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Dasquian Belargic
The Bossman
Born 27 BBE
Marital Status
Marria Rouma-Belargic (dec.)
Kato Belargic
None (formerly The Rebel Alliance)

"Considering I saved the Prime Minister from choking on a cocktail olive, you'd think they'd give us a little bit of slack. Anyway, what's the price of one glass window compared to the price of democracy. Sometimes I wonder if we aren't jinxed. It seems wherever we go, something priceless ends up exploding, set on fire, falling into an abyss or in the belly of some sea monster! I'm surprised that our dinner hasn't been interrupted by a roaming band of space pirates."
―Dasquian Belargic

Dasquian Belargic was a supporter of The Rebel Alliance and served as the Director of Rebel Intelligence, with the help of fellow agent Grace Van-Derveld. Known for his easy-going demeanor and kind heart, Dasquian was one of the most recognizable figures within the Alliance and, on numerous occasions, acted as a liaison between the Rebels and potential new recruits and allies - most notably the survivors of the Jedi Purge, such as Serena Laran and Loklorien s'Ilancy.

Life before the Rebellion
"The Empire was doing their best to try and eradicate any sense of non-Human culture in the Galaxy, working from the Core outwards, so I think at the time – as is unfortunately still the case now – there were a lot of people just.. drifting, trying to find something familiar they could grab onto. For me, the Alliance represented an essential need for change."

The eldest of two boys born to Marria Rouma and Kato Belargic, young Dasquian was raised primarily by his mother, on account of Kato Belargic's status as a notorious vagabond and pirate. Branded near-outcasts because of their association with Belargic - and the pirate captain's supposed claims to the Hapan throne - Marria and her son lived a quiet life, shying away from any spotlight of attention that might be shined upon them. All of this changed, however, with the birth of a second son, conceived only days before Kato Belargic abandoned his family for the safety of the Transitory Mists.

From an early age, both boys aspired to greater things and refused to live in the shadow of their father's crimes. Aaron, the younger of the two, set his sites on a career in the Hapan Royal Navy, though Dasquian's ambitions were not so clear cut. Although raised to believe that the Galaxy beyond the Hapes Cluster was a lawless wasteland, lacking civilisation or culture, Dasquian yearned to travel beyond its borders and sample ways of life different to the rigid heirachy of the Consortium. News of the Galactic Empire was suppressed, at the orders of the Queen Mother, but it was impossible to silence every whisper and soon Dasquian learned of the great injustices that outweighed anything found within the Consortium. Whilst first his desire to leave his home had been borne of a general disatisfaction with the world around him, soon it became more driven, more purposeful...

On the Alliance's Secret Service
"I knew you'd come, boss. I knew you would... never leave a man behind, eh?"
―Whill Shoashian

Text about time as a rebel.

"...it's wonderful of you to spread my galactic horizons and take me to new places," she replied surly. "I mean, acid rain is so romantic. No wonder the women can't help but swoon in your presence."
―Grace Van-Derveld

More texts about time as a rebel.

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