers and a crew of 2. Length is 35 meters and the maximum speed (atmosphere)is 950 km/h. Hyperdrive rating * Class 2.0, * Backup Class 12. Armament includes 1 Laser cannon turret, cargo capacity 200 metric tons and enough consumables that can last for 4 months.

The design of the YT-1930 is a variant on the successful YT-1300 light freighter, but placed the cockpit along the centerline of the ship, and added two wedge-shaped cargo areas at the rear to double the cargo capacity of its predecessor. Most came with a single laser cannon turret. Though some considered it to be the pinnacle of the YT series, the YT-1930 never gained the following the older freighter design had.

Distinguishing Marks
Rarely does Mu ever allow others to see any part of her skin other than her face. She is normally seen wearing either a short black jacket or a long black overcoat that conceals her weapons. Her back, arms, legs and to an extent her hands and feet are covered with scars. She hides these from most people not out of a sense of vanity, but to avoid any interesting descriptions they might give to any authorities.
A blaster is always strapped to her right thigh. A silver hilted cobalt blue light saber is always tucked away at the small of her back and hidden by her jacket or long coat.
Back in Black - AC/DC

Temple - Beverly Klass

Cry - Siouxsie and The Banshees

Mu Satach was recruited into The Sith Council by Itala Marzullo in it's early days. As the Council crumbled she became disillusioned by the thought of belonging to any organized faction and decided to not join The Sith Order but struck out on her own doing odd smuggling and mercenary jobs while still retaining friendly alliances to several members of The Sith Order, in particular Lady Vader.
Expanded History

For a time Mu used Lady Vader's cantina The Cat's Meow as a home and refuge from her wanderings.

Her activities mainly revolved around participating in brawls and the occasional run in with Jedi. In particular a Jedi Master named Turbogeek. She carried a grudge against Turbogeek for years after he ruined her favorite black leather coat in one fateful duel on Coruscant. Turbogeek used the force to explode the innards of a rotten trout on her. A certain fishy stench followed her about for months and the jacket had to be incinerated.

Little is known about whether Mu had any formal training in the ways of the Force. Her fighting style and ability to wield it indicates she had been trained, but when asked about her Master she wistfully smiled and offered to buy another round of drinks to change the subject.

Mu carried in her possession a blue lightsaber with an elaborate design etched in it's hilt. Blue being one of the traditional saber colors of the Jedi and her apparent distaste of power with strong notions of right and wrong leads one to suspect she may have been trained by the Jedi.

Out of Character
Mu Satach originally started posting at the SW vs Titanic board during the heydays of 1999 with an avatar of Ash from Army of Darkness. This led to some thinking that "she" was really a "he". To remedy the situation she switched to an Avatar of Scully from the X-files and then eventually settled upon Yancy Butler.

Mu works as a computer technician to pay the bills, as an indie filmmaker to live, and as an on-air radio host on the weekends where she tries her best to have a smooth voice to sooth the eardrums of NPR listener's in the Salt Lake Valley. Most recent accomplishments includes graduating from the University of Utah with a BA from the College of Fine Arts, Film Studies Division.

Current Timeline of Roleplays

Mu Satach learns from an unexpected source who has kidnapped her friend Smitty.


5 Months AE

  • TBA - Mu arrives at Cloud City

8 Months AE

  • [OTH] Migraines and Back Pains - With construction at Cloud 9 complete (almost) Mu continues her private business gets into trouble over her latest acquisition.
  • [OTH] Paging Dr. Henning - After surviving her encounter with Alexander Bane Mu seeks medical assistance from Dr. Barton Henning. Mu's the one with the injuries, but why does the doc look like he's the one who's been hit in the gut?

11 Months AE

  • TBA - Mu confronts Smitty regarding some faulty merchandise

A man is searching for Mu

Mu returns to Cloud 9 from a deal gone bad, very bad.

A drifter from Mu's past enters Cloud 9

Mu makes the acquaintance of Dr. Jefsran Ollisen.

Mu plays tour-guide to the good Dr. Ollisen.