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Garek Ba'al
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Dirty Blonde
Home Planet
Unknown: Rumored Iridonia
Imperial Office of the Inquisitoriate, The Independents

After a long absence from the public arena, Grand Inquisitor Tear returns in clandestine fashion to set in motion the gears of his secret agenda. Laying claim to old debts and former captives, Tear initiates contact in his typical no-argument style with the Cizerack Crime Vigo, Sasseeri Reeouurra - to whom he charges the task of locating the nefarious Darksider, Lilaena De'Ville. He also reinitiates the Master/Apprentice relationship with the broken Sith Hera DrenKast, who yet remains a prisoner of the Inquisitoriate. These females are to play a role in Tear's ploys, whether they will to or not.


Grand Inquisitor

Not your Average Imperial
"The Inquisitors are the unseen will of the Empire."
―Tear in response to Inquisitor Mephis' concerns about their current actions in "Devil's in the Details: Past Debts.

It is no surprise that being absent from the scene does not equate with being absent behind the scene. As those who are being drawn into close accord with him are fast finding out, Tear's agendas are far from random acts of mystery. He is charting his course with the detailed attention of a master craftsman - every step is orchestrated to a plotted end, every overture preconcieved in its eventual outcome. Tear is a man who does nothing in half measures and will settle for nothing less than full realization of his goals. Those who work with him and for him are placed under the same stringent expectations.

Are we all just soldiers to him?

Inquisitor Mephis

Tear has collected to himself a number of loyal and dedicated men. Men, whom he can trust - as far, that is, as Tear trusts anyone. Inquisitor Mephis is one such individual who is wholly committed to his superior and the cause of the Inquisitoriate as he believes it was envisioned. As Tear affirms it was envisioned. The recent events of the Inquisitoriate-backed Tarkin's rise to Empress-ship has thrown a dischordant clamor among many rank and file among the Imperial elite and Mephis is not without conflicting sympathies. Sympathies, however, that do not have a place within Tear's heirachy.

The sensitive psychopath

Inquistior Rekoj

Another of Tear's 'good men' is Rekoj. A jaded, seen-it-all-twice type of man who's skill lay in being completely cold blooded and detached when the situation most calls for it. He does not see himself as one of Tear's inferiors, yet he is well aware of his place in the grand scheme of things. Tear is one of the few, if not the only, individual that Rekoj deems worthy of his association and even perhaps stranger still, of his friendship. He is a man of poetic persuasions and finds it amusing that the fates should have him aligned with Tear - an individual of similar appetites, who's seeming contradiction of violent tendancies and appreciations of the finer aspects of life make for a perfect, harmonious alliance. Not much is known about the enigmatic Rekoj and he goes to some extremes to keep it that way.

Tear and The Force

The Force

It is only recent years that Tear has reawakend in his recognition of his sensitivity to the Force. Upon the apprehension of the Force Users Baralai Lotus and Hera DrenKast the Grand Inquisitor saw an opportunity to exploit the Darksiders and further his own understanding at the same time.

He and his Inquistior Y'roth Helghast savagely interrogated both individuals, all but destroying Lotus. Tear decided to keep DrenKast, the more advanced Force User, a prisoner of the Inquisitoriate and a mentor for himself. It is this association he has renewed again and it is this desire - to advance in his ability to manipulate the Force - that he has set once more into motion.

The Grand Scientist

Tear's interests do not lay with power and postion alone. There is an aspect to him that enjoys breaching the boundries that life and nature attempt to place on humanity. One such example of this is his experimentation with cloning. After many failed attempts, Tear has successfully married science with sketchy moral values and created to himself, of all things, a family.

Originally attempting to manufacture unto himself a cloned army of force users, Tear used the DNA of his unwitting imprisoned Sith, Hera DrenKast to conduct experiments, attempting to realise this lofty goal of an enhanced army. Some debaucherous results later, who vainly struggled for varying degrees of time to survive, made him come to the conclusion that the present course was ineffectual.

"They were all failures. The force sensitive clones died mere weeks after being created.... I must have watched you die a thousand times."
―Tear, explaining his experiments to Hera in Devil's in the Details: When it all Comes Undone

Ever willing to try something new, Tear eventually created the Gemellae - twin offspring of his and Hera's DNA. Tear, the family man - A new and bizare concept, yet one that could be of great assistance in his future plans. Will the Gemellae survive or will time prove that tampering with the natural order of life carries a much higher price than just the obvious and forseable complications?

"You've taken a frelling great leap accross the proprietary line and I may just to do the same one day."
―Hera to Tear in response to the revelation of their daughters in Devil's in the Details: When it all Comes Undone


Early Career
Excerpts taken from Inquisitor Mephis and his personal log compilations.

Much of Tears past was veiled under the shadow that was Darth Vader. As a result of the Sith lords death at Endor much is left to speculation or rumor. The most popular theory of which portrays Tear as an assassin serving under Vader much like Palpatines order of 'hands'. Along with the future Grand Inquisitor were five other adepts for a complete team of six. The reason for Darth Vaders use of assassin's is relatively unknown but their use was in large kept a secret, even from the Emperor himself.

Their missions were often considered by Vader to be un accomplishable. With little to no valid intelligence leading into the missions the team was left to themselves to find a means to an end in accomplishing the often suicidal tasks. Often finding themselves poorly equipped, and badly outmatched by their opponents casualties on the team were frequent, with no adepts taking the place of those fallen in previous sortie. Vader often considered the assassins to be expendable providing them with the bare basics of lightsaber combat and training. The team of six were only provided with two lightsabers to share between them on their missions and were primarily based off of Vader's personal research ship "The Empirical".

What the team had in abundance were performance enhancing drugs of various properties. The chemicals could induce improved reflexes, stamina, strength, and in several cases improved regeneration letting members survive what would otherwise have been mortal wounds, there were however, drawbacks. The effects of withdrawal were extreme, with light cases causing memory loss of recent events, to more extreme cases causing internal organs to fail or even resulting in death. In extreme cases a permanent dependency on the drugs became the only sustainable way to avoid such fates once addiction set in.

-It should be noted I have witnessed the Grand Inquisitor regularly injecting the synthesized chemical [Classified level 4 ] which coincided with severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Symptoms included: Temporary psychosis, hallucinations, along with the apparent hinting of internal hemorrhaging (Unable to confirm as the Grand Inquisitor wouldn't allow field medics near him at the time. )

It is rumored that Tear is the last remaining member of the six adepts who originally made up the team. Although, it should also be documented, that the close relationship between the Grand Inquisitor and his chosen Viceroy, the Trandoshan half breed, Naberius, hints at a shared past. Causing me to believe Naberius was also a survivor of Darth Vader's team of assassin adepts. I use the term 'survivor' loosely, however. After witnessing the creature on the battlefield I believe very little of what was originally Naberius had actually survived those early days. He is now more an avatar of hate, held together by pestilence and a mockery of deformed science.

As such in any of the rare moments Tear finds himself in a moment of weakness Naberius is invariably always around to play the part of guardian.


Vader often saw fit to institute his assassins into sections of the military or government to fulfill their missions. These missions were entirely of Darth Vader's personal pursuits often assassinating head figures in direct competition with the Sith lord. Their true nature was left unknown to the majority of the Empire. This was likely the case for Tear as he was promoted by Vader into the higher ranks of the Inquisitoriate.

The next several years Tear found himself performing in several official Imperial campaigns as the leader of a covert operations team which consisted of: Naomi Lang, Bren'lar Scothis, and Y'lor Jerrard. It remains unknown if Tear was still conducting internal missions on Darth Vader's behalf in this time period.

In the ensuing chaos of the Endor debacle Tear found himself free from the reigns of his former master while at the same time clutching the position of Grand Inquisitor.

Current Timeline of Roleplays