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    Tell Cho


    ACT I: The Mission of a Lifetime

    "For as long as our kin does not know freedom, neither shall we." - Tell Cho

    [B]Miw¨ ShanmÓ, Ossus - Mid...

    Tell Cho Mar 1st, 2021 01:20:45 PM
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    Sam Porter

    An Explosive Trip

    Sam gave a smile, not entirely sure what to make of that last sentence, but she was game anyway to pal around with someone.

    It was a sight

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    Cerie Moreau

    Showdown at Junction

    Biting her lip at Ben's ask, Cerie only nodded as she steeled herself. One last gentle rub at her neck, and the cast a last look to the Selonian. Otherwise

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    Cerie Moreau


    "We good," she only managed to grumble beneath her breath as she cast a look over her shoulder.

    A moment later she switched her

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    Spark Vallen

    What's Up!? ....Again

    Say it ain't so!

    Let's play!!!

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    Spark Vallen

    Outsiders No More

    Spark grinned and shrugged. "When you're right, you're right!"

    Of course, he also wondered what ale on Dathomir would possibly

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