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Sansa Leigh Martin
56.7 kg (120 lbs)
172.7 cm (5'7")
Hair Color

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Sansa was born in 1984 in Manchester, and attended Cambridge University where she studied music (violin and voice) and education, getting her three year degree. Largely burnt out from school, she moved to London where she shares a rented flat with Emilie Rousseau, a 25 year old French tutor. She nannied for the Brown family, and taught their children at home for a respectable salary.

After meeting a mysterious stranger named Jude, things changed greatly for Sansa. Gabriel Rodermark, an enigmatic and wealthy man, began to shower her with attention. Flattered, Sansa fell head over heels in love with him, not knowing that the object of her affections was one of the Kindred - a Toreador vampire and the Prince of London! Caught up in a much larger game between the Sabbat and the Camarilla, Sansa was captured and tortured by the Archbishop of Moscow, Katarina Gordislava. Emilie was killed by Sergei Vishnyakov at the orders of Katarina, but Gabriel managed to ransom Sansa and get her back.

During a vicious surprise attack by the Baali, Sansa was mortally wounded by a rampaging Garou. Gabriel, unwilling to lose his favorite mortal, made the choice to Turn her.

Painfully shy at times, Sansa was mostly a wallflower, content to tag along with her roommate Emilie when she went out. Now she is Gabriel Rodermark's shadow, clinging to any semblance of normalcy in the strange new world of the Kindred that she has been thrust into.
Her parents were largely disappointed with her career choices, having sacrificed to send her to Cambridge and wanting her to come home and teach nearby. Among the Toreador she is viewed as a bit of fluff and nonsense, a plaything for the Prince and nothing more.
Additional Information
Sansa is a bit of a football nut, though now her musical aptitudes are of more interest
Out of Character
Holly found her way to SW-Fans.Net on July 24, 2000, through the Crazy Ass Message Boards on Ezboard, where her brother Banestone, and Itala Marzullo were members. Convinced to join The Sith Council as a darkside character, she signed up as Lady DeVille. Incidentally the last name was a suggestion by the Emperor of TSC, Itala himself. She has always gone by the nickname LD. Lilaena was promoted to roleplaying moderator on October 14, 2002, and then to board administrator in late 2005. In November of 2009 she retired from the staff in part because of her expanding RL responsibilities. In 2015 she was promoted to be one of the board admins once more, and she is married with three children.

Current Timeline of Roleplays

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