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Thread: A Yesterday Refugee

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    A Yesterday Refugee

    The pastures stretched dover the land, leaving the eyesight to capture an eternal field of grass. Animals roamed carefully past one another amidst the wilderness, while the cityscape in the distance held activity of numerous species and sentients. Mountain ranges past the human eye pressed up against the land, standing tall to look into the sky. Even oceans flourished about the world, enormous in size.

    Alderaan was the planet. A dust ball engulfed in absolute beauty, left unrivaled amidst the Core planets of the galaxy. Notorious landmarks ran it's way across the range of the planet, popping up in abnormal coordinates. People engross in the peace and tranquility of the world took in the grace of the wind as they treaded through streets and nature.

    The wind whistled a wheeze as it blew across the grasslands, throwing a few strands of the world's green hair off into a bowl of nature. Dirt bounced back and forth underneath the cascade of greenery, occasionally clustering beside tree roots. The wind carried a deep breathe, and it swept over the land from afar. Running through cities in canyons, such as Crevasse or the articulate architecture of Aldera.

    Every element of living held a poetic notion, and though the commotion of people spilled over through cities, it was always kept at bay. Alderaan was serene at it's worst.

    A murmur of footsteps mused across the soil in the wilderness, and it was in near isolation. The only company it could claim were the sedative thud of nerf feet beating behind it, and the infrequent calls of thranta flying away nearby. An uncommonly sung verse in the wilderness, for nerf herders rarely explored beyond their own realm. Instead they kept to their farms and remote locations for the usual breeding, and work to keep up the isolated lifestyle.

    "Come on," a voice called.

    The voice was as calm, tranquil and smooth as the world and it's breeze that flung over it. The man who spoke embodied his profession, and cultivated the planet's style in his serene demeanor.

    Although peculiar, unique and interesting in his features, he passed for the norm on Aldeeran. A simple human in many respects, the darkened caramel complexion of his skin was quite irregular amongst the general population.

    Even his ears, which seemed to reach for the sky at a point, were abnormal characteristics for a human male. A simple glance derailed any possibility of the nerf herder being in any way normal. The man was definately near-human, but near was the keyword. Although his face carried the features of an attractive man, the wildness of his locked hair, which dangled over his face, stood out more than his face.

    He was simply...different.

    "I want to reach Castle Land before sun down."

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    The large nerf sprawled out across the ground, comfortably twirled into balls in bunches across the grass field. Chirps from thranta could still be heard echoing over the sky like a siren. Underneath lay a few straggling trees amidst the mass of green hair bundled over the soil. An ocean of green rested under the near-human's feet as he stood motionless observing his cattle.

    Over the past few years he had catered to the nerf and human flock's needs. Nerf had become a tasty element of a meal on Aldeeran, as well as beyond, allowing a shuttle fill of jobs for him to do with varies companies. Although his cattle were not an abundance, they were frequently breeding and supplied all the necessary commodities for an exchange.

    Times had certainly changed from his early years, and now all he had for protection was a brown staff with a few ornaments. The thought brought the young face a smile. How life changed was an amusing topic, even for the forgotten hero. Long ago he was herald, and regarded as a promising figure amongst an Order. Despite all the potential he denied himself anymore glory, and took to exile.

    Centuries had passed and he found himself running through a bundle of jobs. Numerous expertise came to mind when he looked at even the most simple items. There was very little he had not done that involved his everyday life. From nerf herder to fire pilot, he had been pressed in all sorts of niche across the galaxy. All the overlooked jobs of the galaxy could be placed on his resume, but now he was at the bottom of the crop.

    A chuckle escape his stirring mind, sending the sleeping cattle in a ruffle. They did not wake, but he knew better to laugh any longer. An unrested flock would not supply great mileage toward the Castle. So instead of continue to reflect, he dropped to the grass floor and readied himself for meditation.

    On his waist the clunk of a relic beat in his ears. The sound was of an old lightsaber, carried as a reminder. The style of the weapon was memorable of the fallen Tyvokka, his master. A wooden hilt, held in a curve, carrying all the formats of a Makashi specialist.

    Even as his eyes closed and his legs crossed, the nerf herder brought his mind on the various occasions when Makashi was a subject. All throughout his earlier training as a Padawan he indulged himself in the Makashi arts. Perfecting his skills under the careful, patient and courteous tutelage of his Wookie guru, he became a formidable opponent to all.

    A smile creased his lips as his bottom pressed against the grass floor of the world. Soil and greenery stained his customary nerf herder clothe. It would become just another tattered mess to his already scruffy outfit. The smile grew.

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    The respite was sullen and dull, but Yousei managed to smile. Always the finer points in life were small. All the serenity that brushed over the land left his troubled mind at ease, but it was not long before he returned to routine. As the sunlight splashed over the world from above, he readied his cattle for voyage further into the depths of the extravagant plains.

    Grabbing his prestigious stick, he beat it against the ground. Using the wooden staff as a cane, he propelled himself from his seat on the grass soil. After a moment to catch his breath, he ran his hands across his body to brush off the dirt that his hand could catch. Time had withered the finery of his garment away, leaving in return a burnt beige attire for his daily activities.

    Yousei was soon ready. Carefully dancing about the nerf, he rounded them up. One foot after another pushed him ahead to the head of the assembly. Allowing his eyes the pleasure of the land, he let them roam as he carried himself leisurely along. After a seconds time he was at the forefront of the great cattle he had bred. Months of work had formed a ceremonial compound of animals, and all he could is smile at the product.

    However, the joy was not to last. Before the smile could be mistaken for being pasted on, he returned his lips to a neutral line and walked off into the distance with the cattle behind. Predators were always amidst, but unlike other nerf herders he had a keen sense for their presence.

    Even the slight inkling of their maneuver in the stocks direction, they would find the fine arts of Makashi utilized by a staff. All the formidable foe before fell before the quick jukes, fluid steps and expert stabs, and Yousei's defeat column will only accompany Tyvokka to the Wookie's grave.

    Suddenly a smile perched on his face as the splash of the bright sun flashed over his face. The clear, clean mahogny pigment glistened in all it's exquisiteness as he led. Thuds beat in a vivacious rhythm before the crunch of his feet pressing against the grass and fallen leaves. Time ran across the world as the sky's clouds fluffed and parted, allowing the flashlight of the universe the shine through. All of it carried a natural elegance that lightened the mood. The setting was a place of perfection, but not much else could be expected of Aldeeran on any facet.

    "Good day, huh?" Yousei finally said as the respite location fell beyond the distant of his eye. Reaching over he ruffled the nerf's head before proceeding. There was many more steps to go before they reached the final destination.


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