Hrolthar had been sitting on a table just next to the door, just his luck to sit down at a blasted table that everytime the door opened the cold breeze of Fall drifted in...just his luck he thought with a annoyed grunt. 'WILL YOU KEEP THAT DARN DOOR CLOSED!' The dwarf bellowed loudly so that the whole bar fell silent for a few moments and then the chattering returned. The little fat dwarfs head only just stuck above the edge of the table so he had to reach quite far to put his drink up onto the smooth glass.

And then he felt it...something thatmade him shiver as a large looking shadow loomed over his table...only evil could make him shiver like that...and the evil had to be pretty strong also. he twisted his fat body to look the otherway and avoid the mans eyes...he just knew the seat oposite him would be taken...just his ruddyluck....GRRRRRRRR!!!