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He visited the library of the Sith Order often, so it was no surprise, really, that he was here this time. Often he had browsed for books, or used the computer to find the information.he was looking for. He was a curious kid, a studious kid, though this he hid well from most.

The castle had been quiet lately, with many of the members away on training missions or business. And this had made what he planned to do today a just a tiny bit easier. Not that it was a easy task, for it was not.

Some time ago, he had landed on Vjun in search of help with his ship. He’d left, surprisingly, with more than that. Maester Wargrave, a formidable Dark Jedi had not only played a hand in helping him with his ship, but he’d given him a contact who would be able to help him in the search for his father.

And so he had traveled to Balmorra to meet with Grand Admiral Millard of the Balmorran Empire. It was there that he had discovered more than he’d ever believed possible. His father had been the brother of Taylor Millard.

And so, now knowing this, Sasha had returned to Vjun to repay a debt to Maester Wargrave. The knowledge of who his father had been was invaluable to him, and in an effort to honor the wishes of his dying father, he was making an effort to honor his family – by repaying the man for his help.

It was on this trip to Vjun that he learned that his uncle, Taylor Millard was Maester Wargrave. And what Wargrave wanted in return for this favor was for the file on Taylor Millard to be removed from the computer in the Sith Order.

He had not insisted that his nephew do this. In fact, he had made it clear that he would not require this.

It had been a difficult decision for Sasha to make. To choose between blood and those who had taken him in. In the end, he had decided that what was being asked of him was not all that detrimental to the order. And, seeing that it was a file on his uncle that would have an impact on his family, perhaps on him in the long run, he justified his decision to remove the file by believing that the order would understand that this was just something he had to do.

He knew that they would not be pleased, certainly, if they ever knew, but…worse things had been done. And overall, he was one of the more loyal members the order would ever have.

There were two computers where this information was stored. One was in the main library – a terminal used mainly for research purposes, and another in a room off of the library that led down into a small command center. This room had been created as a result of an attack on the old castle, and was to be used in the case of another attack – if ever there was one.

Sasha had been spending a lot of time in the library – creating files and deleting them just to understand how the whole system worked. It seemed that there was a way to trace the names of files that had been deleted. Records existed of these transactions. But what he had discovered was a small glitch in the system – it did not trace name changes on files.

When he entered the library on this fateful day, he wandered for a bit to be sure he was alone. And then he sat down at the computer and pulled up all of the records on Taylor Millard. He changed the file name on the two that he found, copied them to a datapad, and then he deleted them. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he did it.

And then he went down into the command center and did the same thing. It was not unusual for him to be down there. It was a place where people rarely went, and so when he was trying to read without being disturbed, he would often go down there.

He repeated the same steps that he had on the other computer and then finally, he left the library.

He knew that the computers would run backups of the system that evening, and so the next day he returned, just to verify that every bit of information on his uncle was, in fact, gone from the computers.

He knew that anyone who had been in the order at the time would know of his uncle. It was not a complete secret to the galaxy that Taylor Millard was a force user. But it was a well kept one. And going forward, this was just one less bit of proof out there.