Dear Mr. Arbiter,

I'm writing this letter because it's for a class assignment. We are supposed to be learning about the Second Pillar of Knowledge, according to the Jedi code, and we were allowed to interpret it in the best way that we all thought. I chose to try and apply 'learning peace'. Or maybe finding ways to right the wrongs from long ago? I don't really know the best way to put it, and so I hope that you can get what I'm trying to do with my letter.

So, here I go.

My name is Teagan s'Ilancy.

I've heard stories about the Leh'beni and the Lupines, and how they have always been fighting together. My Uncle told me about what the Lupines did to the Leh'beni, and how the two were always angry at each other. I can't really blame the Leh'beni. No one should be a slave, and no one should be killed for what they are. It's really really terrible, and it makes me wish that I lived back in those old days so that I could stop it all. I hope you believe me, because it's the truth. Everything that I've been learning so far in my classes has helped a lot, and everything I learned from my Uncle so far, and what my Dama has told me (which hasn't been a lot, since I think she thought I was too young during the times that I was always with her) has also helped. My Dama is a good person, and she is currently trying her best at making things good again. There are lots of times that I'm not so sure about the ways that she's doing that, but I trust her. She loves my Uncle a lot, and my Uncle loves her a lot.

With everything I have been told, I want to write to you to see if maybe we can all stop the hunting?

I know that in those years way back ago, it was how Leh'beni and Lupine did things, but I think that now, we need to all put that behind us. I really hope you feel the same way. I would very much like to see Leh'ben, since it sounds like a lovely place from what I've been told. I bet that the cities and everyone there are lovely and kind, and that Figaro and Favoura make the prettiest sunsets, just like they do on Schwartzweld.

Anyway, I know I'm probably not the best person to send this sort of letter, but it's for class, and I really want to make sure that my teachers know I'm being honest. My Dat'ya says that I'm doing really good in my courses, and since he makes sure that my Dama knows how I'm doing, I want to make sure that they are both happy with me.

Are there any schools there that teach the young Leh'beni to try and make peace? I think it's a good thing to try and work for, and that's why I wanted to write to you.

I hope my letter gets to you, and that your day is going good. I also hope that you write back, since I want to show my teacher that I'm being serious about this assignment.

Very Sincerely,

Teagan s'Ilancy