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Sadie K'Vesh is a force sensitive slicer and former heavy isotope musician currently living aboard the Crimson Tide but can usually be found on Cloud City, specifically in the basement of club Elysium. She is currently employed by Emelie Shadowstar and works for both Elysian Aquisitions and it's shadow parent organization - The Exchange. As a bounty hunter she works alongside Vittore Montegue. She recently has begun training as a Jedi Padawan under Jedi Knight Inyos Aamoran. She has only recently found out from her uncle that her name is technically Saidra Ath-Thu'ban, of one of the noble houses of Alderaan.


Sadie K'Vesh's background remains mostly a mystery. What is widely accepted is that she was born on Nar Shaddaa a few years after the Clone Wars and her mother gave her up for unknown reasons. Her uncle, Atton Kira, helped to set the girl up in an orphanage and continued to keep track of the girl throughout her life.

The first memories that Sadie has are of those of being adopted by a couple that seemed loving at first meet but were actually two thieves working for a larger criminal organization, using a ring of child slaves to accomplish their ends. Sadie proved most useful in the petty theft area... until she managed to get her hands on a datapadd. Her skills in slicing have been primarily self-taught, making it seem as though she has a bit of a gift for understanding and working with various computer codes. With the help of two fugitive Jedi - Inyos Aamoran and Mandan Hidatsa, Sadie aided in bringing the organization down. The two were aware of Sadie's force sensitivity, but rather than allow herself to be taken and trained by either one, she ran off.

For years she lived off the streets, running with various gangs or on her own until she was a teenager and fell into working with Vhiran Antilles. Their association was fairly short lived, however, as Atton intervened and made Vhiran choose between continuing to receive information from the broker or ending his association with Sadie. Sadie believed she had been left behind and returned to petty crime to keep herself alive on the streets along with the odd slicing job that unbeknownst to her, came along mostly thanks to her uncle.

It was during her time with Vhiran that Sadie developed a love of music and purchased her first quetarra. The better part of her young-adult life she was the bass player of the Heavy Isotope band Captain Sweeg. The band however, was a front for the members' more illicit activities - all of which were organized and overseen by the band's front runner, a Zabrak known as Bog'el Xcreth. Sadie's skills were kept mostly under wraps under her main alias of Abrax despite her having worked for various notorious organizations. Rumors have it that some of her networks can be found in use by groups such as the Tenloss Syndicate, the Osaji Syndicate, the Zann Consortium, and the Pink Moon Syndicate.

For years Sadie worked with Bog'el and his "band", until she began setting out to find work on her own - work she wouldn't have to give a cut to the Zabrak. Transgressions were subtle at first, but it wasn't until a rough bank job that Sadie decided to finally call it quits. While on the run she was picked up by the pirate, Ledo Prent which led to a rather strange ordeal with her working with the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire on a mission to stop a Ssi-Ruuk invasion. Once the endeavor ended, Sadie once again opted go her own way... that was, until Bog'el caught up with her.

For several months Sadie was forced to become aware in every sense of how much Bog'el disagreed with her plan of leaving the band. The Zabrak had never exactly treated the girl with kindness, but his rather sadistic nature came through in unforeseen ways. Believing her live forfeit, Sadie was rather surprised to find that Emelie Shadowstar - a woman she had made use of her slicing skills on various occasions - was interested in giving the girl a more permanent position within her organization and had sent a Bounty Hunter to retrieve her. The incident left Sadie with enough scars to last a lifetime, and Bog'el wishing the hunter had killed him. She was then taken to Cloud City to meet with her new employer, though opted to stay aboard the Crimson Tide rather than be confined to Bespin.

Since that day Sadie works exclusively for Shadowstar and has become Vittore's hunting partner. With Inyos' arrival on Cloud City, Sadie has begrudgingly accepted that she needs help in not allowing herself to fall to the Dark Side of the Force and has become his Padawan learner. After the rescue of her mother, Elira Asael, Sadie learned that Inyos is in fact her father, something that she is still currently struggling to fully accept.

The Force Awakens

In the future, Sadie has retired on Susevfi with her family and goes by her real name of Saidra Ath-Thuban. She is the mother of two children, Inyos Atton "Ttony" Ath-Thuban and Mandan "Danny" Montegue Ath-Thuban.


Most of Sadie's life has been defined by either running away or being run away from, as such she has a hard time trusting others. She mostly seems fairly carefree, but recent events have darkened her a bit. Still, Sadie remains mostly a bit of a pessimistic optimist - thinking the galaxy is going to the seven Corellian Hells in a hand basket so you might as well enjoy life while you have it. The slicer doesn't think much of herself and is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that anyone - let alone an actual family member - watched out for her for the better part of her life.

She drinks, but not enough that she would consider herself an alcoholic; she swears, probably too much; and Sadie considers herself anything but a good person - no matter how many times others try to convince her otherwise.

Force Abilities

Sadie is entirely untrained and for a good portion of her life didn't even believe she was force sensitive. She mostly tunes into The Force when slicing, using it to enhance her reaction time and the physical speed of her typing. She's also used it unknowingly in a similar manner when writing and playing music. There have been moments where she has manifested the use of force telekinesis, but these are rare and often only occur in times of great stress.


Sadie grew up without knowing anything of her parents or other family members. She's slowly starting to learn what it feels like to have one thanks to the family-style relationships throughout The Exchange, but the actual concept still illudes her.

  • Elira Asael - Mother. Sadie's only recently met her and still has a fairly strained relationship with.
  • Inyos Aamoran - Father. Sadie only recently learned of this and is having a hard time coming to grips with the fact they both had no idea of this.
  • Atton Kira - Uncle, mother's brother. Has been secretly watching after Sadie for most of her life though now works as a bit of a mentor figure after having given her access to his data network.


6-8 ABY :
  • Just Another Funny Sort of Day - Sadie helps in a smuggling run with living cargo.
  • Risk Assessment - A casino heist is planned
  • A Matter of Life and Death - The Rebellion attempts to hire Sadie for a job. Mostly just Oran Jsorra fangirling over Captain Sweeg
  • Where is this handbasket headed again...? - A seriously botched bank job
  • 9 ABY :
  • A Stereotypical Thread in a Bar - A rather fortuitous meeting occurs between Ledo Prent and Sadie on Mos Eisley.
  • Ours is Not to Question Why - Immediately following the meetup on Mos Eisley, the skrag hits the fan when the Filthy Minx is caught between the Alliance and the Cizerack
  • The Vanguards - Saving the Galaxy, Hunting Ssi-Ruuk...
  • 10 ABY:
  • Worst Impressions - Following the unscheduled stint with the Alliance Sadie is brought into the fold as one of Emelie Shadowstar's employees during a rather troublesome time for just about everyone.
  • Bedtime Stories - Sadie, along with Nen Lev'i, finds herself accidentally tagging along to Ubrikkia with Vittore on a trip she has no real business being on.
  • Not In Our Stars - Atton's secret is revealed, the ruins of a Jedi temple are discovered, Inyos Aamoran arrives, and Sadie and Vittore finally tell each other how they feel about one another
  • A New Life - Vhiran Antilles is introduced to the members of The Exchange and Sadie learns there's some value in Jedi wisdom
  • Coup de Grâce - Taskforce Cresh arrives on Cloud City and Sadie reunites with John Glayde.

  • TFA era:
  • Bedtime Stories - In the future, Saidra Ath-Thuban is one of the Jensaarai and lives on Susevfi with her family
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