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James Prent
23 (b. 20 BE)
105 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Adelia Tau

Post-Reset Biography
James Prent, space waitress

Okay, so James is the daughter of a prostitute from Nar Shaddaa. She never knew her daddy, and made do working in restaurants near one of the Smuggler's Moon's spaceports. At an all night diner where she was working (called James Tau, back then) she met Sanis Prent and Cirrsseetto Raurrssaatta, and ended up traveling with them in their ship Layla across the galaxy. She'd always had a head for maps, and had studied astronavigation in school (when she went). Plus Sanis was hot!

Anyway, then they met up with Loklorien s'Ilancy and her daughter Tak, who Sanis knew from way back, and who needed a place to stay. They all teamed up in Layla for a while, until James had an accident. Lok ran into an old 'friend' (Zem Vymes) on a backwater planet, and she and Sanis had to do some work getting Zem out of a pickle. James got mad at Sanis for something he said, and ran off. Things exploded, and it turned out that she was a Force adept and hadn't even known it. But while she was wandering around this backwater planet (and Lok and Sanis and Cirr were occupied with old Jedi Zem), she got snatched by local authorities who collared her as a witch. Her head was shaved, she was beaten, and then sentenced to death. By burning.

She got pretty crispy before Sanis managed to rescue her, and they flew straight into the Rebel fleet asking for medical assistance. The Alliance took James in, and she got healed up but not before finding out her one-time crush Sanis was in fact her half-brother. Yuk!

The Layla crew had to move on before she was well, and James met and spent time with Byl Laprovik while she was still recovering. Eventually it was time for her to move on, but she didn't have a way to contact Sanis, and was sort of still uncomfortable about the whole "wow, I made out with my brother" thing, so she let the Alliance settle her on Bespin with a sympathizing doctor, Barton Henning. She bunked with him for a while, got a job with Mu Satach at the Cloud 9 Bar and Grill.

Eventually she got her own place, and just generally kept her head down. She knew she was an adept, and knew what that meant in the Empire. Lok had offered to train her, but James wasn't sure she wanted to be trained and open herself up to more persecution. After about half a year she ran into Sanis and her other old friends, but a weird vision about Lok made her turn down their offer to rejoin their merry band.

Lonely, she called up Byl Laprovik, only to find out that he'd lost his memory in some sort of accident. He came to Cloud City and they... rekindled their friendship despite his amnesia. Some Jedi were gathering on Cloud City, and through her connection to the Alliance and to Barton Henning she became involved when it came time for the Jedi to leave. She helped Serena Laran sell her Republic-era yacht, and saw her get captured by the Inquisitorate. She and Byl were followed and attacked, and nearly captured themselves, but they managed to evade the Imperials and board a transport to nowhere. Well, to Copperline, which was just about nowhere.

Now they're not quite sure what they're gonna do next, and Byl's memory still hasn't come back all the way! I gotta feelin' things'll be changin' soon, though.

Force Sensitivity
James is an adept, but she is almost completely untrained.
Timeline of Roleplays
James Prent was a waitress on Coruscant who found out she was an adept after an accident in the kitchen at work. Found on the steps of the Jedi Temple by Oriadin, she was taken in and given a place among the Jedi. Her master was Salemn Lysce, a mute Jedi.

She had an adventure in the Undercity with Dasquian Belargic after her master was kidnapped by an Altered Beast. Soon afterward she met Dasquian's twin brother, Aaron Belargic, and they began to develop feelings for each other. After she was made a Knight, James met and became friends with Pierce Tondry and his little boy, Jax Ivanrue Tondry. She was plagued by dark visions of the future, all centered around little Jax. She often talked to Master Figrin D'an about these visions.

James eventually found out that she had an older sister, an older sister who did not know she existed. James' parents had died in Imperial custody, her mother executed after James' birth. James was put into an orphanage and adopted out, but her older sister had been put in a different orphanage, when her parents had first been imprisoned for being Rebel sympathizers. Lilaena De'Ville, a darkside master and mother of Jax, was James' sister.

Timeline of Roleplays

James Prent / Oriadin / Salemn Lysce James Prent arrives at the Greater Jedi Order

Sleep Walking Kyle Krogen / James Prent James gets her room....

Wei Wu Wei / Marcus Elessar / James Prent / Morgan Evanar Welcome to Yogs! James is treated unfairly by Marcus Elessar. :(

Marcus Elessar / James Prent A little morning excercise.

Salemn and James' only official training thread [incomplete]

James and Dasquian Belargic ride to the rescue of Salemn Lysce [incomplete]

Zeke tries to give Dasquian a few pointers on picking up chicks. James gets involved a bit.

Johnny Carbonite tries to join the GJO! Ooh I want your autograph!!

James gets from hand to hand combat training after a run in with Sage Hazzard.

James Prent / Pierce Tondry / Jax Ivanrue Tondry James meets Pierce and Jax Tondry for the first time.

James tries to ask Dasquian some questions about the visions she's been having, but gets Aaron instead.

Temple Avalon - The Jedi Dinner.... (incomplete)

James, Figrin D'an At the Jedi banquet in Avalon, James goes out on a balcony for a breath of fresh air. She meets Figrin D'an, a highly respected Jedi Master, and he saves her from toppling off the balcony when she has another vision.

James and Oriadin catch up at Yogs.

Marga Alton / James Prent A bit of a home cooked meal... (incomplete)

James tries some more training on her own...

Jax Ivanrue Tondry / James Prent / Pierce Tondry / Ryla Relvinian Jax Tondry has his third birthday, and James helps with the celebration.

Aaron Belargic / James Prent / Taataani Meorrei / Vishalla Daoked / Nevlonniel... and lots others James gets into a fight. (con't through four threads)

James Prent / Aaron Belargic James runs home after getting into the fight. :cry Aaron comforts her nicely. All night.

James Prent / Marcus Elessar James is yet again training without her master.

James, Kelt, Aaron Screaming herself awake from another horrific vision of her death, James gets the attention of Kelt Simoson who is passing by. Concerned, he checks on her and at her request brings Aaron Belargic, who comforts her.

James goes to dinner with Aaron and Dasquian Belargic at Brielle Acaana's penthouse suite.

J'ktal Anjaii / James Prent'

James Prent / Aaron Belargic James has been studying combat nearly non-stop since her visions began. Now she gets to put what she's learned into practice as she spars against Aaron Belargic.

James Prent / Rognan Dar

James Prent / Shanaria Fabool James looks in the Archives to find schematics to build her own lightsaber. She's too short to reach it!

James Prent / Ka'el Darcverse James looks for bits and pieces of parts with which to complete her first lightsaber.

James has a training session with her master, Salemn Lysce.

James, Figrin, Eden Field James goes with Figrin D'an on a diplomatic mission that ends up all tospy-turvy when the arranged marriage goes awry.

James runs into Lillian Snow being attacked by Gav Mortis

James, Aaron James takes it upon herself to construct her lightsaber.

James, Figrin D'an James cautiously confronts Master D'an about a disturbing vision she had about him while deep in a Jedi Trance. D'an deflects most of her worry, and she changes the subject to her past. Does he know anything more about it?

James Prent / Sin Vamel Thinking deeply about seeking a vision of her past, James bumps into Sin Vamel - fellow padawan and notorious street rat and ladies man.

James, Aaron James decides to take Figrin's advice and seeks a vision about her past with the help of Aaron Belargic.

James, Figrin James leaves a message for Master D'an about the results of her vision quest.

Lilaena De’Ville / Razielle Shadana / Silus Xilarian / Han Feruna / Daria Nyctheria / James Prent / Pierce Tondry / Jax Ivanrue Tondry / Figrin D'an / Natia Telcontar / Amazon Babe De’Ville, missing her son’s FIFTH birthday, breaks into the Jedi complex and steals him. She flees to Duros while Razielle and Silus lead off the initial pursuit.

James is newly knighted, and still plagued by nightmarish visions of the future.

Aaron Belargic / James Prent James and Aaron travel to Yavin IV to spend time with nature and away from the hustle and bustle of Coruscant and the Jedi Temple.

Out of Character
Holly found her way to SW-Fans.Net on July 24, 2000, through the Crazy Ass Message Boards on Ezboard, where her brother Banestone, and Itala Marzullo were members. Convinced to join The Sith Council as a darkside character, she signed up as Lady DeVille. Incidentally the last name was a suggestion by the Emperor of TSC, Itala himself. She has always gone by the nickname LD. Lilaena was promoted to roleplaying moderator on October 14, 2002, and then to board administrator in late 2005. In November of 2009 she retired from the staff in part because of her expanding RL responsibilities. In 2015 she was promoted to be one of the board admins once more, and she is married with three children.