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"We don't get paid to plan the war. We get paid to follow orders. And right now we're getting paid to drink. Ain't life in the Navy great?"
Bette Davis

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Shadow Squadron based out of ??? Commanding Officer: Cmdr. Bette Davis Executive Officers: Lt. Cmdr. Saul Karzai, Lt. Cmdr. Tannis V'larr

1st Flight Flight Commander: Shadow 1 - Lt. Cmdr. Tannis "Professor" V'larr Pilot: Shadow 5 - 1st Lt. Malick "Schitzo" Raine Pilot: Shadow 11 - 2nd Lt. Nagal "Naga" Aursoni Pilot: Shadow 7 - Ens. Sango "Frack" Kariudo (NPC)

2nd Flight Flight Commander: Shadow 4 - Cmdr. Bette "Shooter" Davis Pilot: Shadow 12 - 1st Lt. Tod "Maniac" Marr Pilot: Shadow 6 - 2nd Lt. Ulrhik "Dragon" Godsend (NPC) Pilot: Shadow 8 - Ens. Kerryna "****" Kapst

3rd Flight Flight Commander: Shadow 9 - 1st Lt. Aliya "Chipper" Vahlshalynn Pilot: Shadow 3 - Lt. Cmdr. Saul "Sithspit" Karzai (NPC) Pilot: Shadow 2 - 2nd Lt. Zethra "Decoy" Kaine Pilot: Shadow 10 - Ens. Zachariah "Jackal" Jak'el (NPC)

Standby Pilots: 2nd Lt. Daina "Wrench" Balades (NPC) Ens. Milo "Ox" Fairfield (NPC) Ens. Draphte "Slag" D'Suka (NPC)

New Wing groups:

Wing 1 Shadow Leader "Deathstick" Grisham(NPC) Shadow Five "Outcast" (NPC) Shadow Eleven "Paco" (NPC) Shadow Seven "Frack" (NPC)

Wing 2 Shadow Four "Sithspit" Shadow Twelve "Maniac" Shadow Eight "Jackal" Shadow Two "____"

Wing 3 Shadow Three "Shooter" Shadow Nine "Chipper" Shadow Ten "Professor" Shadow Six "Dragon"

Alternate groups By Twos Leader, Five: "Deathstick", "Outcast" Eleven, Seven: "Paco", "Frack" Two, Twelve: "Razor", "Maniac" Eight, Four: "Jackal", "Sithspit" Three, Ten: "Shooter", "Professor" Nine, Six: "Chipper", "Dragon"

In Two Group One: Shadow Leader "Deathstick" Grisham(NPC) Shadow Five "Outcast" (NPC) Shadow Eleven "Paco" (NPC) Shadow Seven "Frack" (NPC) Shadow Two "Razor" Shadow Four "Sithspit"

Group Two: Shadow Three "Shooter" Shadow Eight "Jackal" Shadow Twelve "Maniac" Shadow Nine "Chipper" Shadow Ten "Professor" Shadow Six "Dragon"

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Recent Roleplays

Three hours after the Rebels retreat the Shadows are sent out to recon the battlefield, and look for survivors... and traps.

Five days after Endor, Shadow Squadron recieves a week of shore leave on Coruscant. The first night they meet at a bar to toast to the memory of their fallen squadmates.

An assasination attempt is made on Tiberius Anar, the emerging political leader of a struggling Empire.

Shadow Squadron is assigned escort duty as the ISD II Termagant brings an Imperial ambassador to the neutral Bakuran system. Rogue Squadron is conducting a recon mission in the same area. Two guesses as to what happens, and the first one doesn't count.

During a standard escort mission for the ISD II Termagant Shadow Squadron decides to play some practical jokes on Capt. Tal Kellison. Unfortunately for her, Miranda Tarkin is one of the visitors on board while the hijinks are going down.

Bette Davis, on a week of leave, visits Cloud City and runs into Mike Brand (a Rebel) and Mirko "Spenny" Spendrim.

Bette Davis, Saul Karzai and other Shadow Squadron pilots get a little down time between missions, with plenty of drink, and cards.

Tannis V'larr presents his design for a new stealth TIE to Imperial R&D.

Tannis V'larr and Bette Davis test fly the prototype TIE Wraith for the first time.

Bette Davis runs into an old comrade at the Cloud 9 Bar and Grill in Cloud City.