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"Mandalorians don't make threats. We make promises."
―Canderous Ordo

The Mandalorians (called Mando'ade in Mando'a, meaning "children of Mandalore") were not truly one species, but a warlike, nomadic group of clan-based people consisting of members from multiple species. Often, they served as mercenaries. (For simplicity sake and to avoid confusion, they are treated like a species in this Wiki)

Their culture revolved around that of battle and war being a source of honor and pride in their community. The leader of the Mandalorians typically took on the title of "Mandalore." Mandalorians were frequently allied with the Sith, most notably Exar Kun and much later as a prototype for the Clone trooper under the power of Darth Sidious and the Galactic Republic, though they would not hesitate to cooperate with the Jedi if it suited them.

In later years Mandalorian Warriors wore very distinctive battle helmets with T-shaped visors that covered the entirety of their faces, which would provide inspiration for the helmets of the clone troopers. These helmets would eventually become strongly associated with the Mandalorian people.

Articles on the Mando'ade

There are various entries about Mandalorians and the culture to be found here:

  • Mando'a - The Mandalorian Language, with small compendium of known words
  • History of the Mando'ade - History of the Mandalorians from their Taung origins until present time (Canon)
  • Mando'ade on SW-Fans - History of the Mandalorians on SW-Fans
  • Culture of the Mando'ade - Culture and Society of the Mandalorians
  • Religion of the Mando'ade - Religious beliefs of the Mandalorians
  • Mandalorian Organisations - Various Organisations and splinter groups of the Mandalorians
  • Notable Mando'ade - Famous and infamous Mandalorians throughout History
  • Songs and Chants - Various chants and songs known to originate with the Mandalorians
  • Arms and Armor - Weapons and Armor typical to the Mandalorians
  • The Mandalore System - The Homeworld, and a brief guide to other worlds settled by the Mandalorians
Mando'ade Characters on SW-fans
Mandalorians on SWfans are rather scarce. While there is a large settlement of Mando'ade Warriors on Onderon, there are also other settlements. Whether all those that sport Mandalorian armor or have claimed to be Mandalorians are truly Mando, is not clear but those who do are:
The Mandalorians
Overview - The Language
History (Canon) - History (Sw-Fans)
Culture & Society - Religious Beliefs
Arms and Armor - Songs and Chants
The Mandalore System
Onderon Mando'ade