Captain Untouchable

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Captain Untouchable
Captain Untouchable.jpg

Captain Untouchable
Alter Ego
(secret) Tom Harriman
Telekinesis (presumed)
Thrown Weapons, Martial Arts
None Known
Formerly: New York

The vigilante known as Captain Untouchable is a ninja-themed costumed crime fighter, who focuses on the use of oriental weaponry and martial arts. He was active in New York City - particularly around the Manhatten area - over the course of 2008.

Footage of Captain Untouchable from security cameras was captured, revealing a fighting style that heavily featured feats of gymnastics, as well as a variety of projectile and thrown weapons. The footage also highlighted a possible mutant ability, which appeared to be telepathic in nature: though this has not been confirmed.

Late in 2008, an individual matching Captain Untouchable's description was found by paramedics and rushed to A&E. He had suffered severe burns to most of his body - destroying his apparent costume, and thus preventing a positive ID - as well as at least two gunshot wounds. He was placed in intensive care under heavy sedation, but was not expected to survive. However, though under constant NYPD surveillance and protection, a mutant with healing powers managed to sneak into his room, and repair the worst of his injuries.

NYPD was unable to secure sufficient evidence to satisfy a conviction as a vigilante, so those charges were ultimately dropped, and the individual's name was not released. However, he was charged for the unlawful and unlicensed posession of the katana found on his person at the time. This was confiscated, and placed in an NYPD lock-up.

Shortly after, the vigilante activities of Captain Untouchable ceased. It is unclear whether this is coincidence, or evidence that the suspect was indeed Captain Untouchable.

Captain Untouchable is a (former) vigilante identity of Tom Harriman.

Current Timeline of Roleplays

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