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Alliance R&D

Alliance R&D Projects
New Starship, Starfighter, and Weapon Designs



Because the galaxy's leading producer of astromech droids, Industrial Automaton, is located firmly inside Imperial space, the Alliance's ability to access and affordably purchase such droids is limited, jeopardising the future viability of designs such as the X-Wing and Y-Wing. In reaction to this, Senator Taataani Meorrrei, Admiral Vansen Tyree, and engineer Merrin Altink have formed the Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei corporation, which has begun development on a number of new designs.

E-Wing Escort Fighter

The E-Wing Escort Fighter is intended to replace the X-Wing and compete with the A-Wing and A-Wing II as a mid-range escort, interceptor, and space superiority fighter. It will feature an integrated nav computer in lieu of an astromech droid, and will combine elements of previous Incom and Koensayr designs. It is also intended to match or supersede the capabilities of the Imperial TIE Defender.

In the EU, this craft was designed by FreiTek, which does not exist in canon.

K-Wing Assault Fighter

The BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Fighter is being developed as a competitor for the B-Wing, and to serve as a replacement/successor for the Y-Wing and ARC-170. It will be capable of functioning as an assault fighter, bomber, and gunship; and will feature manned turrets for defense against enemy starfighters, as well as easily customisable weapons hardpoints to alter the fighter's loadout and mission profile; and will draw extensively from Cizerack design conventions.

In the EU, this craft was designed by Koensayr Manufacturing, which is part of Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei in canon.

V-Wing Combat Airspeeder

As a replacement for the T-47 Airspeeder, the V-Wing Combat Airspeeder is being designed by Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei. It is intended to be affordable, reliable, and easily produced, in order to be rolled out as quickly as possible across the Alliance's new territories. The aim is to provide a ground-based craft to supplement planetary defense forces, so that more expensive space-faring and hyperspace-capable starfighters can be reserved for more critical assignments. Because of it's intended mission profile, the V-Wing will employ traditional aerodynamic principles in addition to repulsorlift technology.

In the EU, this craft was designed by Slayn & Korpil, but was switched to Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei in canon.

Mon Calamari Shipyards

Following the creation of the Alliance of Free Planets, the number of Mon Calamari officers in key decision-making positions within the military's hierarchy gave rise to a particular favouritism towards ships designed and built by the Mon Calamari Shipyards. Working closely with Slayn & Korpil and Hoersch-Kessel Drive, the Mon Calamari became one of the dominant military contractors for the Alliance.

MC80B Star Cruiser

MC90 Star Cruiser

Republic-class Star Destroyer

Viscount-class Star Defender

SoroSuub Corporation / Sluis Van Shipyards / Bothawui Shipyards

The brainchild of Admiral Crotalus Viridis, a corporate alliance between the SoroSuub Corporation, the Sluis Van Shipyards, and Gallofree Yards at the Bothawui Shipyards was established to serve as a counterpoint and competitor for the Mon Calamari Shipyards, engineering starships that would exceed the Mon Calamari Star Cruisers in terms of specifications, financial viability, strategic value, and elegance of design. Ships from these yards and designers comprised a significant portion of the Alliance's 4th and 5th Fleet.

Systems Defender Starfighter

With Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei, Slayn & Korpil, and Hoersch-Kessel Drive accounting for most of the Alliance Starfighter Corps' military contract, the SoroSuub Corporation began developing a follow-up to their Planetary Defender Starfighter. Unlike Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei, which was developing the V-Wing Combat Airspeeder for the atmospheric defense market, SoroSuub designed it's Systems Defender as a cheap-to-build, cheap-to-replace, and easy to fly, so that pilots of planetary militias could use it with minimal prior training: according to test pilots, it was as intuitive as flying a civilian airspeeder. To minimise costs - and because one was unnecessary for an in-system defense craft - the Systems Defender was not fitted with a hyperdrive.

Production of has begun on the Systems Defender in small numbers: as a show of faith, SoroSuub has adopted the fighter for the Sullustan Home Guard and at it's offworld facilities. Few other planetary militias have adopted the craft however, many preferring more tried-and-true designs like the V-19 Torrent from Slayn & Korpil.

In the EU, this craft was designed by the Republic Engineering Corporation, which does not exist in canon.

Bantha-class Assault Shuttle

Bothan Attack Cruiser

Defender-class Star Destroyer

Endurance-class Fleet Carrier

Hapan Royal Navy / Lantillian ShipWrights

Despite their reluctance to operate outside the Hapes Cluster, the Hapes Consortium's commitments to the Alliance of Free Planets have motivated them to contribute more actively to the Alliance Defense Forces. With the assistance of a carefully vetted selection of outsiders, the Hapan Royal Navy has begun development on a handful of new ships for the Alliance Fleet. Because of the involvement of outsiders, most of these starships are being developed and constructed outside the Cluster.

Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser

As a result of the Hapes Consortium joining the Alliance of Free Planets, considerable pressure has been placed upon the Hapan Royal Navy to participate more proactively in the defense of the Alliance. Currently under construction by the Lantillian ShipWrights, the Majestic is intended to be the new flagship of the Hapan fleet. It is almost twice the size of a Nova-class Battle Cruiser and more heavily armed than a Hapan Battle Dragon, it will be the largest and most formidable Hapan ship ever produced.

There are currently only plans to produce one, but if successful, the Lantillian ShipWrights have expressed interest in mass-producing the craft for the Alliance Fleet.

In the EU, this craft was designed by the Republic Engineering Corporation, which does not exist in canon.