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Arya Ravenwing
150 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Born in...
21 BBY
Lysa Ravenwing
Pyter Ravenwing
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Freight droid 2P-0

"There is usually another person present. It hurts so much when I don't control it... I try to get away from crowds when the Change comes over me on its own. Doesn't always work." She looked at Esalis through lidded eyes. "Waking up with bits of people in your teeth sucks"
Arya Ravenwing to R. S. Esalis in Deprivation{{#if:[src]|}}
Arya Ravenwing
Arya Ravenwing is a smuggler, traveling from port to port with goods that one might consider a little less than legal. She is also a Lupine, one of the last of a dying race of shapeshifters. Raised by her mother Lysa Ravenwing on Ryloth, she was never taught anything of her family history or of her Lupine heritage as Lysa quickly desended into madness. The only connection Arya had with her past was a large medallion that she never took off. Just after her seventeenth nameday Lysa died, and Arya took off to make her way in the world, where she met the smuggler Aaron. He taught her the business of smuggling, and she took to it quickly. They were partners, then lovers, and they felt indestructible as only young people can.

A job went south, and Aaron was shot by stormtroopers as he and Arya were fleeing to their ship. He forced her to leave him behind, and he died alone while Arya made it to saftey. She has worked alone since then, except for a brief period of time where she contracted through Dae Jinn.

Arya was taken captive by R. S. Esalis, the head of ImpIntel, and Colonel Karrnage, a man scientist, after they discovered that she might of the Lupine race. After undergoing several weeks of excruciating tests and examinations, Arya was given an ultimatum. Help the Empire locate a woman named Loklorien s'Ilancy, or remain in captivity forever. She was sent out 'alone', but actually tailed by Vega Van-Derveld to make sure she stayed focused on her mission.

She did find Lok, but also met Vega, and shot his leg off while escaping from Cloud City with s'Ilancy. Since then she has spent her time trying to keep her ship together and looking for work. For a time she has taken passengers, including Reverend Solomon and Sarin Von Metzger, a fellow Loveloxx Lupine, though he did not possess the ability to Change. Arya ended up taking care of Tak s'Ilancy, Loklorien's daughter, after a chance encounter again on Cloud City brought the two together. Zem Vymes, a Jedi who was looking after the girl, asked Arya to watch over her.

Arya took care of Tak for a few months, and then she was chased down by bounty hunters just as she was taking the girl back to her mother. Tak was safely delivered to Loklorien, but Arya was brought down by Ecks and Hugo Montegue, and taken back to Coruscant where she was given back to Director Esalis. However, Esalis was content to have the smuggler condemned to the spice mines of Kessel, and had her shipped off after only a few days.

She spent months in the mines in pitch darkness, working beside criminals and miscreants such as Jaassuuvi Ageerrodarr and Callomas Savoc. One day she was touched by the Force and underwent an involuntary Change, sparking an attempted escape by the incarcerated criminals who were with her in the mines, including Korlen Tarask, Aaron's identical twin brother who was imprisoned for murder.

Lupine Nature
Arya has become aware of her Lupine heritage only recently. She has always known she was a shapeshifter, but did not know that there were others like her, nor the details of her race. A Loveloxx Lupine, Arya can transform at will into her vornskr form, but if the Force is used near her she will have a Change forced upon her. These unwilling transformations are incredibly painful, and once in her vornskr form she will attack anyone nearby - especially if they are the ones using the Force.

The director of COMPNOR has taken an unusual interest in Arya, due to her shapeshifting nature.

Wing of the Raven
A Chevette77, Arya's ship is a mid-sized freighter. The bulk of the ship is comprised of the cargo area, with the control rooms/cabins perched above and accessed from the hold via a ladder. There is a cockpit and two cabins, with a small kitchenette/living area between the two. As Arya is a smuggler, the freighter has been updated with several non-standard features, including more weaponry, hidden compartments, and upgraded engines.
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Timeline of Roleplays

Arya Ravenwing discovers that agreeing to a shockboxing match when drunk is never a good idea. Her opponent turns out to be a Cizerack male - Cirrsseetto - and more than capable of turning her into lunch meat!

Arya Ravenwing is nearly apprehended on the planet of Nehantish as a smuggler, but takes a young mechanic hostage in order to escape the planet.

Arya Ravenwing comes across a strange shapeshifter - a tiny pink blob that calls itself Mortie.

Arya Ravenwing shows up for a smuggling drop only to find out that the job was double booked! Anbira Hicchoru, an ex-stormtrooper, is providing security for the other smuggler who shows up at the drop site.

R. S. Esalis and Colonel Karrnage have captured alive the last known Lupine shapeshifter. Hoping to discover more about this remarkable race they question her, only to discover that perhaps they know more about the heritage of Arya Ravenwing than she does herself!

Arya Ravenwing was a smuggler, with an innate Force ability. At times she was given visions of the future, or sometimes the past. She had been raised on Ryloth among the Twi'leks, and spoke Twi'leki fluently. She had no home planet, and other than her mother who had died when she was a young woman, she had no family. The only connection she had to her past was a large medallion that had been her father's. After leaving Ryloth, Arya fell into the company of a smuggler named Aaron. He taught her everything about smuggling, and was an expert slicer as well. They became lovers, but sadly Aaron was killed by stormtroopers during one of their jobs. Arya worked alone from that point in time, and honed her body into a fighting machine.

Force Master Hunter waylaid her and pressed her into service. Brought to the ruthless Hunter's attention when she was almost caught with a load of spice by the New Republic, she was thrown out a window and into the path of Jeseth Cloak and his apprentice Turbogeek. Badly injured, she was taken in by the eccentric Turbogeek, and on her way to The Black Hand.

Along the way Jeseth Cloak picked up another passenger, Lilaena De'Ville. But once they reached Vjun, Arya did not interact much with the other members of The Hand. Hunter wanted her to infiltrate the group, but she spent most of her time trying to earn their trust to no avail. Turbogeek followed her around like a puppy, however, and she taught him how to fight and defend himself. A blank slate, the young man soaked up everything she could teach him, and was a very quick learner.

She decided to travel to Arcan IV, a nearby planet, in order to pick up some of the money that Force Master Hunter owed her. Sick Cycle Carousel, the roleplay that covered her time on Arcan IV, laid out a tale of political intrigue and action that made it an instant classic.

For a while Arya was looking after Jina Jade, the daughter of Marcus Elessar.

After she was clear of her debt to Hunter Arya fell in with another ruthless man - Dan the Man. Working to pay the bills, and always one paycheck away from financial disaster, she was also nearly captured by a Cizerack picket while smuggling too close to the Carshoulis Cluster.

Pre-Reset Roleplays

Arya is forced to vent a load of spice after being spotted by Republic pickets. Taken into custody anyway, she finds herself unwillingly working for Force Master Hunter, and thrown out a window to land at the feet of Jeseth Cloak and Turbogeek. Yeah, this is a great way to begin!

Epic thread - Arya takes Turbogeek to Arcan IV to get the money owed her by Force Master Hunter. This happens to occur during the middle of a huge Republic offensive in the area, with Pierce Tondry involved stirring things up on the other side.

Arya runs into Marcus QDunn on Arcan IV in Master Yoghurt's Bar & Grill.

Azure Regalia / Arya Ravenwing / T'catnoc Terces

Sith Ahnk / Arya Ravenwing

Large thread dealing with Helenias Evenstar's love for her husband, Marcus QDunn. Arya ends up giving him a ride to Xa Fel.

Teamed up with Azure Regalia, Arya assists the bounty hunter in trying to steal a Sith artifact from Sanis Prent.

She's a smuggler, not an assassin! Arya gets roped into helping Regalia try to take out Anbira Hicchoru.

Arya takes a job from Black Sun Vigo Sasseeri Reeouurra.

Bar thread in Master Yoghurt's Bar and Grill.

Arya helps s'Ilancy locate Diego Van Derveld, the Lupine responsible for changing her.

Taylor Millard hunts down Arya, searching for his lost wife, Loklorien s'Ilancy.

Taking a legitimate job with the New Republic, smuggling goods in to refugees across an Imperial embargo, Arya is stopped before she can get started when the NR base comes under attack by the Balmorran Empire.

Arya Ravenwing / Oddball - Arya does a job with a strange character.

Running glit into Coruscant ain't exactly a walk in no park, y'see.

Sanis Prent / Jina Jade / Arya Ravenwing / Diego Van Derveld / General Tomahawk / Helenias Evenstar / Xazor Elessar / Sejah Haversh - Under the alias Rima Xavier and Radish Xavier, Arya and Jina run into Sanis Prent and Diego Van Derveld quite literally, and wind up traveling together to Carshoulis Prime for repairs to her freighter after the mercenaries gunning for them nearly take them out.

Adjerban the Interloper / Arya Ravenwing / s'Ilancy - Arya and Lok have to fight their way off of Nal Hutta after a simple 'snatch and grab' goes really wrong.

General Tomahawk / Arya Ravenwing / River Kincaid / Force Master Hunter / Natia Telcontar / Xazor Elessar / Dasquian Belargic / Marcus Telcontar / Helenias Evenstar / Dwayne Hicks / Joe Litrell - Arya returns Jina Jade to her stepmother and father.

Arya enters a space race in the Imperial Federacy.

Arya Ravenwing / Cizerack Hunter Forces - Arya runs the Cizerack blockade at Calan, and is boarded by Cizerack Hunter Forces.

Dan the Man / Arya Ravenwing / Vargo the Hutt / Threepio - Arya meets a mysterious new employer, Dan the Man.

Dan the Man / Arya Ravenwing - Arya goes after the Hammer of Martugg with Dan on Tatooine.

Arya travels to Coruscant to get paid for the job she did with Dan the Man.

Dan the Man / Sanis Prent / Arya Ravenwing / The Ace of Clubs Arya meets Sanis Prent at a fancy restaurant and chaos ensues as Dan hires her to protect the Five Brothers of Sullust - who Prent is there to assassinate.

Out of Character
Holly found her way to SW-Fans.Net on July 24, 2000, through the Crazy Ass Message Boards on Ezboard, where her brother Banestone, and Itala Marzullo were members. Convinced to join The Sith Council as a darkside character, she signed up as Lady DeVille. Incidentally the last name was a suggestion by the Emperor of TSC, Itala himself. She has always gone by the nickname LD. Lilaena was promoted to roleplaying moderator on October 14, 2002, and then to board administrator in late 2005. In November of 2009 she retired from the staff in part because of her expanding RL responsibilities. In 2015 she was promoted to be one of the board admins once more, and she is married with three children.