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Darth Callidus: "Why are you really here, Lilaena De'Ville? What do you intend to find on Onderon?"
Lilaena De'Ville: "Power. I must fulfill my master's wish, and destroy the Empire."
Salem Ave to Lilaena De'Ville in the Wilds of Onderon{{#if:|[[|[src]]]}}

Lilaena De'Ville, first known as Lady DeVille, has gone through a few different evolutions. Pre-reset she was a powerful Dark Jedi, conflicted by motherhood and a failed marriage, struggling to control her own life. Post-reset Lilaena is again a darksider, but without the soft edges provided by her maternal instinct.

After the roleplaying reset, a different Lilaena De'Ville emerged. In this new timeline she had been an six year old padawan at the time of the Jedi Purge. Her master, Jedi Knight A'na Eldhil, had received the warning from the Jedi Temple to stay away, and had taken Lilaena with her. Enraged at the actions of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and the deaths of the other Jedi, A'na fell to the darkside because of her thirst for revenge. She continued to train Lilaena, but only for selfish reasons. She wanted her padawan to exact the revenge she desired on the Emperor and his apprentice, Darth Vader.

A'na Eldhil never told Lilaena that she was not a true Jedi. The girl grew up believing that she followed the Jedi ways, having been indoctrinated by her master that her new methods were a better way of reaching the Force. This confused attitude towards the Jedi teachings tainted everything she did, as Lilaena used the Dark Side of the Force, not the Light. It has only been in the last three or so years that she has realized that she is not a true Jedi, but she does not still struggle with this part of her identity.

"She tapped her fingers on the arm of her seat, huddled inside a warm woolen cloak against the cold, recycled air of the transport. It was mostly empty, only a few wanderers from Onderon returning home with wares from the Core. She knew for a fact that there were metric tons of trade goods stored in the hold. No seeds. The Onderonian people weren't the farming sort. Something to do with the lack of viable land. She'd read all she could on the subject before heading out. Lilaena twitched, and pulled her cloak closer, drawing her feet up onto the seat and hugging her knees. She had been promoted to knight by her master, before the bounty hunter had caught up with them. IG-88 killed with stunning efficiency, and Master A'na Eldhil had seemed like a helpless babe in it's metal clutches. Lilaena shook her head slightly to rid herself of her master's last moments. That had been ten years ago. She had been nineteen. Since then she'd hopped from place to place around the galaxy, keeping to her master's teaching and avoiding capture by the Empire. She stayed away from the Rebels - no need drawing attention to oneself. Now twenty-nine she fancied herself a master of the Force, perhaps as great a Jedi as Obi-Wan Kenobi had been, may the Force rest his soul. All she knew of the Force she had learned from A'na Eldhil, a Jedi Knight who had heard the message from the Temple warning of a trap and the new Empire's intent on Jedi lives. She had gone into exile, taking her nine year old padawan with her. It had been many years ago."
Lilaena De'Ville in Across the Stars

Lilaena spent a lot of time on Onderon working her way into the palace archives for information on Freedon Nadd, and using her past relationship as master to current palace head of security Dalamar DeSang to do so. She came into contact with Salem Ave and eventually got a promise from him to take her to the Demon Moon of Dxun if she could stop the Mandalorian attacks on the City of Iziz.

She immediately walked out into the Wilds and sought out the warrior clans, ending up defeating Manda'lor in single combat and taking his place as leader of the Onderon Mandalorians.

Salem Ave took Lilaena De'Ville as an apprentice, wanting a more advanced student to place beside the two he already possessed.On Onderon, in search of more power from the legendary Freedon Nadd, she encountered Salem Ave/Darth Callidus and his apprentices, Darth Creas, and Darth Anxia. He gave her the name Darth Malleus

Her master, Salem Ave, instructed Lilaena to join the Rebel Alliance under false pretenses, to work with the military and to feed him information, while her apprentice Akasha Khan joined the Jedi as a padawan learner. Lilaena is on the Empire's Most Wanted list for her terrorist activities, and was accepted by the Alliance and assigned to SpecOps. She participated in the rebuff of the first Ssi-ruuk incursion, an undercover mission on Sestooine with Aurelias Kazaar, and other missions.

During this time Lilaena came to remember Salemescro Avesca, an older padawan who had also been A'na Eldhil's responsibilty at the time of the Purge. When A'na began to snap under the strain and fall to the Dark Side, Salemescro abandoned Lilaena to her and left. During an emotional confrontation with Salem Ave, Lilaena felt the pull of her dead master on her soul. Less than completely dead, A'na's Force spirit had been attached to Lilaena all this time, but was growing strong enough to exert some control over her former padawan.

A dramatic confrontation between A'na (controlling Lilaena's body) and Salem Ave occurred outside the Fountain Palace on Hapes, nearly resulting in Lilaena's death. On the brink, she was able to totally destroy A'na's dark spectre and drag her broken body away. By the whim of chance she ended up on Aurelias Kazaar's freighter, and he helped her return to full health.

She returned to her fleet and the Mando'ade, serving as Mand'alor and working to free oppressed peoples and Force users across the galaxy. Gathering like-minded Force users to herself, Lilaena began to train them and formed Eleutheria.

Timeline of Appearances

Lilaena De'Ville, a former Jedi padawan, takes out a Xucphra Corporation bacta refinery on Thyferra. Some call her a terrorist, but she sees her actions as necessary to speed the Galactic Empire towards its final end. She meets Khendon Sevon, and is nearly thwarted in her efforts by the droid bounty hunter, IG-88d.

Lilaena De'Ville travels to Onderon in search of a great power.

On Onderon, Lilaena De'Ville comes across a man who also possesses power over the Force. She bides her time, choosing to hide her true purpose from the man, Salem Ave.

Lilaena De'Ville touches base with an old pupil of hers, Dalamar DeSang. He is now known as General Devious, and is in charge of security in Iziz City of Onderon.

News of the demise of the Emperor reaches Onderon.

Lilaena De'Ville tracks down an archaeologist who claims to have been to Freedon Nadd's tomb.

Researching the remaining leaders of a crippled Empire, Lilaena De'Ville locates Khendon Sevon. She attempts an assassination, but instead of killing him agrees to help him. He wants the Imperial leaders as dead as she does, and she is willing to bide her time while he provides her with much needed intelligence on the others.

Lilaena De'Ville shows up unannounced in Imperial Center, disguised as a reporter. She surprises Khendon Sevon in his office, where he gives her information on the schedule of Tiberius Anar.

While on Onderon, Lilaena De'Ville infiltrates the palace in search of clues as to the whereabouts of the tomb of Freedon Nadd. She suspects that the current queen is a descendant of Nadd. On her way out she runs into General Devious and they are caught together by the ward of the Queen.


10 ABY

11 ABY

36 ABY

Force Powers
  • Force Destruction
  • Telekinesis
  • Augmentation of reflexes, body
  • Block pain
  • Sense emotion
  • Battle Meditation

She has minor ability in healing, though it involves taking some of the hurt into herself and exhausts her greatly. In other words, it's not really worth it. She did do it to her apprentice Hawkins Grime in the RP Never Felt so Good.

Lilaena De'Ville: "Each person must learn to work around their weaknesses. The blind become more sensitive to sound... You have the Force to make up for whatever else you might lack."
Hawkins Grime: "I doubt the Force will make up for a lack of sleep, Witch. Let me be for now... Play your games, your eager... student eagerly looks forward to his next cryptic seminar and lesson of the soul and inner workings of the universe..."
Lilaena De'Ville to her student, Hawkins Grime during their first training session{{#if:|[[|[src]]]}}

Akasha Kahn, Lilaena's current student, is on a mission with The Wheel, the Jedi stronghold, to ascertain the strength of the gathering Jedi.

Pre-Reset Biography
This bio is taken from the first ezboard account for the character Lady DeVille.

Born on the Imperial homeworld of Coruscant, my life started out fairly normal. Then my parents were executed for being Rebel sympathizers and I (with no living relatives) was taken to the Imperial Orphanage.

I was raised there under harsh rules and harsher discipline for seven years. When my fourteenth birthday rolled around I was lucky enough to find a way to escape - and so I did. Luck, however, had less to do with it than I thought. I escaped to the lower level of Coruscant where I lived for some time. I ate whatever I could find, and stayed away from the infrequent stormtrooper patrols. Travelling on the upper levels was very risky, so I didn't do it often. However, a raid on an illegal lower level sabacc bar brought unwelcome stormtrooper eye's on me. And I was conscripted into the Imperial Army at the age of sixteen.

They shaved off my waist length brown/red hair and burned my few possessions. Once again in the Empire's grasp, I despaired of living my own life, or being able to choose my own destiny. I was trained as a pilot and was soon capable of flying anything and everything: from freighters to TIES. Too soon, in fact. I caught the attention of my superiors because of the speed of my learning. There is no such thing as luck. I was found to be highly Force sensitive and was shipped out to a secret dark Jedi training facility - one of Palpatine's pet projects. There I was to be trained as a weapon for the Empire to use whenever and wherever they needed me. I hated being there, and my fellow students hated me for being there.

I was trained in telekinesis and a few other rudimentary Force abilities. I earned my master's trust after only a few months, and was assigned to pilot a fellow trainee to an orbiting Star Destroyer. I don't remember his name, but he had been at the facility for more than a year, and was very highly regarded among the others. Force adept or no, I slit his throat, ejected his body into space, and took off with the shuttle. I got as far as the scummy moon Nal Hutta before I was apprehended and a TIE Interceptor shot me down.

Stranded on the bounty hunters' moon, it was simple to hide. Hard to survive. It became much harder to survive once the Empire put a price on my head. They couldn't afford to let me live, I knew too much. But using the training from the Imperials and my unashamed good looks I was able to get a position as a notable Hutt's bodyguard. However, after a few months he double-crossed me, that frog-eating pile of steaming bantha dung! As soon as he found out there was a bounty on my head he tried to return me to the Empire.

A few dead stormtroopers (and one dead Hutt) later, I found myself in the pilot seat of a very badly damaged Headhunter, a parsec ahead of screaming TIES and fighting for hyperspace. I managed to get the ship into hyperspace, only to have the hyperdrive completely blow out a few minutes later. I lost hyperspace between stars - smack in the middle of nothing. With nothing but my pride and anger to feed on I was slowly starving to death when another ship dropped out of hyperspace nearly on top of me.

It was Sith Lordess Live Wire, and she saved my life. She also introduced me to the Sith Council, where my need for a family and a sense of belonging was satisfied. Be that as it may, soon after being apprenticed to Mistress Live Wire and starting my training, the Sith Council could no longer hold together. Mistress Live Wire defected to form the Sith Order with several other Sith Lords and Lordesses. I followed - I still have much to learn...

The biography explained how the character ended up at The Sith Council, though before she could become an active member TSC imploded and the remaining members re-named the group The Sith Order. However, in a later roleplay, In The Service Of, Lilaena maintained that the Hutt she had worked for on Nal Hutta had been a female, not male as it appears in this early bio. Hutts are asexual and can change their sex in order to procreate, so it is possible that both are true.

The Sith Order
The Black Hand
Lilaena De'Ville
After the messy and failed coup attempt, Lilaena was taken to Vjun by Jeseth Cloak, a fellow member of The Sith Order. He had founded a new group, The Black Hand, full of truly wicked and psychopathic dark siders. Once she recovered from her injuries, De'Ville joined the group fully. Her pregnancy continued with the remaining twin, and she soon birthed Jax Ivanrue Tondry. Of course, before that happened she performed a dangerous Sith ritual to curse her unborn son to walk in the Dark as she did. Jax had a small red birthmark on his shoulder in the shape of a hand.

Jax was kidnapped shortly after his birth by a fellow Black Hand member, Seth Darkserpent. Don't worry, De'Ville got him back.

The Black Hand conspired to influence the Republic Senate by taking out key senators and replacing them with their own candidates. Lilaena, Vega Van-Derveld, and Silus Xilarian traveled to Chandrila to kill Senator Maren. He was replaced by Fa'un Thareena, an ambitious woman who was easy enough to influence and put into position. Once in the Senate, Fa'un worked toward De'Ville's ultimate goal - the total destruction of the Sith Order.

Kuklos Ataxia
After a time it became apparent that the Hand and De'Ville were destined to part ways. If the so-called 'family' of the Sith Order was too touchy-feely for her, the navel gazing and seclusion of the Hand did not satisfy her either. Needing to control her own destiny, De'Ville looked up an old colleague from her days with the Order, Banestone. A former leader of the Sith Order, Banestone still carried with him access codes to some of the Order's oldest secrets. She used these to destroy a huge ship, a super weapon that the Sith Order had in hiding in the Corellian system, the Titan-class Zeus. While there she ran into Gav Mortis, also a former member of the Sith Order, and with the same thing in mind as she.

Feeling the Force pushing her toward a certain destiny, De'Ville invited Mortis to join her and Silus Xilarian as they had decided to leave the Black Hand and form their own group. He agreed, and Kuklos Ataxia was born on Onderon.

Timeline of Roleplays

Lilaena De'Ville Classic Timeline work in progress, will be moved here when complete :)

Out of Character
Holly found her way to SW-Fans.Net on July 24, 2000, through the Crazy Ass Message Boards on Ezboard, where her brother Banestone, and Itala Marzullo were members. Convinced to join The Sith Council as a darkside character, she signed up as Lady DeVille. Incidentally the last name was a suggestion by the Emperor of TSC, Itala himself. She has always gone by the nickname LD. Lilaena was promoted to roleplaying moderator on October 14, 2002, and then to board administrator in late 2005. In November of 2009 she retired from the staff in part because of her expanding RL responsibilities. In 2015 she was promoted to be one of the board admins once more, and she is married with three children.