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    Captain Coruscant fought the Iron Mandalorian??! It was a new development to her, since every flimsicomic she had was gotten in the bargain bins at the various general shops that her Adai went to. There wasn't a current issue in her small collection, but she still loved them all the same. They were dog-eared and wrinkled, and most heavily read. There had been so many nights when her Adai had told her to go to bed, but she stayed up to read, blanket over her head and a glowpanel stick in one hand to light up the pages.

    But here, now, with Yufi just as excited as she was about comics... it was amazing! And Ossus was amazing! She'd only been here for a little bit and already she knew she was going to like it here!

    At Yufi's words that she'd not found a single comic in the Jedi Library, Zeni scrunched her snout up in thought, her brow knitting together.

    "Well, I heard it was a big library, so maybe they keep their flimsicomics in a basement or some super-far-back room where no one goes."

    Looking towards Adai, it seemed that her father was just about done. He was smiling, which meant that things were going well. Which of course meant that they would be able to leave soon and head out to Sanctuary and start exploring!

    Her tummy rumbled then, and the little cub realized just how hungry she was. Their transport crew had only given them a can of fizziglug and a pack of pekonuts, which was barely even a snack.

    "Are there any good places to eat here? I saw in some of my Adai's papers that there was a few cafes and cantinas, but he said I'm too young for the cantinas."

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    Yufi looked thoughtful at the idea of a secret basement in the library. It was pretty unlikely, the Jedi didn't really like flimsicomics and wouldn't want anything that fun around, but maybe they had something else.
    "Ohhh, maybe there's like, a forbidden dungeon section of the library full of all the scary forbidden texts only Jedi Masters are allowed to see!" Yufi said with excited eyes. "I should totally try breaking in there if there is!" she decided, because, well, rules were for other people. Not for Yufi.

    Next she asked about places to eat, and again, Yufi looked thoughtful.
    "Well, there's a place that goes a really good Tip Yip, and a Ronto Wrap Shack, but, the best place is this little tourist café overlooking the Jedi Enclave. For people wanting to visit and see Jedi history, I guess, but if you order a kid's meal, you get a free toy! And, if you're an adult, but you ask nicely, sometimes they give you the free toy anyway!" Yufi beamed. "Last week they were giving away little plushies of famous Jedi! I got Plo Koon AND Master Yoda!" she explained, still beaming. "I really wanted Aayla Secura, she's like, this super awesome twi'lek Jedi, but I haven't got her yet," she went on. "I'll show you where it is if you want!"

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    Toys that come with food??! This was such a novel concept for the cub, that her jaw hung open at the very thought of it!

    "Therre's toys wit' food?!" she managed to squeek out, "... That sounds ameyzin'!"

    Adai was collectin' the flimsis, and Zeni snapped her attentions back to Yufi.

    "Can we go to that pleyce? It ssoundss jusst parfect!!"

    She was determined to make sure that they all went there, and she reached out to grasp the Twi'Lek's hand in a firm grip.

    "You got t'tell me Adai that we got to go!"

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    It'd been a successful check-in, and Rodi stuffed the flimsidocs safely back into the inside pocket of his coat. He had managed to secure temporary lodging, and their luggage would be delivered to the small apartment within the next few hours. It was a rather large weight off of his shoulders; for now, at least. He and Zeni would have a roof over their heads, even if temporarily.

    Reaching down then, the towering Shistavanen plucked the cargo parcel that belonged to Yufi. He hefted it up, and perched it over the top of his shoulder.

    "What's this then," he rumbled good-naturedly, "... arre we talkin' 'bout some food, then?"

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    Yufi matched Zeni's grin at her excitement about toys with food.
    "I know, right!?" she agreed, her tone equally as excited as the six year old. If Yufi ruled the galaxy, all food would come with toys. Or maybe free glitter samples. Or perfume. Or glitter perfume! Something like that. Either way, toys with food was great, and she was glad that Zeni agreed.

    She looked over at Rodi as he came back to join the pair, still helping with her cargo parcel. She smiled at him.
    "Well, Zeni was hungry, so I was just telling her about my favourite place to eat. It's down by the Enclave. How about, since you're helping with my package, I take you guys there afterwards? My treat?" she suggested. It was a polite thing to do, and gave Yufi an excuse to go back there and continue her quest for an Aayla Secura doll, which was equally important, obviously. Besides, she liked these two. They were way more fun than being around stuffy Jedi. Being a Jedi was cool and all, but most Jedi were super boring about it. She needed something a bit more fun in her life, and Zeni was at least adorable and funny. Yufi could do with the break.

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    The thought of having a meal with a toy was just too much, and Zeni beamed widely at Adai as he seemed to consider Yufi's offer.

    "Pleasse Adai??? Thayre'ss bein' toyss with our food at the place Yufi wants t'be takin' uss to!"

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    Her toothy smile was enough to melt his heart, and with a hurff, Rodi let out a rumble as he feigned a moment of deep thought.

    "Well then," another show of consideration, and he eventually relented.

    "Miss Yufi, I'm ssupposin' that we sshould deliver your parcel sso that we c'n get to enjoyin' som toyss an' food!"

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    "Works for me!" Yufi replied cheerfully. She still thought the two of them were adorable, and Zeni's excitement at the toys was great. MOST people in the Jedi Enclave just lectured Yufi on attachment when she tried to convince them that getting a free toy with a meal was awesome. Not these two! "C'mon, I'll show you to my room where we can drop the stuff off, then, next stop, TOYS!" she said with a cheerful fist punch into the air, to try and encourage Zeni to do the same.

    "Now, just remember, if anybody asks, the crate contains essential Jedi training supplies I need, okay?" she said. "I mean, it's kinda true. There are outfits in there I had to have or I would have DIED, and a dead Jedi Initiate can't train, so, uh, totally true! But still, better not let them look inside. SOME Jedi get funny ideas about, uh, y'know, all the make-up and perfume and outfits and stuff. They say Jedi shouldn't be attached to such things. Which is dumb, 'cause it's totally AWEsome!" she sing songed, as she led them into the encampment, and towards her quarters.

    Her quarters were small, but certainly not modest. Glittery throws, a dresser crammed with make-up, a bursting small wardrobe, and general mess all over the floor, it seemed Yufi lived like, well, a chaotic teenager. Which wasn't really a surprise, once you knew her. The heavy scent of Yufi's perfume and scented body glitter hung even stronger in the air in the room than just around her, if that was somehow possible. Several plushies of various galactic wildlife, including a Bantha and a Wampa, sat on her bed, all in shades of pink...

    "Uh, just leave it on the bed. I'll sort it out later," she said with a smile.

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    Dutifully he obeyed, making sure to gently set the parcel on the bed as Yufi had asked.

    Her room was about what he suspected. Or perhaps what he imagined? He had no real idea what a young woman's room was supposed to look like, let alone a young woman who was also a Jedi.

    It was the scent that hung in the air though, that was the most jarring. It wasn't... bad. In fact, in smaller doses it would be what he considered quite nice. It was just the sheer volume of it that seemed to give him a slight headache.

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    Contrary to Adai, Zeni was wide-eyed and fascinated. She took in her surroundings with fascination. So much glitter!! So much stuff to tease the eyes!! SO MUCH PRETTY!!!!

    The little Shistavanen couldn't contain the little squeal of excitement that peeped out from between her lips, and two tiny fists came up to her snout in pure glee.

    "Oh me godss!!"

    And without thinking she reached out to pluck up one of the delightfully soft plushies. The Wampa. It was just so cute!!

    "Where did ye be gettin' thiss, then??!"

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    Yufi just smiled as Rodi put down her delivery on the bed. She'd unpack it later. That was fine. Yufi didn't mind leaving chaotic mess in her room, and a neat box wasn't even on the level of the rest. Even if she did desperately want to look inside and try on her new outfits, she was busy making friends! Okay, so Rodi didn't really say much about her living space, but that was fine. It was better than the judgemental comments she got from the Jedi Masters, after all. She looked back across as Zeni picked up the Wampa, and simply smiled.
    "Oh, that's Wanda. I bought her from a faire on Spira," she said casually. She moved over to her chaotic dresser, a big mirror in front of far more make-up, perfume, and other cosmetics than any Jedi Padawan should ever own in their entire lives. She sat down. "Just let me freshen up my make-up and we can go," she added, as if this was the most natural thing in the world. She proceeded to touch up her glistening pink lip gloss, and after a moment's thought, sprayed a little more of her favourite scented body glitter on her arms and neck. And then, just to top it off, she got out some perfume and sprayed that on too.

    Rather heavily.

    She saw that Zeni was watching her.

    "Wanna try some?" she asked, smiling. Not the make-up or glitter, of course, that'd be a nightmare with fur (she wasn't even sure how humans did it with hair), but she figured the young girl might like to try some of her many, many, perfumes!

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    If her eyes could get any larger, it would probably be logged by astro-observers as a double solar event. Zeni could hardly contain her shock and admiration, one dainty paw coming up to shield her muzzle and the dropped-jaw that it for-sure displayed. She could feel a ripple in her fur, and a slight shiver jittered up from her toes to her ear-tips, signaled by a rolling 'floof-attack'.

    Her paw fell away, to reveal a voiceless little oval of a mouth.

    A moment later, she found at least a few words.


    Perfume! Smell-goods!

    She'd never EVER worn any, and always caught scent of the few on Tatooine who could afford such a thing. To think that she could even have such an opportunity to smell like that!!!

    "I sure do!!!"

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