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Talus Longstar is a former agent of the Corellian Security Force (CorSec) and the eldest son of the late Midys Longstar, an infamous Corellian gangster who lead the Uhl Turhaya syndicate during some of its most prosperous years. His brother Vinthern Longstar currently leads the syndicate, whilst his estranged wife Leeadra Longstar is a prominent leader and Minister for War in the Alliance of Free Planets. His daughter Cerri Longstar attends a highly exclusive and expensive boarding school in the historic city of Kor Vella.

Talus operates a small, one-man detective agency out of Coronet City.


At the age of twenty one, it was decided that Talus should join CorSec. Uhl Turhaya had long held covert connections with Corellias law enforcement agency, but Midys felt the need to strengthen the connection. Talus's presence within CorSec would serve two purposes: firstly, to give the syndicate a direct source of information on CorSec operations, and secondly to remind CorSec of the significance and strength of Uhl Turhaya.

With the passing of his father, Talus's uncle Kas took leadership of Uhl Turhaya and ushered in what was to be a violent period of change. Though he was the natural successor to Midys's post, Kas Longstar had become steadily succumbing to spice addiction. Tradition dictated that he must lead, but in his recklessness Kas managed to draw too much attention onto Uhl Turhaya. Under pressure from senior government, the agents of CorSec were forced to move against the syndicate. By this time, Talus had served six years in CorSec. Six years had changed him. He testified against his uncle and other members of Uhl Turhaya during the trial that would see so many of his family and friends sent to jail. His loyalty to CorSec proven, Talus himself was exonerated from any accusations or guilt. Some even speculated that he had been playing a double-bluff all along, working from within CorSec to dismantle Uhl Turhaya. Whatever the truth, he was CorSec now.

In the years to come, Talus proved himself time and time again to be an invaluable asset. His knowledge of the Corellian criminal underworld was almost second to none and he quickly made enemies of the dozens of small factions that had risen up in the power vacuum left behind by Uhl Turhaya. Many called him Ke'dem - condemned, or fallen - and cried out for his head. His infamy was both a blessing and a curse. From a PR perspective, it did CorSec good to have an agent who was so successful. The media began to refer to him, tongue-in-cheek, as the bright star of CorSec. Yet, his success also brought plenty of pitfalls with it. The safety of his wife and young daughter was thrown into jeopardy on an alarmingly regular basis and in a short time, the ever-present threat put a heavy strain on Talus and Leeadra's relationship. Eventually, the strain grew too much and the pair parted ways - though only separated, neither one having the heart to formally become divorced.



Talus is a member of the notorious Longstar (or Langsteorra) crime family of Corellia.