Estelle Russard

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Estelle Russard

Estelle Russard
Marie O'Donnell
Luxa Churchill
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Imperial Center, Coruscant
Grandfather Old Man Russard aka Jason 'The Elder'
KRTB (Doomtreader) Apparition
CR0D or 'R0D'

"I was born mean"
―Estelle Russard to Aurelias Kazaar

Estelle Russard is a deep-cover Senior Operative of the Rebel Alliance operating out of Coruscant. Considered a rising star by most of the Alliance, she is partnered with Aurelias Kazaar.


In Character


Estelle is a rising star within the Rebel Alliance.

Born on Coruscant to a wealthy industrialist, Estelle Russard became a member of Rebel Intelligence shortly after the death of her boyfriend, James Bretton.

She is currently a freelance art appraiser, following her graduation from the Tarkin Institute of Art and Technology, and partner to Aurelias Kazaar and Milivikal k'Vik.

Nudging of Conscience

As a student at the Tarkin Institute of Art and Design, Estelle Russard spent most of her time in class, studying to become an artist. But her free time was spent huddled in closeted groups, discussing the atrocities of the Empire. Afraid what might happen if she fully committed to the group, and not completely sure the methods of the group's leader were the correct way, Estelle had to be convinced by her boyfriend, James, to continue within the group. It was through James, Estelle met her first 'true' Rebel, Grace Van-Derveld and, through Grace, Estelle was convinced to join the Rebel Alliance (despite James' reservations of her ability to handle a 'cloak and dagger' lifestyle). After James was killed by Project Nightmare, Estelle officially joined the Alliance.

Partnership with Aurelias Kazaar

An Old Dog to teach Estelle ('th'Kid) new tricks.
"Didn't they teach ya at 'Spy School' t'always expect the unexpected. If they didn't...then they're gettin' sloppy."
―Aurelias Kazaar to Estelle Russard

After finishing her training with the Alliance, Estelle was given the task of rescuing Mirko Spendrim from Imperial clutches on the planet, Spindrift. It was during Rescue Mission: Birdsong she encountered her current partner Aurelias Kazaar. The two were successful at rescuing Spendrim and went on their separate ways after debriefing. They were partnered again, after Estelle and top slicer Morgan Evanar discovered Kazaar was walking into a trap on Felucia.

The two agents then traveled to Yaga Minor where they discovered the Empire was sending a large shipment of supplies into the Unknown Regions. After blasting their way through the space station, Estelle and Kazaar found a manifest list and the uniform of an Imperial Grand Admiral. They also captured an Imperial officer who they took back to Rebel HQ for questioning.

Both Kazaar and Estelle have saved each other's life several times. The first came on Mastala, where Kazaar teamed up with The Black Man, the mysterious head of Rebel SpecOps, to rescue Estelle after she was kidnapped by Ghlar Timander after a failed mission. Estelle had been beaten harshly by her captors and Kazaar blasted his way into the mercenary encampment, killing all but Timander who escaped with Kazaar's old nemesis Kimiiki Crei. Timander's body was discovered a week later, filleted and skinned, a story Kazaar only smiles savagely at.

The second rescue was Estelle on Kazaar. After an arranged meeting between the Alliance and Trandoshan leadership was crashed by the Imperials, Estelle, Kazaar, and the wookie diplomat, Lahakka, escaped their destroyed ship only to crash land on Trandosha, Kazaar severely injuring his ribs and ankle. Estelle later rescued Kazaar and Lahakka from the clutches of the slaver gang, Crimson Eclipse, who Kazaar had run into before, and the three escaped on Estelle's new ship 'Apparition' to Bothuwai where Kazaar received treatment for his injuries.


"As of today, you're going to be acting as a Senior Operative. You get a little more breathing space, and perhaps best of all – well, depending on which way you look at it – you get the job of holding Kazaar's leash."
― Dasquian Belargic during Estelle's promotion

More recently, Estelle was promoted to Senior Operative by then-Director of Rebel Intelligence, Dasquian Belargic. Although Belargic delivered the move, it's believed the promotion was first considered by The Black Man.


"There is a traitor. In the Alliance"
―Yurva Telan'lya to Estelle Russard

More recently, Russard and Kazaar have been partnered with the not quite right Force user, Milivikal k'Vik, as they search for a traitor (or traitors) within Alliance Intelligence.

The entire hunt started months ago when Estelle and Kazaar crash landed on the planet Trandosha while the two were taking part in a 'secret' meeting between the Trandoshans and the Alliance on a possible pact.


"I raised my daughter to be independent, and she has not disappointed."
―Jason 'The Younger' Russard

Estelle Russard is the daughter of Jason 'The Younger' Russard who is currently the CEO of Russard Industries, a major supplier of armor to The Galactic Empire. She is also very close to her grandfather Old Man Russard aka 'Jason The Elder'.

Years From Now

"Where are you Emperor? I am coming to find you."
―Estelle Russard about Salem Ave
Estelle as the Director of BlackOps for the Alliance.
The Ghost Lady

In the 'Years From Now' rp, Estelle has taken over for The Black Man as chief of Alliance Special Operations. She is currently bringing the Mandalorians to task for not completely destroying the rogue group Death Watch. When word of the virus outbreak comes to her, she calls upon her estranged partner Aurelias Kazaar to assist in her plans against the people she holds personally responsible for the plague: Lord Inquisitor Karl Valten and Emperor Salem Ave.


Estelle was a highly respected Jedi Master within the Greater Jedi Order.